July 22 2015 - In the Bolivian city of Potosi striking miners and their supporters clashed with police after blasting the doors off a government building. The violence comes after failed negotiations between the government and regional leaders over the course of a week-long miners’ protest. They are demanding that the government fulfill their promise to build more hospitals and roads, as well as an international airport in the city. [video]/[video]


If Nature Were Directed By Michael Bay

Nature shows are filled with mortal drama, but never the kind involving death rays – until now.

YouTube user Blackhawk uploaded a version of a BBC2 documentary about Australian wildlife that added lasers, explosions and sound effects from the video game Halo 4, tempering the brutal battle between bats and crocodiles with cartoon violence. (The narration in the mashup is from the original documentary.)


July 20 2015 - Protesters angry about the IS bomb attack in Suruç, which killed 32 young activists who were going on a humanitarian mission to help rebuild Kobane, held rallies in several Turkish and Kurdish cities. They were also protesting the Turkish government’s lack of action against ISIS. Turkish riot police attacked rallies in multiple cities with water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas. [video]/[video]