I managed to catch the Marine Corps West Expo today over on main side of Camp Pendleton.

A lot of cool new gear and vehicles were on display for us to check out.

The tacks still look uncomfortable as hell but the JLTVs that Oshkosh is producing look and feel outstanding.

They are 100× more comfortable then HMMWVs and the accessories were great to see. They even have cup holders and working A/C!

YALL SIT IN YOUR CHAIRS BC I’M BOUTA UNLOAD MY SHARE OF PETTY. Now I have never wanted to cosplay. I have nothing against it, it’s not my thing simply. I’ve not been big on anime. My best friends have been begging me to go to cons and cosplay for YEARS. Seriously I don’t budge. NOW I MEET THIS GUY. STARRY EYED. Tell my homies I’d cosplay for him. Put a dollar in the falling too fast jar Sienna.  AND AFTER TWO MONTHS HE GHOSTS ME FOR FOUR DAYS  EVEN WHEN I TELL HIM I’M IN THE ER (it was for my finger but still) THEN OVER THE PHONE ENDS THINGS AND TRIES TO ASK OUT MY BEST FRIEND SAYING SHE’S MORE HIS TYPE. WOW. Now I’m short…5′0 and he’s not tall either like idk 5′4 or 5′6 or something but he tells her I’m too short for him AND I’m not active enough ??? to which my golden girl goes “Homie she forces me on hikes I’m 10000% lazier than her” and his problem too is I wouldn’t ever cosplay with him for cons???? So this sweet angel of a best friend TELLS THE TRUTH LIKE “UHHHHHH ACTUALLY SHE TOLD ME SHE WOULD COSPLAY  FOR YOU AND SHE AND I ARE GONNA GO TO AX THIS YEAR” This arrogant little venus fly trap’s anus has the AUDACITY TO SAY “Just stick her in an animal costume” as if I can’t do something cool????? SO MY PETTY LEVEL IS I’M GOING TO AX THIS YEAR IN AN EXCEPTIONAL COSPLAY alsoiamsleepingwithhisbestfriendandhedoesnotknowlol

Fantastic footage of my Cinderella transformation at MCM. Thanks to @pierrefotografcosplay.


Aliens don’t like being flipped off pt 4

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Inspiring mid-century design at the 1958 Expo World Fair in Brussels:
Wellcome Hall | The Atomium | Lighted Expo logos | The Pavilion of Electricity | Funicular | Atomium hat and other Expo fashion | Pavilion of the U.S. by Edward Durell Stone | Salon Sabena (at Bruxelles Airport) with S3 chairs by Alfred Hendrickx | West German Pavilion by Sep Ruf and Egon Eiermann | My 1958 Expo Atomium souvenir :)