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I did another playthrough of Episode Prompto (on my own this time) and took it upon myself to transcribe all the audio files and writings in chronological order. Spoilers (and a VERY long post overall) below the cut! Also, please let me know if I’ve missed anything!

EDIT: Added in a researcher’s journal entry that I missed the first time!

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Episode Prompto

i though it will be useful for all the writers in the ffxv community to have a written record of all the stuff that appear in Episode Prompto in chronological order ;) 

You’re Welcome

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Avoiding Same Face Syndrome:  A Guide by TheSimsDominion

Have you ever noticed that your sims are starting to look too similar even when they aren’t in the same family? So do I. I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that I tend to make my sims look the same, like these sims I have as an example:

I often tend to use the same hair for my sims. Nose shape, mouth shape, and even eyebrows have their similarities. But, I have a solution to this problem! I’ve noticed that The Genetics Challenge has come in handy for me, other than just to see what funny genetics I can come up with. I asked myself: What if I put The Genetics Challenge to good use and made completely custom sims?

The sims above are the first sims I used in making a custom sim that is out of my comfort zone. I noticed that a lot of simblrs like to use the same face shapes because that is what is comfortable for them and what fits their aesthetic. So, I decided to not only push myself out of my comfort zone, but I encourage YOU as a simblr to do the same. 

This is my second group of completely randomized sims. Of course, you don’t have to stick to every randomization that you get if it’s way too dramatic for you. I often get the huge ears that everyone dreads, so I randomize again and get other ears. I just encourage you to mainly stick to randomization, and not go off too much and fix the facial features. Of course, anything that isn’t set to genetics like hair, eyebrows, eye color (contacts), piercings, and makeup you can change. 

I decided to test this even further to see what else I could do with genetics. I used the first two sims that came up when I opened CAS. These are usually basic starter sims that you can use but don’t have to. I got two women but still used the genetics with both of them. I created a male sim this time and only changed the hair color from blonde to black.

I also created two male sims and did the same thing. I did not change anything for their child other than clothing. 

I personally enjoy creating randomized sims instead of using the basic starter sim method. I noticed that it takes longer to use the basic starter sim method because adding a sim will give me a random sim with custom content included, not a sim straight from EA. I had to save a basic starter sim, leave CAS, and then go back in in hopes I would get a new starter sim. 

If you decide you want to create a family that stems from a surrogate sperm donor, (for either lesbian couples or taking sperm from one of the fathers in a gay relationship. This is for realism if you wish to have it), just add a randomized woman or man into the family, use the genes option in creating a new sim, and see what you get. Then you can either remove that sim, or keep the sim in the family’s lives. This also works with adoption, too. Randomize one set of parents and create their child. Then remove the parents of that child and create a completely different set of parents. 

Remember that the two options above are your best friends (Match Hair doesn’t have to be if you want really crazy eyebrows and beards), not your enemies! Explore new options and new sims! 

Just to note: I am probably not the first person to come up with this idea and I am not the last. I just noticed a lot of fellow simblrs who have very similar sims in their legacy that aren’t always related. I just thought this could help people who suffer from same face syndrome. I do not take credit for this idea, I just hope it helps people like me who make pretty much the same sim hundreds of times. 


(SPOILERS) Full Text of Verstael’s Research Logs: Episode Prompto

I’ve transcribed all of Verstael’s audiotapes lying around the DLC into text format for easy reference!

I’ve listed them in chronological order for the sake of the timeline, but a list of the logs in the order they’re encountered in-game is at the end. Enjoy, if anyone enjoys collecting in-game info as much as me

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SWTOR  Road Map 2017 - Highlights

- New boss every few months
- Platinum level loot for Master and Veteran modes

- Class balancing coming, no details yet
- Aim to make Unassembled Components a Legacy currency
- New Warzone
- Galactic Starfighter changes
- Changes to Ranked PvP
- Earlier notification of Season 9 rewards

Story and Companions

- Story to continue after Iokath, next installment in August
- More companions to return over this year
- Better influence gain with current companions based on ‘how you play’
- Exploring options for new daily areas/events/rewards

Quality of Life
- Bug fixes continuing to happen
- Improvements to how long it takes to do things
- Mount speed increase
- Better customiation of companions starting with Theron
- More weapon tunings

Summer of SWTOR

Nar Shaddaa Summer - 5.2.2 - June 13th
- Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event to return
- GSF reputation gain increase
- CXP Legacy Perk for alts. Once one of your character reaches Command Rank 300, you can acquire a new Legacy Perk to increase CXP gains on all your other characters
- Tier 4 armor
- Theron Shan and Shae Vizla’s appearances customizable
- Legacy Perks: Mount Speed 4 & 5 (120% & 130%)
- Tier 1 gear can now be purchased for Command Tokens

Sisters of Carnage - 5.3 - July
- Ops Gods of the Machine 2nd boss released in Story and Veteran mode
- Manaan stronghold
- Search filter on decos
- More companion customization appearances
- Class changes start

Crisis on Umbra - 5.4 - August
- Crisis on Umbra new Flashpoint continues the story

- Even more companion customization appearances

kyrieleandra1  asked:

romance headcanons for main 4 + goatparents+ mtt learning that their s/o is poly and which would try to set their s/o up with someone they'll both like?


- Hey, he’s chill. For the most part. Listen, he never thought he’d be able to have a singular successful relationship, so to add another partner to the mix is…well, a little bit stressful. He’s pretty cool about it, though.

- He’s gotta know how any potential partners you bring up sit with Papyrus. If they don’t get along with his brother he’s not gonna be very apt on giving them a chance.

- He might be okay with trying to set you guy’s up on a triple-date or whatever, though getting a three people booth at Grillby’s might be kinda hard. Don’t let him set up a date at Grillby’s. You’re trying to get this person to like you & having your boyfriend guzzle ketchup straight from the bottle on the first date might not be a real clincher.


- He’s confused at first, but definitely into it. More date-mates just means more love to share & take part in!! He’d be the one to try & set you up with another/more partners. Of course he has no worries that you’ll all get along in the long run, after all–he has good taste, & you have good taste (because you’re dating him, aren’t you?), so if this person is into your or him (or both) obviously they’ll have good taste too! & ultimately date you both!! Because you’re both good things…to taste?? You know what he means.

- He pulls the same moves on them that he used on you when he was first trying to figure out basic courtship rituals. Chocolates, bouquets of fancy roses, maybe a love poem or two. A lotta cheesy, silly stuff to try & test the waters/ease them into the idea of joining your relationship as another partner.

- He insists that the first date you all have together take place at home, where he can cook them a fancy dinner. He’s convinced that having a familiar setting around would ultimately increase his chances of a successful date, as he’d be used to the terrain & could use it to his advantage. He could show them his collection of MTT-Brand action figures!! Everyone loves sexy robots!!!


- She’s a little bit iffy about it. She was so pumped to be the one dating you, that having to share makes it feel like a competition. Not that she doesn’t love the chance to show chumps just how quickly she can kick their asses–but when it comes to dating, it’s just…different.

- If she met someone she thought you’d both like, she’d definitely try to introduce you all to each other. She’d go through all this trouble to pre-plan a surprise date for all three of you, but that fact that neither of you know each other would probably make the whole thing blow up in her face. It was a nice thought, though.

- After she gets more comfortable with the idea, she’s all for it. More than one date-mate means more people she can carry around & show off to! Don’t be surprised if she throws you onto her back for a piggy-ride, then sweeps your other partner into her arms before taking off at the speed of light. Her carrying you both around becomes the new norm pretty fast.


- The idea is kind of nerve-wracking for her. Finding out that you like her enough to date her was a definite plus, but finding out that you want to add another partner to your relationship makes her really nervous. What if they don’t like her? What if she doesn’t like them? What if you like them more than her? There’s a lot that she’s worried about.

- She’d offer to try to find a suitable partner for you both, but her way of “meeting” someone would probably be by putting up a profile on one of the UnderNet’s dating sites. It uh…doesn’t go well, to put it lightly. Think of a romcom montage where you go through a series of bad dates. Finally, she just gives up & leaves it all to you.

- Having more than one partner is actually really nice for her confidence. She adores having group anime nights with you both, having long, thought out talks about your interests & hopes for the future, going out on group dates–it all makes her feel like she really is worth having something good in her life, especially if you both like her as much as she likes you.


- It certainly is a new prospect for her. She’s very old-fashioned, but loves exploring new ideas & options, so she’s not opposed to it in the slightest. Besides, there are many new people that you could meet, surely there’s someone out there that you’d both like!

- Of course she’d love to try to introduce you to someone, but sometimes she accidentally jumps the gun & doesn’t think all of her options through. Plus, she can be really stubborn, so if you don’t like the person, or you two just don’t click, you’ll have to keep reminding her to get it through her thick skull. She keeps trying, though, which is the thing that counts the most.

- After you’ve found a partner suitable for the both of you, she does whatever she can to include you both in your day-to-day activities. Cooking, bug hunting, exploring, reading together, whatever you can imagine, she’ll find a way to get you both into it.


- Oh! He’s…unsure of how to handle it. He’s even more old-fashioned than Toriel, so having more than one partner is definitely an exciting experience for him. He’d need a lot of teaching & explanation on how to handle the relationship before you actually bring in a new partner, it’s just all so new to him.

- Even with his inexperience, he’s willing to give it a try. He’ll try to find you both a partner at least once or twice, though it’s not a very subtle tactic, as he’ll just point at someone fairly attractive & say “How about them?” Real smooth, Asgore. After a while, he just gives up & leaves it all to you.

- Dating you both is actually very nice for him. Having company is good for his lonely SOUL, so he tends to stick around at least one of you for most of the time. Sometimes he can get a little bit overworked nerve-wise though, as he’s spent so much time alone previously, so that’s when he needs some solitude. But other than those brief moments, he’ll keep you both as close as possible.


- It’s absolutely no problem for him. He’s got hoards of fans, darling, you really think having more than one partner would be a challenge for him? Nonsense, he’s all for it! He uh…kind of sees having more than one partner like having “groupies” hang around him while keeping one primary partner, so that’s something you’ll definitely have to explain.

- After he finally actually gets it, he’s very excited to try to find you both a partner or two to bring into the mix. He’d love to find someone you’d like too, so he actually sends out a call to all his fans to interview them. It’s…it’s a really bad, humiliating experience, & it’s not until you finally have to confront him & explain that what he’s doing is wrong & manipulative that he finally gives in & leaves it all to you. He just gets in over his head sometimes.

- Actually meeting & talking with the partner you introduce to him finally helps him understand what a poly relationship really is. He settles into it nicely, drowning you both in gifts & constant praise to show his appreciation for you both. Showing both of you off as his partners is his pride & joy, & it’s overall a very happy, loving relationship, despite the rocky start.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to preserve the history of witchcraft and to practice in older ways.

There is a lot wrong with telling other people who want to explore new options and try new forms of magic that their paths are invalid and incorrect. 

Finnrey headcannons for @peanutsrebel​, who is amazing <3

I love the idea of Finn and Rey decorating their first place together. Rey’s creative and great at re-purposing things, so even if they didn’t have much cash, she’d find ways to make sure they had little luxuries.

Finn would just be so pleased to be able to make CHOICES, even if it’s just about what color they want the dining room to be. Rey lets him pick all the colors, because he’s just so excited about it, and her heart melts every time he grins.

Together, they learn to cook for the first time. The Resistance had more food options than either Jakku or the FO, but they’ve never had their own kitchen or garden before. Rey takes to gardening like a fish to water, and Finn soon learns he loves to mix ingredients and come up with new flavors. 

Rey spends her days building and repairing droids, and she’s known for offering a discount to anyone who brings her seeds, or a recipe from a planet she’s never been to. 

She plants the seeds in window boxes, and makes the recipes with Finn. At night they brush shoulders and laugh as they cut vegetables side by side. After dinner they dance in the kitchen, slow and close. 

Just picture Finn and Rey exploring new options and discovering together, for the first time, all the things they truly love. 

Research Log: 722-XII-5th
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto
Research Log: 722-XII-5th

Verstael: Research log: Year 722, Day 339. Another day, another mental breakdown. All my tests so far have resulted in the former soldiers suffering ego deaths. Today, however, I developed a new hypothesis: I will continue to sublimate daemonified humans to harvest the miasma, but, if a sense of self is the source of these snags, why not inject infants with the plasmodia instead? We’ve little time. If we are to combat the Lucian threat, we must explore new options. I, too, will set aside my personal misgivings and do what I must for the empire.

Prompto: What kind of a maniac experiments on kids?

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I'm just happy it's not drake,Rih switched the game up on us lol. I'm glad she's exploring new options tho.

lol right, she getting foreign dick, black dick good but we all want to try other flavors lol - Doreen

llowkeylunaticc  asked:

Just wanted to say your page makes my day. It was because of your openness and honesty I started to figure myself out. Recently or today actually my husband walked out on me so I'm guessing I'm a single lady again. Today has been a tough day but I'm hoping it was for the best. At least now I don't have to feel guilty for being curious and now I have the freedom to explore new options. This is all so new to me and scary but I just wanted to tell you I love you and your page. 🌹💜

It is for the best my love. Trust the process and timing of your life. As cliche as it sounds, this happened for a reason. You couldn’t fully and truly be yourself with him. You wouldn’t be happy in the long run. I’d like to welcome you officially to our world. You may now explore this life without anything holding you back. I am glad that somehow I made that difficult situation of yours feel a little lighter and that somewhere I was able to help you in finding yourself. This is one of the reasons I run this blog, aside from camren of course, is to support ya’ll my lgbt family, to promote self love and acceptance. That although it is a tough road out there for us, I, we are here for you. You are never alone in this. The first phase is always the hardest but you can count on me. Thank you and I love you too. 🌹🖤

Musings on SJ Behaviors

Most SJs are adverse to change, right? Yeah? So am I. I’m never quite sure if it’s because I’m used to having things a certain way and can’t picture them any other way, or it seems like a lot of work to change it, or if it’s because I’m not sure what I want. Unless the change is full of suck, though, I don’t mind it once it’s in-progress or has happened. Whenever my dad traded in a car growing up my thought was, “WHY???” but then I got in the new car and went, “Oh, sweet.” Within 24 hours, it was fine.

I’ll leave stuff alone for awhile and then I’ll think, “Eh, I should change it.” And then I’ll decide, “Eh, it’s fine.” When I find what I didn’t know I wanted yet, then I change it without a second thought. I’m pondering remodeling projects around the house. Part of me is going, “It’s fine… it would be a waste of money to make big changes,” and the other part is going, “You know you want something else, but you haven’t seen what you want yet.” Once I figure out what I want, I’ll do it, forget what it used to look like, and never look back. I am not adverse to change but I rarely act until I am certain THAT is what I want and I know where to get it. I don’t get clear pictures of the end result in my head, but I have a vague concept of what I want it to be like that I can work toward.

It took me a little while to be “okay” with the new Pride & Prejudice, not because the miniseries was definitive in my mind (maybe it was…), but because my Fe thought it was a betrayal to turn my back on Firth and Ehle and embrace their “replacements.” But as always happens with me, the more I watched the new version, the more I liked it, and now I watch it more than I do the miniseries (a two hour investment is easier to swing than a six hour investment, although nobody does eye-sex like Firth and Ehle). I can’t help comparing new things to old ones, although I don’t always mind the upgrade particularly if the quality of the new one (content, writing, characters) is better than the old one.

I don’t always mind movies being remade. I don’t mind them being remastered. I don’t even mind them being re-cut. My Ne kicks in and I’m excited to see a different version of a beloved story. Sometimes, the re-cut is superior to the original, or the original is superior to the re-cut, but I’m willing to try both. I may balk when a philosophy is brought up that completely contradicts or forces me to rethink through prior knowledge, but I am not adverse to embracing this if I can fit it into my internal matrix (it must make logical sense to me first!). I just need time to process it and reorganize my thoughts. I am known to change my mind. I am known to change a lot of things. Change is a natural part of life. It happens whether we like it or not, so I’m learning to be more embracing of it.

Other types can find SJs frustrating because these behaviors are common for us (though I know some NPs would be DARN MAD if you touched their favorite franchises) but I like to think that in many areas we are flexible and adaptable to change once we get used to the idea of it. I think the moral is to be patient with us, because we cannot always help throwing on the brakes, but also that we need to focus on loosening up and being more open to trying new things. New does not always equal bad, and neither does change. It’s fine to hold onto the things you love, but it’s also good to explore new options.

So, Hollywood, if you want to remake Young Sherlock Holmes, go for it. Just cast someone tall and skinny and give Nicholas Rowe a cameo.

Researchers find new link between neurodegenerative diseases and abnormal immune responses

Researchers from McMaster University and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York have discovered that a protein associated with neurodegenerative diseases like ALS also plays an important role in the body’s natural antiviral response.

The study, published today in Nature Immunology, offers new insight into the link between neurodegenerative disorders and inflammation, and provides a framework to explore more fully the possibility that viral infection may lead to onset of these diseases.

Matthew Miller, an investigator at the Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research, is the study’s lead author. He said mutations in the senataxin gene (SETX) are known to cause certain types of neurodegenerative disorders such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis type 4 (ALS4 – a type of Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and ataxia with oculomotor apraxia type 2 (AOA2). However, no one currently understands why these mutations result in neurodegenerative diseases.

“We  have found that senataxin deficiency, and cells from individuals with these  neurodegenerative diseases, respond abnormally to viral infections,” said  Miller. “Specifically, they generate abnormally high amounts of inflammation,  which is known to play an important role in several neurological diseases. Our  study identifies abnormal inflammation as a potential contributing factor in  ALS, which opens the door to explore new therapeutic options.”

The  scientists studied senataxin, a protein implicated in a juvenile-onset form of  amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and in ataxia with oculomotor apraxia. ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a rare neurodegenerative  condition that affects motor neurons and causes progressive muscle wasting and movement problems. Ataxia with oculomotor apraxia is a rare disorder with an average onset age of 15 that causes muscle control problems and loss of peripheral vision.

The  scientists used gene expression studies as well as in-depth chromatin analysis to uncover the regulatory role of the protein. While most previous work to characterize the protein has been conducted in yeast cells, this project gained new information by analyzing human cells as well. The team found that senataxin has far more power to regulate gene activity than was previously known.

Using cutting-edge genomic tools, the researchers found that senataxin is deployed to regulate the body’s natural antiviral response at a specific point. Without it, exposure to viral pathogens can lead to inflammation and potentially to life-threatening conditions. People with senataxin-related forms of ALS and ataxia have a defective SETX gene that leads to a dysfunctional form of  the protein.

“This is the first protein implicated in neurodegenerative disease that has been linked to our innate antiviral mechanism, and it offers an intriguing clue to  the inflammatory response associated with these diseases,” said Ivan Marazzi, co-author of the paper and an assistant professor in the Department of Microbiology at Mount Sinai.

“Whether viral infection plays a role in disease progression remains to be seen, but  this discovery has broad implications for biomedical research and opens up new avenues that we look forward to pursuing.”


A grade 10 student has a newspaper in front of her.

Her:  “Sir, do you want to hear your horoscope?”

Me:  “Let me guess.  It suggests I keep an open mind about something, or watch out for something, or explore new options.”

Her:  “What’s your sign?”

Me:  “Aquarius.”

She reads.

Her:  “How did you know?”

Me:  “I’m psychic.”

Her:  “No way!“

fuck you guys I'm super pissed at this fandom (rant)

I was going to readmore on this but fuck it:

To those who are giving my friend a hard time just because they got a fucking tattoo of their otp, you can seriously go fuck yourselves. Don’t come after him just because you don’t agree with the fucking ship they chose. It’s their body and the ship is important to them so knock it the fuck off and stop being so fucking mean. They only have the two characters hats but people are fucking acting like he put a swastika and a Jewish star on his back. 

So stop it. Stop calling kyman fans bad for wanting the ship to work. Do you think we want Kyle to suffer? Do you actually think we don’t want him to be happy? We use what the show gives us and it has shown us that despite cartman and Kyle fighting, they can actually get a long and work together/be together. Of course, Cartman would have to grow up and mature a little, there’s no argument there, but they are close and even though they are rivals, they will still work together, agree on certain things and hang out and I think fans can explore that if they want to without being negative about it. They have an interesting relationship where it’s different then the others in the show. They’re relationship is complicated and so the fans can use their imagination to expand it and explore new options for the ship so it can work in the end, and I think that’s beautiful.

It’s also funny to me when people actually make something positive out of kyman, people still want to come after them and remind them of the negatives that happens in the ship when the shippers already know this. We already know the problems with the ship just like everyone else knows the problems with their ships! No ship is perfect especially since we all ship ships that are in the show called South Park, where every character has done fucked up and unrealistic shit. 

I don’t care if I get hate for this either, but there are certain people in the fandom that are toxic, unbearably annoying and petty. I wont say their names but it’s usually Stan fans who are the ones who are like this, which is sad because Stan is bae, but most of his fandom is horrible.

When I first started the South Park fandom, it was awesome and everyone wasn’t so offended over the most little things. Nobody even thought about kyman being abusive or relating it with rape, which isn’t funny and disrespectful to people who actually had to go through that. Kyman is nothing like that at all. Okay? Do not put a real life situations and compare it to cartoon children being assholes to each other. DO.NOT.DO.THAT. I don’t understand what the fuck is wrong with you guys and it’s not cool at all. You don’t even know what the hell you’re talking about and comparing real life to this silly cartoon that should not be taken seriously is fucking gross. I don’t care what Cartman, kyle, stan, kenny- I don’t care what any character did, do not put real life situations and compare it to cartoon characters who aren’t even doing anything CLOSE to what victims of abuse/rape has went through. I am seriously done with your bullshit and your disgusting acts because of a ship you don’t like. I ’m not even trying to tell you to like it or accpet it, but don’t be a fucking bitch to someone just because you think they are shipping something you think is bad. Not everyone thinks like you and you can get your fucking heads out of your asses and leave the fucking shippers a lone. 

That’s all.

(I’m sorry Stan fans, it’s not all of you who are like this, I’m one as well. I’m talking about the rabid fans who are taking it too far with their love for Stan but hate for cartman and any pairing they think isn’t worth being shipped. I recently saw a post with this one Stan fan who spouts immature things and their friends where making fun of my friend so yeah, I’m pissed and this has been going on for ever. So I’m done and again, it’s not aimed at all the Stan fans nor anyone in the fandom, just a few people.)


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  1. The first cup of coffee in the morning.
  2. A day when my Inbox has less than 100 pending emails.
  3. A checked construction drawing without any QAQC markups.
  4. An RFI with a response easily found on the construction documents.
  5. Finding a solution to a construction error.
  6. Getting a fee proposal approved from the first try.
  7. A first option design that is loved by the client.
  8. Winning a new project.
  9. Finishing a project on budget, on time, and with a happy client.
  10. Reading a chain of emails where the problem has already being solved.
  11. Inspiring someone else to explore a new design option.
  12. Creating something that I feel satisfied with.
  13. Exploring a new city and getting to see a building you have loved from pictures for the first time.
  14. Submitting a project in time fully realized.
  15. Daydreaming.

Tag all! You are all it!