Is anyone else an explosive borderline? (Feelings of abandonment)

A lot of bpd posts I see talk about feeling abandoned and immediately blaming themselves and feeling horrible, depressed, suicidal, etc.


When I start to feel abandoned, I’m the exact opposite. I immediately bare my teeth and become hostile toward whoever I am feeling abandoned by. I will feel awful even as I’m doing it yet be completely incapable of stopping the building rage until I’m screaming and literally saying whatever I can to make them leave (all the while inside I’m screaming at myself to stop). I’ll go into a nasty split for hours and it won’t be until after that I feel depressed, guilty, and extremely anxious and drained.

Is anyone else explosive like this with perceived abandonment? Am I alone?


Sturmpistole Z

Manufactured by either Erma or Walther c.WW2 by adapting Mod.34 ‘Heer’ army flare pistols.
~27mm caliber smoothbore barrel with rifled insert, firing explosive projectiles of all sorts. Panzerfaust-type sights, MG13 / GrB39 style of stock with cushioned shoulder pad. Top break action, single shot.

The Kampfpistole Z was designed to provide better urban combat weapons to the German army around 1942. Allegedly inspired by a German soldier firing a grenade stuck to a flare from a standard signal pistol out of desperation, killing several enemy soldiers and breaking his arm, it was meant to fight off lightly-armored vehicles with shaped charge projectiles and otherwise use the variety of specialized cartridges developed for its predecessor. These included message canisters, smoke bombs, grenades, and of course regular flares.
The Kampfpistole obviously had a strong recoil, and it was very soon issued in the Sturmpistole configuration with better sights and a welcome stock.

26,5mm Nebelpatronen Z smoke cartridges

27,2mm Panzer-Wurfkörper 42 LP

27,2mm Sprenggranatpatrone 326 P-Pz

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OOOOH THAT ONE ABOUT THE S/O GETTING HURT BY BAKUS QUIRK IS SO GOOD!! could you maybe write a part two? where the s/o is in the hospital or something and by the time she wakes up he had found out that she was never really unfaithful. Thank you and keep up the amazing work!!

Anonymous said: Omg! For the sequel, imagine if mc thinks that she isnt good enough for katsucky,,,, and she’s just crying and apologising when he realises she really wasn’t cheating?? can someone say a n g s t ?? Sorry if this is weird I’m just not confident in myself and it helps to see my favs comforting me ahaha;;

[ I hope I did good! Let me know. Kisses! ]

You had woken up barely a minute ago, and you were already feeling crummy inside and out. The sterile room of the hospital was empty, so it was just you in the bed. Your arms were sore, and wrapped in white bandages, and on the table beside you there were a few get well notes of concern classmates. Your bleary eyes wouldn’t focus on the festive cards, though. All you could think about was how the fight with Bakugou had gone. There were two parts warring against each other inside the pits of your mind.

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Speed Animation 233

Man I haven’t done one of these for a while…. this is just some practice with some effects that I did after work.  kind of fun, but i’m not super happy with the final product.  It’s been a while since i’ve done any 2d animation.  it was nice to stretch the muscles out a little bit and get some practice.  I think that i like the timing of the explosion going straight up the most.  especially the timing of how it disappears.  

enjoy my popcorn smoke.  mmmmmm


Granatenwerfer 16 light spigot mortar

Also named Priester -priest- because of the Hungarian chaplain that allegedly designed it, or Taube -dove- for the noise its projectiles made in flight. Employed during WW1 by the German army and until the 1920′s by the Polish army.
Fires Wurfgranaten M15 and M16 finned percussion grenades, weighing 1,85kg including 400g of high explosive, with a range of around 300m, at a rate of fire of up to 5 shots a minute, propelled by a blank 7mm Mauser cartridge inside the grenade.
The mortar weighs 35kg with its base plate.

A successful trench mortar design, the Granatenwerfer M16 uses a spigot design where the projectile fits over a rod containing a firing pin. This differs from most design which use a barrel, like most firearms, and this difference made this mortar easier to produce by small factories not used to tight tolerances.

BPD Diaries

My anger has been out of control lately. Every little thing has been throwing me into pure rage and I lose all control. It’s fucking unbearable. I can feel how fucking toxic I am and I can’t stop it.


Brand 1846-49 Allen Patent No.2 whaler’s shoulder

Designed c.1846 by Oliver Allen and manufactured c.1849~1850′s by Christopher C. Brand - no serial number.
28,5mm caliber, percussion lock, made entirely of cast iron for strength.

A whaling gun meant to fire bomb lance, an explosive tipped spear with a long time fuse in its wooden shaft. Pictured above is one such explosive tip.