explosions galore

“Twelve stories that reimagine Southeast Asia through a steampunk lens—or perhaps, stories that reimagine steampunk’d fantastic technology and potential histories through a Southeast Asian lens. You decide! These are tales of Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam by writers all over the world.Here you will find dreams of revolution, acts of resistance, and lives, loss, and loves played out in high and low places. Aswang! Boat People! Clockwork revenge! Dragons! Spider fighting! Volcanoes! And the requisite explosions galore! “

Queer couples, a polyamorous quad of scientists and artists, retold Filipino fairytales, and more in this anthology that you can get over at Amazon!

The SEA Is Ours: Tales of Steampunk Southeast Asia from Rosarium Publishing

If you watch the film The Martian, you’ll see Hollywood explosions and special effects galore, but you’ll also see some serious science.

“The Martian has almost all of its technical details correct,” says Robert Zubrin, the head of The Mars Society, which advocates sending people to explore the planet. Zubrin, who has written nonfiction and fiction books about going to Mars, points out there have been many other accurate books written about missions to Mars. What makes The Martian special he says, is its simple man-versus-nature plot. “It’s about one person, one human mind, one human heart,” he says.

How ‘The Martian’ Became A Science Love Story

Photo: Giles Keyte/EPKTV