explosive charisma

  • Kang Daniel: VIXX. He is friends with everyone. Dark and sexy concepts suits him best, it brings out his hot self. Sunshine off stage, Erotic man on stage.
  • Park Jihoon: EXO. The people who don't know him think that he's only popular because of his visuals. What they don't know is that he's popular because of his visuals AND talent.
  • Lee Daehwi: SEVENTEEN. Dancing check. Singing check. Composing check. Skinship check. Crazy check.
  • Kim Jaehwan: BTOB. Everyone would agree that his vocals are A++. Boi can damn rap too. Dancing may not be on the same lvl as his singing but he's good nonetheless. Can't control him when his "other side" comes out.
  • Ong Seongwoo: BTS. Everyone recognizes him. He is mostly known for his dancing and visuals but amateur fans need to know he's good in singing too. Sexy and Dumb.
  • Park Woojin: INFINITE. He had a rough start and it looks like he's not going to make it but he did. Fluffball but have this explosive charisma on stage. Dancing is his forte.
  • Lai Guanlin: NCT. Even though he doesn't have much experience, this man can deliver. His visuals will attract you but you'll see him growing then stay for his personality and silent but unwavering determination.
  • Yoon Jisung: GOT7. He's a memelord. Not one person doesn't know about it. He can sing but he doesn't have THAT moment when he can really showcase it. CARING Af.
  • Hwang Minhyun: NU'EST. He is talented from the beginning and has been in the music industry for so long but people is just starting to appreciate him now after joining PD101.
  • Bae Jinyoung: 2PM. Known for his looks that people tend to not notice how great he is in dancing and singing. Can get incredibly sexy when he wants to.
  • Ha Sungwoon: SHINee. From the start he showed how talented he can be. His vocals and dancing are top-notch. Even though they know it, people don't usually put him as their first choice but he holds a special place in everyone's heart.

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That charity event photo omg everyone looks so tiny like dwarves, it's like that photo was taken by a giant XD

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They used to get so nervous in front of cameras too

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But look at them now with their explosive charisma 

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*wipes a tear* Our babies are all grown ups now (Except Jungkook, that boi still drinks orange juice in some countriess)



YX: There are three important aspects to being an idol. First of all, the fans, then the company and last but not least, ourselves. The fans come first because without their selfless love and support, how do we become idols to begin with? With no company to provide us a packaging of good music, platforms and opportunities, how do we present ourselves to the audience? Being an idol means being a role model to many people, whatever basic morals everyone else lives by, we have to do them ten times, a hundred times better.


YX: Making music is a free matter, that doesn’t necessarily mean a good idea will be a good song. The production team takes time to work and come together in order to make good music. Each and every member of said team has in mind their own version of the music. Everyone has their own ideas regarding music, whether it is by adding something to the tracks I’ve created, or me retouching their works. I’ve learned a lot from the production team in our company but most all, I’ve learned about teamwork, “agreement spirit” and how to be a better person.


YX: Getting injuries is only a part of life. A car that has been running for 20 years will undergo similar problems, someone like me - who has lived for over 20 years now - getting injuries isn’t something out of the ordinary. This is an experience we all have to go through and it’s nothing we can’t endure.


YX: The song “I’m Lay” (solo stage) was written for EXO in the beginning but the directors didn’t find it fitting, so I used it for myself instead. I’ve written many songs up until now; hopefully the company will let us use one of them someday.


YX: Fans have told me that I don’t have to bow so many times, but first and foremost, bowing is to express gratitude or remorse - it’s also a very important Chinese tradition. It’s a pity that only a few people pay attention to that aspect of our culture these days, so why can’t I reinforce it? There are people who come from different parts of the world just to see us and there are people who work so hard for us without complaints, I can’t thank all of them individually, but giving a big bow or a smile, isn’t that a good way of expressing how grateful I am?

« I’M LAY »

Zhang Yixing, EXO’s Lay, as EXO-M’s main dancer, is all about explosive charisma on stage, has relative pitch, a self-taught composer, motivated youth, is filial and family oriented. As a “manner idol”, he’s widely acknowledged as a role model in etiquette, and is pure at heart. His “artist awareness” shines through the senses of identity and belonging he feels towards his company and group. 

However, does “maturity beyond his age,” “progressing talent,” and “extraordinary self-awareness” equal Lay? NO! The passion with which he persists regarding music and the stage is fervent and surging, like a ferocious tiger carefully smelling a rose. So what if outside commentary lauds him extravagantly? None of those are completely Lay, so shut up now! Let him tell you himself, “Who is Lay? I’m Lay!”

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