explosion of aegyo

Astro When Sleepy

(request by anon)

Moonbin: He’d be a little grump when he’s sleepy— grumpy, mostly silent (refusing to talk), and slightly on the whinier side. If you poked or nudged him he’d frown in annoyance but also make some kind of weirdly cute noise. He absolutely wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes open and he’d most likely fall asleep snuggling up against you like the puppy he is.

Eunwoo: Dongmin unintentionally becoming an aegyo king when he’s sleepy; he’d laugh and smile at the littlest things, and you’d never be able to take him seriously when he’s annoyed because he’d be whining while smiling. Aegyo explosion. He’d also keep saying that he’s not that tired (even if its obvious that he can’t even keep his eyes open) and you’d probably find him knocked out in the corner a few seconds later.

Jinjin: He’d turn into a baby when he’s sleepy, especially if he’s with you. He wouldn’t let you go anywhere and would pretty much try to keep talking even if he ends up mumbling undecipherable phrases every few seconds. He’d be extremely slow to completely fall asleep, though when he does it’d be extremely difficult to wake him.

MJ: He’d be extremely drowsy one moment and completely awake the next. If he started dozing off when he wasn’t supposed to he’d try so hard to act natural and play it off (which would be extremely entertaining yet cute to watch). Myungjun would also be smooth af when he’s sleepy, e.g. being silent yet sneaky with skinship, or pretending to be asleep. He’d be a surprisingly quiet sleeper.

Rocky: Sometimes, he’d be staring off into space with his eyes half closed, so basically he’d be kind of like a rock. Other times he’d look around looking completely clueless, also still with his eyes half closed. If you put something on top of his head while he’s dozing off he’d probably just leave it/ignore it (balancing a banana or something on minhyuk’s head while he’s sleeping would honestly be the most amusing yet adorable thing in the world)

Sanha: Sanha would be completely out of it; he’d doze off and snap awake then doze off again, most likely saying things that make absolutely no sense at the same time. (i.e. opening his eyes to say something about food, falling asleep, then waking up again half-lidded to say something else about dinosaurs). He’d refuse to actually sleep though until you let him rest his head on you (more like use you as a personal pillow)

When he takes you to the running  man set...

the gwangvatar edition

[KS] OMG… it’s my Jagi! Guys look I told you she’d visit! HEY JAGI!

[Y/N] *embarrassed laughter* hello oppa <3

[KS] guys… guys don’t crowd her! and you Jihyo-noona!

[KS] *trying to interrupt your conversation with Jae Suk* …hey Jagi… oh… uh… hmm… *fails*

[KS] hey hyung! stay away from my Jagi… she came to visit me… what do you mean what will I do? I’ll do this!

[KS] Jagi~ look at this! *attempts to be cool*

[Y/N] *cringe* are you okay?

[KS] of course! watch me now… *second attempt at showing off*

[Y/N] omg?! are you hurt?

[KS] no, i’m okay… *wince* 

[Y/N] okay be careful oppa <3 *aegyo explosion*

*at the end of filming… Kwangsoo see’s you watching him*

thank you for requesting this invincible-dreamerz ^3^ I hope you enjoyed it!

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GOT7 Reaction

Request: GOT7 reaction to you hugging them from behind and kissing their neck? Thanks!

Our first GOT7 reaction! Hope you like it! ~Admin Kat

JB: JB would feel you wrap your arms around his torso, and he would smile. once you kissed his neck, he would turn around and kiss your lips before smiling at you again.

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Mark: Mark would become so shy once you hugged and kissed him. He probably wouldn’t mind though. 


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Jackson: Jackson would actually enjoy your actions, like JB. He would smile a cute smile as he turned around to hug you back.

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Junior: I think Junior wouldn’t freak out too much over your actions. Instead he would blow you kisses as you abruptly walked away, making you laugh from the aegyo explosion.

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Bambam: Bambam would smile when he felt your arms wrap around him, and he would turn his head to see you and smile his goofy smile. Then, you would kiss his neck and he would giggle.

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Youngjae: Youngjae would freeze once you hugged him and kissed his neck. After it hit him what happened, he might let out a nervous laugh, but he would turn around and hug you back.

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Yugyeom: I think that this maknae would be so shy once you kissed his neck. He would like it though.

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