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If You Get Caught between the Moon and New York City

“What does falling in love feel like?”

           “You don’t realise it when it’s happening.” Miss Berry had said when Jane asked her, eyes distant and very focused. “Everything just feels so big and so much and so dramatic all the time and… you get distracted, I guess. No, you don’t feel it while it’s happening. But then one day you’re in it, and it’s just quiet, and you two are in the same room doing different things, and you just look at him and you think… huh. This is what they write the songs about.

           There was a look on her face that Jane wasn’t familiar with, soft and sad in a way that didn’t connect to Coach Evans, or even to that Jesse person who came around every now and again to help with the club and make eyes at Miss Berry when she wasn’t looking. Not for the first time, Jane noticed the necklace that said ‘Finn’ that Miss Berry never took off, and not for the first time, she wanted to ask about it.

           She didn’t.

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