explosive impact


Scale, hierarchy, impacts

From image 1 to 5 we have 5 different scales of different impacts, notice how the shapes of the smoke are all different from small to huge, this is very important in order to communicate the force of the impact.

We have a very small transparent round shaped smoke for image 2 vs a very dense with shadows and lots of little details for image 5. If you want to animate a very big explosion you have to keep in mind that the bigger it gets the more details you have to draw (debris, fire, lights and shadows, etc.), also, massive smokes are more dense and move slower. We are always trying to avoid these huge epic smokes because they are very time consuming, so it’s better to think about ways of showing big scale without actually having to draw it all. For example on image 5 the camera is following julith for a couple of seconds so all the big smokes on the bottom doesn’t need to be animated because they are out of the frame. 

this question was asked by @maginpanic:

can you advice how to handle epic scenes? (Like tsunami flooding the city, or village in fire).

If you want to communicate effectively that something is huge you need to: draw tons of details, they have to move slow, you need something small so the audience can compare and tell how big is the thing you are showing. And I recommend that the scenes don’t last too long, unless you want to spend all your life in front of the computer drawing tiny slow lines… We actually avoid this scenes at Ankama because we are a small team, so I can’t really tell you anything more useful.

Sorry about the late response! 

junkertown location:

or near abouts 

for those unfamiliar with australia here’s perth (green marker):

the distance between perth and sydney (where lucioball is this year, and we see they’re doing quite well and modern still in the comics too) is 3,934 km or 2,444 miles aka further than the distance between paris and moscow 

then given population density (june 2016, allow more room for growth by overwatch time) 

you can see how an omnium explosion could impact perth with its population density there (even if it was contained in perth’s outback instead of city centre there would be far reaching effects) but then still have sydney unaffected and chilling and ignoring the proplems going on in western australia

anyways i’ve been awake for too long and i’m still too excited as an aussie about junkertown so here is fun junkertown trivia for you!!!

(Read on Ao3)

“You look tired,” Izuku chuckles, as they head out in the morning.

“Fuck off,” Kacchan grunts, rubbing his eyes. “Don’t you know, I’m sleeping around. All the sex I have. It’s exhausting.”

Izuku laughs. Since Kacchan is in two relationships at once, certain media outlets have gone wild, and ever since he’s realized threatening them with death only makes the matter worse, he’s been trying for constant sarcasm. “How are they?”

“A pain in my ass, as always,” Kacchan says fondly. “Ochako has a ton of paperwork to do this week so she started fucking stress baking instead, and then Eijirou decided we were going to keep her company by icing all the cupcakes she made while she filled out her paperwork and I fuckin’ told ‘em I’m not going to stay up icing cupcakes and then…” He squints angrily at his hands, looking a little terrified. “I honestly don’t know what happened.”

Izuku snorts.

In the background, something explodes. “Race you,” Katsuki says with a grin.

Izuku returns it. “You’re on!”

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Title: Not a Victim
Pairing: Minor Paperhat
Summary: Flug wasn’t a damsel in distress. He really wished the heroes would stop treating him like it.
Tag: Blood, gore, violence. Evil Flug


For the past few weeks the heroes had gotten rather bold. They’d targeted the mansion several times, even tried to break in a few times. Flug didn’t know why they decided to be idiots and target them, but he didn’t really care. Though it had started to get annoying. It certainly had started getting on Black Hat’s nerves. At first the villain had found it amusing, but as the heroes continued their assault, the eldritch became annoyed. So it wasn’t a shock when he gathered Dementia and Flug and told them that they were going after the heroes.

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He remembers feeling like he’s flying, then the roar of an explosion, and a hard impact.

After that, things get a little fuzzy.

There’s a period of time, he doesn’t know how long, when he simply exists, completely separate from any physical sensation or conscious thought. It’s warmth that eventually draws him back, but it does so slowly. It’s as if he’s made entirely of light; currents of energy are tugging at him, pulling him back towards … well, he’s not sure what, exactly. He’s aware enough to know that he wants to go where it leads, but something makes him hesitate.

That’s when a shape materializes in front of him only moments later.


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Endless List of Favorites

→ historical figures: the men & women of the OSS

The Office of Strategic Services was a wartime intelligence agency of the United States during World War II, and a predecessor of the modern Central Intelligence Agency, formed as an agency of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to coordinate espionage activities behind enemy lines for all branches of the United States Armed Forces. Functions included the use of propaganda, subversion, and post-war planning. Throughout the war years, the OSS Research & Development was successfully adapting Allied weapons and espionage equipment, and producing its own line of novel spy tools and gadgets, including: silenced pistols, lightweight sub-machine guns, “Beano” grenades that exploded upon impact, explosives disguised as lumps of coal or bags of flour, acetone time delay fuses for limpet mines, compasses hidden in uniform buttons, playing cards that concealed maps, a 16mm Kodak camera in the shape of a matchbox, tasteless poison tablets, and cigarettes laced with tetrahydrocannabinol acetate to induce uncontrollable chattiness, among others. The OSS also developed innovative communication equipment such as wiretap gadgets, electronic beacons for locating agents, and the “Joan-Eleanor” portable radio system that made possible for operatives on the ground to establish secure contact with a plane that was preparing to land or drop cargo. The OSS Research & Development also printed fake German and Japanese-issued identification cards, various passes, ration cards and counterfeit money. X

Кот в шляпе

Book: Кот в шляпе (The Cat in the Hat)
Translated by Владимир Гандельсман
Type: Picture Book
Estimated Reading Level: For a native speaker? Elementary. For a non-native speaker, the wordplay makes this much harder.

Difficulty: The translation is good – it maintains a similar rhythm and rhyme scheme to the original – which means it’s very hard to read as a non-native speaker. Гандельсман makes puns throughout on the words кот and шляпа, which makes it harder to look up unfamiliar words (although the wordplay means it’s figuring it out is very satisfying!) I struggled a lot with breaking down unfamiliar words. 9/10, if I didn’t know the original book I would have no idea what happened.
My Estimated Reading Level: Beginner

Summary: There’s a cat. It wears a hat. It wants to do all sorts of irresponsible games inside, including flying kites with Thing 1 and Thing 2, the minions it keeps in a box. The children are originally excited, and ignore the warnings of their pet fish. However, the шляпокот makes a huge mess. When they hear their mother coming home, the kids angrily chase away Things 1 and 2 and the cat. The children don’t know how to clean up the mess, but then in comes a machine с шляпокотом! The cat cleans the mess and leaves them exactly as they were. When Mom comes home, no one knows what to say.

Key Vocabulary:
хлопок - crack, snap, pop; dull sound of impact, explosion or dramatically expanding gasses (not to be confused with хлопок - cotton)
лапа - paw
морда - muzzle, face of an animal
финта - trick
вилять - to wag; to twist, make sharp turns
кавардак - mess, shambles
худо - harm, evil
наказать - to punish
жалось - compassion; pity

anonymous asked:

OMG I'm in love with those relationship challenge prompts! 😍 can I get some S76 with prompt 59: as the saying goes, you don't know what you have till it's gone? Please and thank you! 😙

As the saying goes: you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

Jack Morrison wasn’t a boastful man, but he was prideful. He was the head of the greatest organization in the world, tasked with protecting its citizens and maintaining an uneasy peace. He was the face of Overwatch, of the US Army, of doing what was right not for recognition but for the sake of humanity. He was praised from every corner of the Earth in every language that was spoken. He had you, his beautiful lover and fighter, the biggest jewel in the crown that the world had bestowed upon him. And it had gone straight to his pretty blonde head.

At the first whisperings of corruption, Jack had laughed. Nothing happened in Overwatch that he didn’t know about, that he was confident of. He didn’t fear the rumor mill because they were just that, rumors. Nothing more and nothing less. When Amelie had been kidnapped from housing on the Overwatch campus, it was a fluke, a once in a lifetime happenstance that only really happened because someone on the security team was slacking. When Amelie was returned it only helped to stoke that confidence of his and when Gerard was slain he wrote it off once more.

Losing Ana started the snowball of doubt in the old soldier, only compounded when Gabriel started to bring him troubling evidence of widespread corruption in Overwatch. You tried to assuage the guilt that began to creep in, working in tandem with both Gabriel and Jack to try and solve where everything went so wrong. But you didn’t get too far, whatever bigger organization putting a stop to all of your meddling. You had been in the office with them the day the Swiss campus exploded, but unlike the two super soldiers your body was not meant to withstand high velocity impacts or explosions. He remembered holding your broken body in his arms; screaming for help that came too late, tears and blood running in rivulets down his face.

As the saying goes: you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. His pride, his love, his home, his family.

Jack dropped to one of his knees, pressing a soft kiss against your gravestone’s holopic, staring ruefully at your picture before standing up. Affixing his mask back to his face, he shed the sadness of Jack Morrison and slipped back into the role of Soldier: 76, the vigilante hellbent on ending corruption through whatever means necessary. He would get revenge for you, he would make amends for his sins.


The Steve Argyle Magic: the Gathering Master List


Player Rewards Promo - Ponder

Shards of Alara - Sunseed Nurturer, Yoked Plowbeast, Naya Battlemage

WPN Promo - Woolly Thoctar


Conflux -Kranioceros, Matca Rioters, Scattershot Archer, Child of Alara

Alara Reborn - Lavalanche, Mayael’s Aria, Slave of Bolas

Planechase - The Hippodrome (oversized)

2010 Core Set - Hive Mind

Zendikar - Arrow Volley Trap, Celestial Mantle, Guul Draz Vampire, Vampire Lacerator, Chandra Ablaze

Duel Decks: Garruk vs. Liliana - Snuff Out

Zendikar Game Day Top 8 Promo - Emeria Angel


Worldwake - Admonition Angel, Everflowing Chalice

FNM Promo (April) - Bloodbraid Elf

Rise of the Eldrazi - Dawnglare Invoker, Emerge Unscathed, Bloodthrone Vampire, Kozilek’s Predator

Archenemy - Everflowing Chalice (reprint)

2011 Core Set - Angelic Arbiter, Bloodthrone Vampire (reprint), Liliana’s Caress

From the Vault: Relics - Nevinyrral’s Disk

Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Tezzeret - Everflowing Chalice (reprint)

Scars of Mirrodin - Seize the Initiative, Barbed Battlegear, Bladed Pinions


Mirrodin Besieged Prerelease Promo - Glissa, the Traitor

2011 Convention Promo - Bloodthrone Vampire (reprint)

New Phyrexia - Praetor’s Grasp, Glistener Elf

Commander - Angelic Arbiter (reprint), Damia, Sage of Stone, Damia, Sage of Stone (oversized, reprint)

FNM Promo (July) - Jace’s Ingenuity

2012 Core Set Buy-a-Box Promo - Chandra’s Phoenix

From the Vault: Legends - Kresh the Bloodbraided

Duel Decks: Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas - Slave of Bolas (reprint)

Innistrad - Bonds of Faith, Liliana of the Veil, Night Revelers


Dark Ascension - Chosen of Markov / Markov’s Servant, Deadly Allure, Falkenrath Torturer

Avacyn Restored - Killing Wave, Somberwald Sage

Planechase 2012 - Bloodbraid Elf (reprint)

2013 Core Set - Bloodthrone Vampire (reprint), Flames of the Firebrand, Serpent’s Gift

Return to Ravnica - Conjured Currency, Bloodfray Giant, Explosive Impact, Deathrite Shaman


Gatecrash - Angel (token), Urbis Protector, Soul Ransom

Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt - Vampire Lacerator (reprint)

2014 Core Set - Flames of the Firebrand (reprint)

Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters - Bonds of Faith (reprint)

Commander 2013 - Nevinyrral’s Disk (reprint)


Journey Into Nyx Defeat a God Challenge Deck - Ecstatic Piper

Conspiracy - Deathreap Ritual

From the Vault: Annihilation - Child of Alara (reprint)

Duel Decks: Speed vs. Cunning - Arrow Volley Trap (reprint)

Khans of Tarkir - Whirlwind Adept, Monastery Swiftspear, Briber’s Purse

Commander 2014 - Everflowing Chalice (reprint), Nevinyrral’s Disk (reprint)

Duel Decks Anthology - Snuff Out (reprint)


Fate Reforged - Lotus Path Djinn

Fate Reforged Prerelease - Briber’s Purse (alternate art, reprint)

Dragons of Tarkir - Spidersilk Net

2015 Regional Pro Tour Qualifier Promo - Liliana of the Veil (reprint)

Modern Masters 2015 - Bloodthrone Vampire (reprint), Vampire Lacerator (reprint), Kozilek’s Predator (reprint), Matca Rioters (reprint), Everflowing Chalice (reprint)

Magic Origins - Patron of the Valiant

2015 World Cup Qualifier Promo - Thalia, Guardian of Thraben

Duel Decks: Zendikar vs. Eldrazi - Bloodthrone Vampire (reprint)

Commander 2015 - Illusory Ambusher, Dawnglare Invoker (reprint)


Duel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed - Bonds of Faith (reprint)

Eternal Masters - Deathrite Shaman (reprint), Nevinyrral’s Disk (reprint)

Commander 2016 - Lavalanche (reprint), Everflowing Chalice (reprint), Nevinyrral’s Disk (reprint)

Planechase Anthology - The Hippodrome (oversized, reprint), Bloodbraid Elf (reprint)


Aether Revolt - Night Market Guard

Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions - Meekstone

Modern Masters 2017Liliana of the Veil (reprint)Soul Ransom (reprint)

Amonkhet - Soul-Scar Mage (date-stamped pre-release printing),  Forsake the Worldly, Soul-Scar Mage, Enigma Drake

Archenemy: Nicol Bolas - Slave of Bolas (reprint), Soul Ransom (reprint), My Laughter Echoes (oversized), What’s Yours Is Now Mine (oversized)

Commander Anthology - Angelic Arbiter (reprint)

Hour of Devastation - Chaos Maw (date-stamped pre-release printing), Riddleform, Chaos Maw

Iconic Masters - Emerge Unscathed (reprint), Illusory Ambusher (reprint), Monastery Swiftspear (reprint)

an infodump on my portal ocs nobody wanted

Mainframe: So like. What if someone was put into the chassis before Caroline, what if there was a personality dump test before that? Florence Manner got shoved in and quickly overriden by the tech. They ended up going dormant and assisting in corrupting both GLaDOS and Wheatley alike. They have no memories of being human but they have some kind of gnawing desire to feel human, which leads to stuff like the Tangled Up verse on @vxrgil or the plot of this one thing I’m not revealing by name. Yes. Their color associated w/ them is red. But also black.

Jin - The Light Core: A blind and mute core. They weren’t always like this, though! They used to help test subjects in the case that the lights went out during testing, or to help in tests with no lighting at all. When GLaDOS was destroyed by Chell, they were in a chamber close to Hers and ended up plummeting into Old Aperture as the chamber they were in got destroyed in the explosion. The impact ended up with their optics shattering, their flashlight being permanently stuck on, and their ability to speak getting basically broken. Their flashlight function can spread to their accents at will, so post-fall they’re basically a walking light bulb. Their color is light yellow, though it’s a bit less bright when their flashlight is off.

Samuel - The Morse Core: He’s usually pretty sociable and helpful, having basically adopted Jin as his child due to becoming kind of protective and feeling responsible over the core after helping with getting them out of Old Aperture. After certain events in @wheatlev‘s comic he ends up bitter, speaking only in his Morse beeping. He’s fully capable of normal speech, though. His color is gray.

Jeffery - The Creativity Core: He was originally made as a counter to Wheatley, as an effort to get someone that gives actually useful, creative ideas to the scientists and other employees at Aperture. Instead he just gives creative but stupid and useless ideas. Not really moronic. Just… really dumb. You can’t solve tests with a dozen cubes and a bunch of tape, Jeffery. His color is lime green.

Jackson - The Antagonism Core: Nobody knows why this little asshole was made. He’d be a really good villain if he wasn’t so petty and relying on Jeffery for ideas. Jeffery thinks they’re best friends. Jackson thinks he should push Jeffery into a pit. His color is red.

Shawn - The Radio Core: He’s basically one of those radios from the first game except with more static. He just sits around and drives subjects insane. He’s also a jerk. Except to Ellis? His color is a kind of fuchsia looking color. Ugly

Nancy - The Criticism Core: roasted .. her color is minty

Elliot - The Photography Core: You know those assholes who take pictures of people out of nowhere with flash on? His color is a rusty orange

Lyra - The Truth Core: She’s supposed to be a sentient lie detector that only says truth, but she’s gone corrupt and lies half the time. When she does so she shocks herself because she’s a corrupt lie detector. One time this happened on a collapsing catwalk and she ended up ripping the skin off of the area around her right eye, which is also now inoperable and covered up. Her color is a kind of steel blue.

Horaz - The Time Core: His only purpose was to be a clock, but now he’s become self-aware and salty as fuck. The numbers on his body are always randomly shifting, and if you ask him the time he’ll probably insult you. His color is teal, though he also has a lot of gold color on him.

Short where Cam tells Zach she’s pregnant? Please?

My friends.  Gather ‘round.  The time has come.


It’s a bomb.

Well, the five pounds of C4 at their backs is the real bomb, but when Cam says the words, “Also, I think I’m pregnant,” there’s not enough C4 in the world that measures up to what’s going on inside of Zachary Goode in that one single moment.

He freezes – generally considered a poor decision anytime there’s a bomb involved – and some sort of unseen explosive impact knocks the wind out of him.  The German embassy is going to blow any minute, but Zach is stuck there, on the steps, thinking that he’s got two threats at the moment, and the promise of an exploding building seems far less likely to kill him.  “You’re what?”

She grabs his wrist, rushing him down those grand steps that feel too tall–too steep.  “This is probably something we should discuss outside of the blast radius.”

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A Tale of Two Galaxies

( @k-dradom  hope i’m doing this right!)

There was a certain sense of trepidation and dread as Ellen read over the details of this galaxy, or rather, this particular quadrant of the greater galaxy they’d detected from the inter-space quantum transmitters. As with any mission, months, years of preparation had been poured into the analysis and data interpolation within the department.

From the very basics, ascertaining the viability of the physical natures of the entanglement wormholes themselves, to advanced extrapolation of anomalies and possible correlation between certain factors and its possible involvement with civilizations advanced enough, or at least, worth noting as a threat to the greater incorporated states, not to mention the galaxy in general.

Of course, only so much could be done in the labs and reviewal boards. Only so much that could be garnered from staring at statistical data and debating how far one could go with correlation and causation. As with any good directorate lead by the men of science, hypotheses and theories had to be justified by cold, hard facts. Evidence to counter or confirm what was proposed as threats or viable opportunities. To find threats, to ensure the safety and security, and ultimately, the continued survival and progress of the Incorporated States.

The men at the top had all the time to debate the ethical and moral ramifications of sending humans into such perilous circumstances, the Directors and Doctors alike. But they knew what had to be done, they knew that ultimately, the overreliance on automation would’ve lead to the death of the program as it almost had to their burgeoning military.

In worlds populated by an increasingly contented and fearful populace, it was rare to have someone voluntarily answer to the call to arms. But it did happen, and it just so happened that Ellen was one such woman.

Original specifications called for a two-man team, but with limited manpower they had little choice but to limit that to high-profile and hostile missions. The ‘Lieutenant Commander’, was an officer of none. Save for the security and utility robots that lined the halls of her relatively tiny craft.

“D2732-G1-Q3-S2910-P4. Quite a mouthful.” She murmured to herself, as she made her way out of the briefing room and onto the tarmac as it were, towards what would be her home and only means of conveyance home for the next few months. “VAI, you got everything the Administrator mentioned?”

“Affirmative, mission notes, and relevant information has been saved onto the ship’s local databanks. Mission related materials, equipment, and supplies are all packed up and ready to go.”

“Personal effects?”

“Loaded, in your quarters as per usual Lieutenant Commander.”

“Good.” She stood there, right outside of the craft. “Bigger from the outside. Let’s just hope we don't’ get too cramped in there, I don’t want a repeat of the Dujan storms.”


Stepping onto the landing ramp she took one last look at the base, at his home. There was a part of her that understood the ramifications of this mission. This could be the last time she ever gazed upon her homeworld, or perhaps it could be yet another routine drift through space. Only time would tell.

The stations surrounding the main station, from the constant flow of cargo and resources that fed into an insatiable industry, to the supply lines that fed into the massive defense networks that they’d built up over the decades. It was certainly a sight to behold, ships of varying sizes, from the humble frigate, to the massive dreadnaughts, to the stations themselves which were upwards of tens of kilometers in diameter.

Her craft felt small and insignificant in comparison, but such was its necessity. It didn’t take long before she made her final approach, towards the massive array of satellite-like objects arranged in a ring. Each satellite lit up in a dull red color, one after another, before a brilliant beam of light enveloped it’s center. The tiny craft moved into position, and with one swoop, entered the light….

One would imagine the actual travel to be somewhat life changing, but in reality, it felt barely any different than standard gate travel. Instantaneous and without much effect on the craft or its occupants.

This time however, it was clear something had gone wrong, severely wrong. Whether it was the coordinates or some error on the calculations’ parts it wasn’t clear. But the tiny vessel was now on a collision course with the planet. The cockpit suddenly lit up in a brilliant display of warning lights, automatic warning systems repeated its blaring alarms and dull monotone notifications. There was barely any time to even look at the ‘planet’ from afar, as she approached the surface at a blisteringly fast speed, on approach to what seemed to be a relatively forested area, on one of the major continents.

Not that she had time to focus on anything but the collision itself however…. As the panic and fear had managed to worm their way through to the usually calm and composed woman. Beads of sweat barely had time to form however as the altimeter glowed red, and the craft began automatic reentry procedures after realizing that exiting atmosphere in this phase, was a useless effort.

Any observer from the ground would see this stunning display of colors, mostly a deep red and orange, but with flickers of blue. The shields of the ship attempting to mitigate damage to the hull. The boom of the craft breaking through the sound barrier would be heard soon after the craft was spotted, and anyone close enough near the crash site itself, would’ve heard the ear-shattering screech of the craft before the massive thudding explosion of the impact itself.

Any observers from space would’ve seen a massive ‘rip’ in space before this tiny craft zoomed out of it and onto the ring below.

It’d drawn a line, hundreds of meters down across the forest floor, clearing out a huge swath of trees and the like. The craft looked mostly intact, but was smoldering, the engines flickering.

This was a massive spatial anomaly that could be detected with ease. A wormhole opening instead of this galaxy’s usual means of FTL travel, slipstream travel. Both the crash on this sacred ring, and the presence of this completely alien means of travel were of anomalous and ultimately bewildering circumstances.


yo if anyone wants to make rwby chars for a team with me hit me up in a message or and ask (im not on any other social media so you might not be able to reach me anywhere else u know me) ((except g hangouts or email but who tf uses those nowadays lmfao)) i’m also gonna make one more rwby char so if multiple peeps want to make we can either have one team or two separate teams \ 0 /

  also mutuals only big sorry if you don’t know me and wanted to make some chars w/ me!! im not in that socializing mood sorry sorry

“ V “

Demiromantic | Female | 17 | ENFP

Main Color - Gray Olive

Semblance - Flexibility (both situational and physical)

Occupation - Student (Beacon)

(Keep reading for battle info! Separated to keep your dashes short!)

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hachirokusanagi  asked:

It seemed to be a peaceful day in an open feild as suddenly an explosion of something impacting the ground hard as the male seemed to fall from the sky knocked out from the force of the impact.

there was also a girl in the feild, right under the tree, she heard the explosion and jumps up quickly “ah, an explosion!!! that’s good, i already like it!!!” she runs quickly to the spot where she founds out a boy on the ground

Battle Ready Alolan Form Giveaway (9th Jan, 2017)

Ratman (Raticate) 

Male. Lv. 50, Jolly, Thick Fat, Holding a Toxic Orb

Move-set: U-Turn, Facade, Sucker Punch, Protect

RazzleDazzle (Raichu)

Female. Lv. 50, Timid, Surge Surfer, Holding a Life Orb

Move-set: Psycic, Thunderbolt, Hidden Power (ice), Nasty Plot

Khione (Sandslash)

Female. Lv. 50, Adamant, Slush Rush, Holding an Assault Vest

Move-Set: Earthquake, Gyro Ball, Leech Life, Icicle Spear 

Viktor (Ninetales)

Male. Lv. 50, Timid, Snow Warning, Holding a Light Clay

Move-set: Aurora veil, Freeze dry, Moonblast, Hidden power

Klavier (Dugtrio)

Male. Lv. 50, Jolly, Sand Force, Holding a Focus Sash

Move-set: Earthquake, Iron Head, Stone Edge, Toxic

Penny (Persian)

Female. Lv. 50, Timid, Technician, Holding a Life Orb

Move-set: Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Hidden Power, Substitute

Smeagol (Golem)

Male. Lv. 50, Adament,  Galvanize, Holding an Assault Vest

Move-set: Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Giga Impact, Explosion

Murky (Muk)

Male. Lv. 50, Careful, Power of Alchemy, Holding a Black Sludge

Move-set: Curse, Poison Jab, Rest, Sleep Talk

Eggscelent (Exeggutor)

Male. Lv. 50, Brave, Harvest, Holding a Sitrus Berry 

Move-set: Dragon Hammer, Trick Room, Seed Bomb, Flamethrower

Shego (Marowak)

Female. Lv. 50, Adamant, Rock Head, Holding a Focus Band

Move-set: Shadow Bone, Flareblitz, Iron Head, Earthquake


  • Deposit a MALE ROGGENROLA [Named TapuGA] into the GTS. We do NOT accept anything else, don’t ask.
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  • Be patient. Do not tell us when you deposit, we don’t want to know.

Thanks for participating!