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My collection of art journal type books (as of December 2016) is officially too big for a stack, they had to be laid down. 


hesitant to let go // ready to open a new chapter

Hey Adventurers! There’s been an influx of new members lately so I thought now would be a good time to share our FAQ.

What is Tiny Adventure Club?

It’s a celebration of life’s tiny adventures, like trying new food, stargazing or simply surviving another week. A Tiny Adventure can be almost anything. 

How can I become a member of the Tiny Adventure Club?

Document and share your adventures in the #tinyadventureclub or #tiny adventure club tag. (I check both of them.)   Please  note: I ask that you do not submit adventures through the ask box or through messaging.  A full inbox doesn’t play nice with my executive dysfunction. But please feel free to drop a us message if you’d like!

What counts as a tiny adventure?

Adventure is relative. What counts as a tiny adventure is purely up to you. We’ve awarded badges to everything from getting out of bed to hiking for the first time. 

How do I get a badge?

I do my best to award as many badges as I can, but I’m just one small adventurer.  I go through the tag regularly and award them.


**starting the week with good vibes =)
***photo taken in Old Town Quito. I love Quito. It’s the capital but it’s less busy, smaller to most cities in South America. I love the Old Town area. Beautiful.

a list of things for goths to do (who are too young to go to clubs)

-explore abandoned victorian houses in small abandoned villages in search of kind ghost friends
-watch beetlejuice on repeat
-listen to specimen and depeche mode and dance around your room
-take pictures in your local graveyard with friends
-find friends who either share your interests or appreciate and wholeheartedly accept you for your interests and hobbies!
-look at pictures of camden
-proceed to cry because you dont live in camden
-go thrifting and DIY basic shit into ultra-goth ensembles
-dress up as if you’re headed to m'era luna and walk around your city, mall, or town
-befriend your local goth club dj in attempt to get into goth club
-get sad when said plan fails
-go to any and all any-age goth events you can find!!
-dye your hair, cut your bangs, tease that shit, hairspray it until its stickin straight up in the air
-enjoy yourself!!


My updated collection of journal-type books as of September 2016. On the left Empty journals I am working to fill with my own art, on the right journals with prompts for art and writing. 

It’s been a year since I posted my first journal collection and that along with the 2 updates afterwards remain my most re-blogged posts! 

my middle school turned 100 years old this year and lemme just say, it really shows. everytime i explore the school during clubs or after after school activities, i find some new odd thing. the “attractions” from my school include, but are not limited to:

  • tiny doors underneath some of the staircases. is harry potter in there? nope they all lead to the fallout shelter that’s inside the school
  • pipes that hiss
  • doors saying “do not enter” that are too thin for one person to pass through
  • outlets that are 9 feet off the ground
  • the ceiling in my english class that is missing about 8 panels
  • many buckets & trash cans all around the school to catch dripping water
  • the many, MANY asbestos warning signs
  • the roof of the C Wing is covered with a tarp and a million rocks
  • the drama room is hotter than the rest of the school and doesn’t have any windows
  • water fountains that can give you lead poisoning
  • a bent street sign right outside the school that has been hit by a car or bus a few times
  • the 2 fields: one always has geese on it, the other is across the street from the school and is right next to a cemetery
  • random sections of wall that are just missing, as if there used to be a trophy case there