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Commission [3] Complete! ~ @super-aids1 

I have never done a Binding of Issac animation before, and this one was just right up my alley! xD! Angel Rooms can be a blessing or a curse… So what happens when it’s literally a gift from god? owo

Thanks so much for commissioning me, Super-aids1! ^^ 
I hope you like it! This was a blast to animate! Especially his spazz! :D

some things i love about Jessica Jones [spoilers]
  • No flashback of explicit rape is shown on-screen; it’s not necessary to show nor would it add a more tragic effect–aftermath (PTSD) offers plenty insight into Jessica’s psyche
  • The supporting characters are all given depth and are portrayed like they matter, like they aren’t collateral damage
  • Malcolm in the middle, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s there for Jessica and does his best to help her
  • The dynamic between Jessica, Trish, and Will as characters but also how their personal heroic codes differ
  • The build up to Hogarth’s betrayal. The first seeds were planted in Hogarth’s office, when she comments on how useful a power like Kilgrave’s would be. Kilgrave later waters those seeds with promises to relieve Hogarth’s frustration, strained and left to fester because Jessica did not deliver
  • Pam is a fucking MVP
  • Luke Cage is low-key and respects Jessica’s decisions post bar explosion, they are adorable together
  • Trish Walker, Trish Walker, Trish Walker crime-fighting duo; beating up Will is a fave scene
  • Wendy is a clean character and stands by her decision to blackmail Hogarth despite the threat on her life; typically almost being run over by a train would change someone’s actions

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It is truly easy to find beauty in ordinary things. The silver stars that sprinkle the night sky, or the many hues of pink and orange that paint the sky at dawn. But maybe the most beautiful stars can be found in your eyes, When you talk about something you love And those sunrises pale in comparison to the colorful explosions of adoration you set off inside me. But that’s just it, How can something as breathtaking as the ice blue color of your eyes be “ordinary”?
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #425