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Reasons for Everyone to Watch “Dear White People”

1. Learn how even Black people who “do everything right” and get into a top college still struggle to find their place and be truly accepted into it

2. Learn and recognize that homophobia is a problem in every community even ours

3. Learn a little bit about colorism (Coco vs Sam)

4. Learn how (yes I’ll say it) Black people can be racist and stereotype others

5. How some White people can be better allies to Black people than other Black people

6. Classism within the Black community (”good” black vs “bad” black)

7. Learn how revolutions require different avenues of protest

8. Learn why if someone calls you racist (classist, homophobic, etc.) to reflect on your own attitudes and biases

9. Learn that although we can all be “racist,” some beliefs are way more dangerous than others and should be treated as such (cracker vs nigger)

10. Just to stay woke

The signs as Jobs

Aries: Fireman/Police Officer/ Explorer/ Engineer

Taurus: Florist/ Baker/ Chef/ Dancer

Gemini: Therapist/ Author/ Barista/ 911 Call Receiver

Cancer: Child Doctor/ Therapist / Nurse / Chef

Leo: Actor/ Presenter/ Inventor/ David Attenborough

Virgo: Doctor / Cleaner / Nurse / Mathmaticion

Libra: Journalist / Therapist / Call Receiver / Barista

Scorpio: Forensic Scientist / Detective / Policeman / Dancer

Sagittarius: Explorer / Comedian / PE teacher / TV presenter

Capricorn: CEO / office worker / agent / manager

Aquarius: Bus Driver / scientist / author / voice actor

Pisces: Voice actor / Cleaner / counsellor / ghost writer

A/N: For Gemini and Libra I ran out of ideas and I had no access to the internet and was bored so I made this and scheduled it. Since the signs are very similar anyway it kinda just happened that way lol.


“Rich and layered, deep and alternatively light and tragic, it’s the show that changed, well, everything really, about how television drama was executed. It lives on even today, as we see how the protagonists of Fox Mulder the Believer and Dana Scully the Skeptic continue to influence how characters are shaped, and the way the mythology of the show allowed for primetime television to explore new roads of storytelling. It was beautiful and asked the most human of questions regarding our existence and our beliefs, but more than anything, it was a love story in every possible regard— the love for life, the love for truth, and of course, the love for each other.”

I made a little comic out of the quote that inspired me to watch The X-Files. If anyone knows who wrote it, please let me know so I can thank them.