exploring ojibwe


48 hours later, 20 of which I was jammed in a car forcing myself not to throw up from motion sickness, I can passionately blog about my experiences in northern Minnesota. Minnesota? What? yeah that state far north that doesn’t seem to have much to offer was were my life was forever changed. Before heading to MN I literally had to check a map to even see where I was going. That’s so pathetic but honestly true. I didn’t even know Minneapolis was in Minnesota. I knew nothing and I believe that’s the reason this trip has impacted my life so greatly. Okay so I’m beating around the bush and alluding to what i actually was doing in the northern state. I set out in a caravan of 30 students from Penn State University to take a class in Minnesota. The basis of the class was to learn about and with the Ojibwe people about their culture and history. Yes, I received credit for the 3 weeks but in all honesty I don’t even care about them anymore. You cant really put a price on life changing experiences. So this blog is my response to what i witnessed and experiences while in Bemidji, Minnesota. I wish i would have blogged while it was all happening, but now i get to reflect which keeps the memory alive =)