A Bus Tip for Long Journeys (Cusco to Pisco)

To break up our travel from Cuzco to Lima we spent a couple nights in Pisco. We took a night bus in semi-cama seats (seats that recline partially back.. In between the luxury and basic) The bus ride took about 16 hours and was winding down the mountains most of the time, which was not pleasant if you were expecting to sleep at all. The driver was in some sort of hurry it seemed as well. He sped his way down the swithback roads, only stopping when a fallen boulder needed to be moved out of the street. I have heard some horror stories of long bus rides in Peru, of robbings and crashes, but we were safe throughout our entire stay. If you are concerned I would make sure you ride on a bus with a credible bus company. They are more expensive, but can be worth it for the comfy/reclining bus seats as well as the safety security. I’m not sure if I would recommend such a long journey either. It is hard to sit on a moving bus for that long, the insanity starts to creep in after about 10 hours.