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mr-accomplice in her Bride!Cordelia cosplay at Anime Expo 2015, chasing down Chrom cosplayers

I’ll be posting more stuff later! we skipped the Fire Emblem photoshoot in favor of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure English dub panel/screening, which was amazing on its own.

Dallas Comic Con Sci-Fi Expo (Feb 8-9, 2014)

w/ Warehouse 13 Cast


My daughter LOVES Warehouse 13. For her birthday we took her to Dallas to meet the cast members who were there for the Dallas SciFi Expo. We were not disappointed. The whole cast was fantastic. She took her picture with Jaime, Saul, and Eddie first and Allison was pouting in the corner because Chloe’s shirt had Claudia on it but she wasn’t getting her in the picture. My daughter told her that she was coming back for a one on one with her. She then went back for her picture with Allison and got to take two pictures with her. The next morning we took the pictures to get autographed and Eddie remembered her name (from stopping to give her a hug after the picture op). Jaime remembered her from not only the picture op but from my daughter asking a question at the Defiance panel (Jaime talked to her about how she works through nervousness because she remembered how nervous Chloe had been to ask the question). Allison then commented on the photo and told her how much she had enjoyed meeting Chloe. Saul was extremely sweet and asked her a lot of questions.

I was so impressed with all of them. The way they all treated her and made her feel like the most important person there was amazing.

So I don’t watch Warehouse 13 (I know! I need to!) But my mom does and loves Allison Scagliotti! So, for mom’s birthday I figures I’d get Allison’s autograph because she would be at Sci-Fi Expo! While in line we were told she would take pictures too and I got an idea. I asked her if she’d be willing to wish my mom a happy birthday and she made this very sweet message! My m was thrilled!!! And I can’t wait to give her the autograph too :) so yeah, haven’t seen the series yet but I am a fan!!


Fairy Tail Gathering Anime Expo (AX) 2015 (Part 13/?)

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♥ Gruvia + Silver Part 2- Unison Raid! ♥

ANOTHER FUNNY STORY. Two Grays didn’t have a Juvia, so we told them to go hug Silver and the Silver ( a friend of mine) shouted “YEAH C’MON GRAY COME HUG YOUR DADDY!” so the two Grays hugged him and it was beautiful. You can see those shots in  Part 12

More AX 2015 photos

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