Omg, this guy looks pretty evil to me.

The hypothesis behind: he’s been asking who Jian Yi was when he was only “the bracelet guy” to us. He could be in the rival crew against Mr. Jian’s one (composed by He Tian’s bro and his fellows). The rival crew could be planning to blackmail or even undermine Mr.Jian’s dominium harming/kidnapping/whatever his crown prince: Jian Yi - while Mr.Jian’s tentative was meant to protect the son/nephew. Accordingly, fucking Sher Li is trying to use MoGS’s momentary anger at He Tian (so SL saw the kiss?)  to getting HT out of play, maybe pretending to help Mo organize some sort of revenge, to, like, seek for the explulsion of HT from school (or worse)? So that Mr. Jian’s rivals can work mostly unattended… The occasion seems to be perfect also because HT can’t probably think clearly and could be caught off guard.


(Art by Old Xian)