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Never Let a Wound Ruin Me

this was a request but the ask posted weird so i’m posting it here but anyway this is a fluffly jamilton oneshot based on @midnigtartist battle buddies au in which Alex and Thomas discuss Alex’s scars

word count: 1.5k 

“Are you ever gonna tell me how you got all those scars?”

Alex paused buttoning up his shirt to look at Thomas in consideration. He was used to his lovers asking about his scars. Generally during a one night stand there is a moment in which his shirt comes off and whoever he’s with sees the scars and it’s a second in which they take it in and decide to comment on it. Some people ignore it. Some people are into it.

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New Destiny Multiplayer Trailer

Earlier today, Bungie unveiled the latest trailer for Destiny, showcasing the explosive modes included in competitive multiplayer. They sure know how to cut together a good trailer…

[NEWS] EvoL’s Jucy, Topp Dogg’s Kidoh and Yano to Compete on “Show Me the Money 4″

Stardom Entertainment‘s representative rappers will be putting their skills to test on the upcoming fourth season of Mnet’s rap survival “Show Me the Money.”

This season, fans can look forward to seeing EvoL‘s Jucy and Topp Dogg‘sKidoh and Yano on the show. Known for their impressive producing skills, the Topp Dogg members will be going against other idol rappers while trying to win over the judges with their raw talent. Many are also looking forward to Jucy’s return to the competition after she was eliminated in the early rounds of season two.

Stardom Entertainment revealed that the rappers will showcase their “explosive rap” and “charismatic stages” through the intense competition, asking for viewers’ support.

Meanwhile, it was confirmed earlier today that Loco will be joining Jay Park in the judges’ table as the AOMG representatives.

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