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Commission [3] Complete! ~ @super-aids1 

I have never done a Binding of Issac animation before, and this one was just right up my alley! xD! Angel Rooms can be a blessing or a curse… So what happens when it’s literally a gift from god? owo

Thanks so much for commissioning me, Super-aids1! ^^ 
I hope you like it! This was a blast to animate! Especially his spazz! :D

I list of seriously under-rated animated movies that Tumblr needs to scream about as much as The Big Four but don’t for some reason:


Reason: It had an openly gay charector. And did not make him into a stereotype, they made him the complete opposite of a “gay stereotype”.They also taught very important lessons about not sinking down to other peoples’ levels, how scarey it can be to be different, why adults have such a big problem with people who are different, ghosts, witches, zombies, the antagonist is literally the ghost of a little girl who was KILLED FOR BEING A WITCH IN SALEM TIMES AND ALL SHE WANTED WAS A FREIND Tumblr you scream about these themes in movies you want and here they are

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Reason: Johnny Depp plays a pet chameleon who is terribly lonely and doesn’t know who he is as a person who ends up stuck in a desert pretending to be a sheriff battling a sharp-shooter snake, that should be reason enough, but it includes Beans, who has a type of panic disorder (yes she’s a lizard and alot of lizards do but the way they made a big deal of it sort of made me think of it more in this term) and the entire story is really centered on finding yourself and that’s precious, plus Johnny Depp plays a lonely lizard do I really need to say anything else?

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Ice Age

Reason: Well to begin with Scrat is the living embodiment of someone from Tumblr, as is Sid, it has Dodo Birds who have a fighting style called “Tai Kwan Dodo”, the first movie is about a mammoth, a sloth, and a Sabertooth Tiger taking care of a human baby, it also deals with alot of dark points like the food chain, betrayal, family genocide, neglect/abandonment on Sid’s part, the death of a mother trying to save her baby (well let’s be honest most animated movies have that for some reason) and these themes tend to persist (although not as heavily) in the other three films, paticuarly, the theme of loneliness and forming your own family out of odds and ends because your blood family isn’t healthy (abusive like Deigo’s, neglectfull like Sid’s, dead like Manny’s oops) Deigo is the king of sarcasm and is somehow charming, let’s be honest Ice Age is gold

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Reason: Shrek DOES appear on Tumblr more than anything else but mostly as a joke and I don’t understand that because Shrek has all the themes Tumblr cries about wanting in movies/kids movies, non-traditional princesses, non-traditional female leads, non-traditional romances, a princess not conforming to beauty standards and a male-lead her loves her not “despite that” but FOR that, he doesn’t “accept her”, he LOVES her, Shrek himself is the definition of a charector Tumblr should love, anti-social, sarcastic, awkward, passionate about food, and Donkey, the sarcasm machine who had hybrid babies with a dragon (again laughing in the face of traditional gender roles y the way) a cross-dressing wolf, a prince who’s actually a selfish mama’s boy, Puss In Boots- and if you don’t love him I just want to know, WHY?- who has his own spinoff movie with another BAMF, non-traditional female-lead who, instead of having to be a loyal princess, is more of a “I love you but let’s not make a big deal of it so I’ll come around when I come around” bandit in her own right, and although I honestly think the hay-day was the first two movies, the latest one DOES have Fiona as the leader of a rebellion war group…

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The Croods

Reason: Besides the explosive humor and adorable animals, it has an amazing female lead, the male lead isn’t just some pretty-boy love interest, he’s actually USEFULL, but I think what I love the most is actually the father role, because he isn’t presented as a clueless push-over, nor a stereotypical “No daughter of mine will __!” type, he actually represents a very accurate portrayal of the difficult to walk line between “I need to protect my family” and “I need to loosen up and let my kids make their own decisions”, he doesn’t do anything out of the “power of being a man” or just wanting his family to do what he says because he’s the leader, he very genuienly is afraid of losing his family because as the days pass the population IS getting thinner and thinner, and like most people, especially most parents, he doesn’t know how to handle that fear without going overboard, it also represents the fear of change without making that in it’s self a joke

The Secret World Of Arrietty

Reason: No animated movie list would be complete without a Ghibli film, but I’m really surprised that Arrietty doesn’t get the same love on Tumblr that Holw’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Ponyo, Spirited Away, and other Ghibli films get, it was almost swept under the rug, besides having a common thread on this list with the female lead being strong and independant and having a great family dynamic, I’m mostly impressed with the male lead, who doesn’t take the typical role of a male protagonist by using strength to overcome his obstacles as much as he uses cleverness, Sho (Shawn in the English dub) has a very strong since of compassion and moral values that isn’t usually there in the beginning of the movie for male protagonists, it’s usually a learned trait, but he’s very understanding to start with of Arrietty’s compromising position and only wants a freind, he also has a heart condition that plays a part in his loneliness in the movie, Arrietty, like many Ghibli movies, also ends with the leads remaining only close freinds and not love interests, as well as with going their own ways but hoping to see eachother again, they do so in a way that leaves the ending still sweet, rather than the usual bitter-sweet feel of these sorts of things, not to mention the breath-taking animation is enough to keep your eyes on the screen even if the sweet story doesn’t interest you

Hotel Transylvania

Reason: With Monster High being the sensation it is, paticuarly on Tumblr, I’m increasingly shocked that Hotel Transylvania hasn’t made a splash, besides the absolutely adorable personality of Mavis- and Dracula makes it easy to see where she got that from- most of the charectors that so much as have speaking roles have some level of amusement to them, Mr. Wolf’s family on it’s own could be a movie as far as I’m concerned, but what really makes me love the movie is the plot, it’s more than the typical vampire/human soul mate romance (although the quirkiness of this one and the awkwardness of Johnathan) it’s more than anything about Dracula, like The Croods it shows the father role as more than the typical “I don’t want my daughter to date because of reasons” thing, it depicts a very justified fear of humans and how the death of his wife pushed his already astoundingly strong love for his daughter into a hyper-drive of overprotectiveness, and it shows that, although he is willing to go to any length to protect her, he very often has a hard time justifying his extreme actions to himself, and unlike most fathers in this sort of plot, he doesn’t just “accept” his daughter’s decisions, he actively seeks to help her get what she wants from them, and if nothing else I’d have thought that the references to cosplayers and Twilight would make Tumblr giggle, but really Dracula wins the Best Dad Ever award


Reason: Following the trends of strong female leads, we have this peice of gold, I would think Beyonce playing a Faery Queen would have put Epic on Tumblr’s radar but apparently not, the animation is stunning, by far one of, if not the, best movie on this list in terms of the animation quality, the charectors are all clever and unique, with a familiar sense of searching for where “home” is and what’s really important in life, it also puts a new spin on the faery/human relationships that we so often see repeats of, it isn’t the classic “Humans hunt faeries but learn their lesson” movie, nor is it quite as innocent as Arrietty, not to mention that the concept of the Queen and the Leaf Men are very unique in their construction

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Tinkerbell and Disney Fairies movies

Reason: All I ever see of Tinkerbell (this one atleast) on Tumblr is hate about wishing she was the same amount of sassy and bad attitude that she was in Peter Pan’s world, but two things aren’t being taken into consideration here (and I think the reason for that is that most people on Tumblr don’t bother to see the movies) and those are 1. Tinkerbell DID have alot more attitude in the first two movies, paticuarly the second, and she was very easily riled and very easily frustrated, traits shown in Peter Pan (although I have honestly not watched Peter Pan in yeaaaaars so I don’t remember her from there very well) in Tinkerbell’s second solo movie it was highlighted the most and she also saw just how strong those traits were in her and she decided to change, 2. This PRECEEDS Peter Pan, if I’m not mistaken Pan’s Tinkerbell had been cast out of Pixie Hollow, it would be understandable that Tinkerbell, who already had these qualities in a lower dose, would only increase in frustration and jealousy if she had been an outcast, the thing is, people change, something obviously happened for Tinkerbell to decide to join Peter and leave Pixie Hollow, the Disney Fairy movies don’t demonstrate that, they show her adventures from before she joined Pan, they may eventually show a flittering relationship/meeting between the two but I doubt it, the Fairy movies have alot of classic Disney qualities and speak out most against following rules and conformity, from the first movie when she found herself put down for being a Tinker fairy and wanting to change her talent, to Secret Of The Wings when she meets her fraternal twin sister Periwinkle against the rules of Pixie Hollow, to The Pirate Fairy when the story centers not on Tinkerbell, but on Zerena, who was constantly spoken down to and made to feel unwelcomed just for wanting to experiment with the laws of Pixie Dust, it has a carefully strung balence between “The rules are in place for a reason” and “Sometimes you need to break them and that’s ok” and it’s done quite nicely

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Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron

Reason: If I had to pick ONE movie that is the most underrated from this list, it would be Spirit, although it may look like a cute little movie about horses and rebellion, that really isn’t the case, the theme is very strong throughout the movie that the white men fighting against the Lakota tribe were in essence trying to break/imprison them just as much as they were the horses, Spirit is the only movie I know of that shows just how wrong the attack from Europeans on Native Americans was without it being a documentry of some sort, and although I think Disney’s version of Pocahontas TRIED to give off this vibe, I think it did poorly with it and gave a little too much (ok, alot too much) credit to the white men who came in and took everything the native people had,Spirit had none of that, I myself am white, but with some strong Native roots, I may be missing something that someone who’s purely/mostly Native American would find offensive, but as far as I can tell, Spirit does very well at representing the severely underrepresented group of people, and very accurately represented the cruelty of the Europeans, especially during that horrible war, even more than that though, it gave, in my opinion, a representation of Spirit and Little Creek’s relationship without making it corny or stereotyped, honestly, if I get pick any animated movie to get as much reckognition as Frozen does, Spirit would be it, because it isn’t JUST a good movie, JUST gorgeous animation, JUST a cute story… it’s all of those things, but more than anything, it’s a message that DESPERATELY needs to be heard in America, that just keeps getting shushed: Native representation, white power and how wrong it is- and was most especially when the Europeans took over- treating ALL people, as well as animals, with respect, free will, and I could just go on and on…

As much as I love the popular animation on Tumblr, Disney Princesses, Frozen,Rise Of The Guardians, How To Train Your Dragon, Finding Nemo, etc, these movies REALLY need to get out there, they have some important things to say

Headcanon { Ringo }

Headcanon that Ringo is scared of storms, and usually sticks by Edd’s side during storms in the day.

But during storms at night, Ringo moves his kitty bed into Edd’s room (maybe under Edd’s bed or at the foot of it) and curls up with a sock or something.

Kitty comforted by the presence and scent of his owner.

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"Lance, I ACTUALLY fought off a dozen bounty hunters for you a month ago, and nearly lost an arm to that freaking pet dinosaur-thing of theirs," Well THAT must've been a fun adventure XDD

I feel like y’all are baiting me, and I keep falling for the bait :D *hugs* Okay, well, since you’re curious, and since I’m all done with getting poked and prodded at the clinic (a huge thank you to those who sent me get-well messages, and thanks for everyone’s patience in general :D) — here ya go. 

That Time Keith Saved Lance From A Dozen Bounty Hunters and Their Pet Dinosaur:

Lance is tied to a tree, again, and it’s not funny … Well, it’s a bit funny. But Keith isn’t laughing when he stealthily creeps in closer, rolling his eyes when Lance spots him and then immediately tries to act casual — casually widening his eyes and proclaiming, “Hey dudes, I think I heard some kind of loud giant Lion coming from that direction. Blue should be on his way. Wanna go catch him?”

Keith is tempted to throw a rock at Lance’s head, but as he does actually care about his boyfriend, and he definitely wants him back in one piece, he refrains. Barely.

The bounty hunters laugh at him, one large butch alien hollering, “Eh, boy, why don’t you keep your loud mouth shut and let us eat our dinner in peace, yeah?”

“You won’t be getting any leftovers if you don’t learn some manners,” chimed in a thin, leather-clad female, her hand stroking over the scaled skin of what looked like a baby T-Rex. But with wings. And arms that were not ridiculously short.

Considering that Lance was in this predicament because he’d wandered outside of the city limits —precisely what they were told not to do by the Supreme Governor of the planet — Keith is tempted to let Lance sweat it out until everyone is asleep and they can escape under cover of night.

But as he closes the distance between himself and Lance, he takes in the brutally tight chains wrapped around his boyfriend, the cut on his forehead, the bruise on his cheek, his split lip … And suddenly, Keith finds himself unsheathing his bayard, gritting his teeth as he glares out towards the crew of bounty hunters.

He counts them clinically, staring with narrowed eyes — twelve armed aliens, and their winged dinosaur mascot thing … No problem.

Keith had found Lance’s bayard tangled in some vines a mile back. He manages to sneak his way to the Blue Paladin’s tree, leaning behind it, out of sight, as he soundlessly picks the lock on the chains.

Lance goes completely still, hardly daring to move. And when Keith gets the lock off, thereby enabling him to loosen the chains, Lance lets out a long, quiet breath. Keith squeezes the hands restrained behind the tree gently. When Lance grips him in return, Keith pulls back and wraps Lance’s fingers around his blue bayard.

“Wait until I’ve got about half of them down — then move.” Keith tries to whisper this near silently, and so he’s not one hundred percent sure Lance hears him — but the Blue Paladin will figure it out soon enough.

Keith sneaks back around to the other side of the camp, and then situates himself behind one of the small ATV-looking vehicles. He moves fast, turning on the engine and gunning it right into the middle of the dining bounty hunters.

There’s screaming and guns firing as he launches himself off his improvised ride, knocking out two guys with one blow. He turns to cross blades with a female alien nearly twice his size, and by the time he’s knocked out his fifth bounty hunter, he suddenly remembers the dinosaur.

Too late, because the beast has roared and plunged its teeth straight through Keith’s left arm. His shield disappears as he screams in pain — and then there’s more laser fire as Lance starts unleashing a wave of blasts that find their targets in joints and hands and feet. Keith has beaten off the dinosaur and takes care of the last few bounty hunters with one hand.

Silence falls in the woods.

Until Lance whoops and hollers, “Holy crow, Keith that was freaking amazing. I barely — oh my god, your arm!”

“Lance, it’s fine,” Keith says through gritted teeth, even as Lance rushes over, his face pale.

“Uh, no, you are bleeding all over the damn place. I think I can see bone! Oh my god, oh my —

Keith uses his good arm, the one that has just sheathed his bayard, to grab his boyfriend by the collar of his armour, and yank him into a kiss. This gets Keith some blessed quiet, and also reassures him that Lance is more or less okay. He was able to get up and fight with no problem, ramble without breathing, and is currently pressing his mouth to Keith’s like they’re every action couple in every cheesy explosion-filled movie that Lance adores … So, yes, Lance is fine.

Keith pulls back and Lance rests his forehead against Keith’s temple. “Okay. Point made. But you need some time in the cryo-pod, like stat.”

“Probably,” Keith says, avoiding looking down at his arm, which has gone alarmingly numb. “But first we have to get back to the city. You know, the city we were not supposed to set foot out of?”

Lance grins sheepishly. “So I heard a rumour that there was a gorgeous beach just a short walk through the woods —”

Keith groans. “No, don’t want to hear it. Just drive us back into town so I can watch with great satisfaction as Allura and Shiro chew you out. And then as Hunk is all nice to you and makes you feel as guilty as you should be.”

Lance swoops in to steal one last kiss before helping Keith onto the ATV and then swinging up onto it. Keith wraps his uninjured arm around Lance’s waist, and murmurs into the Blue Paladin’s ear, “If you try any fancy tricks —”

“Listen, sugar pie, I’ve got precious cargo on here,” Lance says gravely, and doesn’t flinch when Keith tries to knee him in the back. “So you best believe I’ll be smooth as butter with my stellar driving.”

Keith snorts, but holds back an insult as Lance revs the engine and begins a swift and uneventful journey back to town.

In the end, they both get lectured — Lance for leaving the city limits, Keith for going after him without back-up — but the Supreme Governor somehow feels responsible for Keith almost losing an arm, so he arranges a full day at the beach Lance had heard about. Keith gets to watch Lance swim and frolic in the sun. He gets to be pulled into crystalline waters, kissed beneath the waves, and fall asleep with Lance’s head on his chest, far-too-soft sand between his toes.

So maybe he’s not nearly as annoyed as he pretends to be later, but letting out his faux-irritation gets Lance teasing him, catering to him hand and foot, cooing over his no-longer injured arm … All in all, it actually turns out to be a pretty damn awesome week for the Red Paladin, even with the dozen bounty hunters and dinosaur that almost ate him. He’ll cling to his wins whenever he gets them. Which is probably why he’s never letting Lance go, idiot trips to alien beaches and all.

Once again, all the fluff, unleashed! I’m still a bit sleepy, so hopefully this makes some kind of sense. And I hope I answered your unspoken question ;D *many hugs* Thanks again to all you amazing people :)

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Hi! Love you and your tumblr and your top 5 and your everything, so... Top 5 most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse? Xoxo :*

Hi petal, I love you so much!!! Thanks for the kind words and for this amazing top 5! I’m not a fan of zombies (since I get scared veeeeery easily), so I did some research on the skill needed to survive a zombie apocalypse and…here we go!

1. Kenma. He’s been rehearsing this moment in his video games since forever. Knows absolutely everything about how to avoid zombies. That’s his favorite technique for surviving, but, when needed, he’s a master of one-shot kills. After all, long fights are too much of a bother. 

2. Akaashi. He’s still haunted by the image of Bokuto sacrificing himself to save his life. He never saw him dying though, he never knew what happened after he said to him “go ahead, Akaashi, I’ll be back. I’ll always be back”. That’s why he vowed to survive until the very end in order to find him again. Lone wolf, excellent sniper, absolutely merciless killer of humans and zombies. 

3. Tsukishima. Great fighter, especially with double katanas, swords or knives in general. He doesn’t like gun shooting, at all, but he adores explosives. His true talents are mission planning and setting up traps in order to take down as much zombies as he could in one go. Not the best teammate but deep down he knows that he would never survive alone. 

4. Tendou. He tried his best to protect them, but he saw all the swans dying. The zombies took them away from him, one after the other. Now he’s like a mix between a psycho and a wild animal: he’s not the hunted anymore, he’s the hunter. He’s gonna kill them, all

5. Nishinoya. He’s always been the most reckless of them all, it’s a surprise he lasted this long. He’s covered in bruises and scars, but, no matter what, he’ll never ever give up. He’s still a guardian deity inside, even if his whole team died. Now he jumps from team to team, trying his best to help. Due to his enormous number of injuries, he’s very skilled at first aid and medicine in general. 

Ok wow. THANK YOU FOR THIS. My mind keeps spinning now and I’ve so clear in my mind how all the others died…this was truly a nice writing exercise and I’m really grateful! Send me another top 5 anytime! <3

Thank you (again) for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

Dating Remy LeBeau Would Include:

Request: Headcannon for dating Gambit. Please and thank you 😊

Lol I gave it a shot! Here you go, I hope it’s what you wanted :)


  •  Always freaking the hell out whenever you hear something explode in your apartment
  • Like you have no idea whether it’s just your boyfriend or something else that could have a bad end result
  • Always having to lecture Remy on why you don’t want him to blow things up in your apartment because it’s a hassle to clean or it simply annoys the hell out of you or there’s a really bloody expensive repair cost
  • He does it anyway – though they are now noticeably less damaging than his previous explosions – because he finds it adorable and amusing when you get annoyed
  • But moving on from him blowing up your stuff
  • He always tries to trick you into doing stupid things with him
  • He gets easily jealous
  • You find playing cards everywhere
  • Always staying up with him at night whenever he can’t sleep
  • You don’t mention his history unless he does first. You know it’s a sensitive topic. 
  • Over time you’ve become good friends with some of his mutant and super-powered teammates
  • You love playing with each others hair and will sometimes just sit in silence with your fingers tangled in his hair and vice-versa
  • He literally never lets you out of his sight whenever there’s too much of a threat to himself directly or to those he cares about
  • He’s absoloutley terrified of loosing you and the same goes for you to him

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I know you don't talk about Alex much but since we've seen Alex cry over a lot of stuff, including Maggie (that whole talking to Kara about her on the couch, Alex cried), but on their wedding day Alex would definitely cry right? And hopefully by then do you think Maggie would've let herself be vulnerable enough to shed a few tears when marrying the woman that she loves?

Alex is very explosive emotionally (something I adore about her because she’s allowed to be the muscle and the enforcer figure while also being someone who feels, deeply, and showcases that emotion without restraint) so I definitely think she’d cry on their wedding day. maggie too, though probably much less and likely only as she first sees alex take those first few steps down the aisle.

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Send me a ship and I’ll tell you:

Who’s more dominant: Balthazar for sure.
Who’s the cuddler: Dru for sure, the big cinnamon roll :3
Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Dru is the big spoon, Balthazar is the little spoon.
What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Styling each other’s hair because c'mon, they have pretty awesome hair!
Who uses all the hot water: Balthazar, because he sings in the shower for too long
Most trivial thing they fight over: The hair gel.
Who does most of the cleaning: Both, they are quite happy to do lots of stuff together :3
What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue: Dru
Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Balthazar?
Who leaves their stuff around: Balthazar, mostly all his musical equipment
Who remembers to buy the milk: Dru?
Who remembers anniversaries: Both!
Who cooks normally: Dru
How often do they fight: Rarely, the only fights they’ve been in was to do with Gru trying to keep them apart, but he left them alone in the end and everything is happy :)
What do they do when they’re away from each other: Send cute texts!
Nicknames for each other: Balthy for Balthazar and I’m not sure about Dru
Who is more likely to pay for dinner: Balthazar
Who steals the covers at night: Dru
What would they get each other for gifts: Explosion boxes because they are adorable!
Who kissed who first: Dru kissed Balthazar first in front of Gru because he’s a rebel and can do what he wants :3
Who made the first move: Balthazar flirted with him first, so…does that count?
Who remembers things: Dru?
Who started the relationship: Both!
Who cusses more: Balthazar
What would they do if the other one was hurt: Wrap them in lots of blankets and do anything to make them better
Who is the dirty talker: Dru, I like to believe he’s a big flirt ;)
A head canon: Whilst Balthazar was still trying to take over the world, he would send cute little notes to Dru with cheesy messages :3

some things i love about Jessica Jones [spoilers]
  • No flashback of explicit rape is shown on-screen; it’s not necessary to show nor would it add a more tragic effect–aftermath (PTSD) offers plenty insight into Jessica’s psyche
  • The supporting characters are all given depth and are portrayed like they matter, like they aren’t collateral damage
  • Malcolm in the middle, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s there for Jessica and does his best to help her
  • The dynamic between Jessica, Trish, and Will as characters but also how their personal heroic codes differ
  • The build up to Hogarth’s betrayal. The first seeds were planted in Hogarth’s office, when she comments on how useful a power like Kilgrave’s would be. Kilgrave later waters those seeds with promises to relieve Hogarth’s frustration, strained and left to fester because Jessica did not deliver
  • Pam is a fucking MVP
  • Luke Cage is low-key and respects Jessica’s decisions post bar explosion, they are adorable together
  • Trish Walker, Trish Walker, Trish Walker crime-fighting duo; beating up Will is a fave scene
  • Wendy is a clean character and stands by her decision to blackmail Hogarth despite the threat on her life; typically almost being run over by a train would change someone’s actions

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I follow you because you're so very sweet and lovely and you're so freaking talented, like you don't even know. I always get excited when you're on my dash because it's either going to be explosion of writing or an explosion of adorable :D

Originally posted by lonelypoetess

Oh come here you! Thank you so much for telling me this! You’re so sweet and I honestly feel the same. I’d just add that I also look forward to your pieces of art!  You’re awesome!

You know how Manami's popular

Just imagine Onoda feeling inadequate/intimidated because why should Manami like him out of all people. There’s actually a bunch of good looking people/better in general people in Manami’s fanclub.

And Manami’s a oblivious idiot/doesn’t really understand the big deal. All he knows is that Onoda’s feeling sad and stuff. So he just does cute stupid Manami stuff to make Onoda happy (like riding bikes to Akibara together because gay bicycle dates). 

Or like when they’re going out/hanging out and they bump into Manami’s fans and Manami’s all chill and talking with them. But Onoda starts feeling out place/shying away because he doesn’t belong/feels like Manami’s fans are judging him. But then Manami excuses himself or something or something and leaves with Onoda while being all cute and snugly/friendly with Onoda (maybe because he can see Onoda uncomfortable or ,better, he wants his alone time with Onoda without people getting in the way).

While crying/sad Onoda is cute, happy cheerful Onoda is even better (mother fucking explosion  of adorableness and tiny animal offspring things)

I just want more SanSaka fluff…

My Kristanna Babies!! 8D

Kinda a quick sketch and half-assed color to go with it, but Its getting my vision across! So let me introduce them! 

First, we have Princess Elise! She is 6 years older than her younger siblings (shown as 16 years old here). She gets her adventure seeking nature and strawberry blonde hair from Anna, but is constantly told how much she looks like Kristoff. She’s is very calm and smooth like her father, and would much rather tag along with him than stay in the palace.  She is constantly accompanying him on his ice harvesting expeditions, writing stories to tell her younger siblings.

Next, we have the blonde haired, blue-eyed twins Prince Kristoffer and Princess Hilde, (drawn at age 10) They are very much like Anna’s miniature clones. Princess Hilde was the first born twin, and very different from her older sister. She is very girly and refined. She is very passionate and bubbly but can be known for her explosive tantrums. She adores her Auntie Elsa, and shadows her every where she goes. Prince Kristoffer’s name was initially joked about when Anna remembered her and Kristoff’s first sleigh ride being chased by wolves. But the name grew on her, and she decided there was no better name for her only son. Kristoffer is very much a mama’s boy! He is constantly imitating his father in effort to impress his mom. Being so young, he is not allowed to go with his dad ice harvesting. He is constantly getting into trouble, and is a notorious prankster with the staff. 

I hope you like them! I really tried to think this out so it didn’t sound too stupid.. ^^u

Let me know what you think!