explorer's hall


1.) The One
“This is also inside the abandoned power plant in Budapest. It’s an impressive place, with a huge sense of scale, abandoned machinery everywhere and a strong, haunting atmosphere. I felt like I was in a science fiction movie, and wanted to create my own world.”

2.) Lost in Space
“This image is the result of 180 kilometres of off-road driving in the Kazakhstan desert, followed by 45 kilometres of walking in a highly restricted area. We arrived and there they were; two relics of the Soviet space race in a huge abandoned warehouse. It may be the single most epic scene I’ve discovered since picking up a camera.”

3.) The Lost Era
“This is the Buzludzha monument itself. I decided to explore the monument at night, defying the thick fog wrapping the mountain, to experience a close encounter of the third kind!”

4.) The Mothership
“Linnahall is a former concert hall in Tallinn, Estonia. With a two minute exposure, I could reveal the architecture of the place, which otherwise sat in darkness. To me, it almost looks like a spaceship.”

5.) High Frequency
“This picture was taken in a disused experimental power facility near Moscow, which was closely guarded by half a dozen dogs. After a little persuasive discussion, the caretaker let us in.”

6.) Time Capsule
“In Budapest, I also explored this derelict train graveyard. Located in the middle of an active train depot, I felt like a child escaping reality to walk for a few hours in an imagined world of steel monsters.”

7.) Don’t Fall
“This is a strange structure I found near Sofia, in Bulgaria. The building seemed to be pulling me in. With this image, I wanted to express something impossible, like the work of Escher.”


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Wonderful photos! The second is a cropped version of the first to zoom in on the principals. The last two I wanted to share because I love the architect of old buildings. I could stare at them and explore their halls for hours!

hello pals 

so like when I went to Paris (see above) I am leaving again for a week and will not be updating Tumblr - for real time updates of my adventures pls follow the gram https://www.instagram.com/_yungsamosa/


V I S A G E || Kickstarter Alpha Gameplay 

Uncertainty is the root of all fear…
Wander across the halls, explore each room and every corner of the house in search of an escape route. Uncertainty will keep you on toes as you explore the creeky and noisy house and each crack, each silent breath from a window and each small event will drag you closer to death.

You are not alone…
Fear is your worst enemy, dark entities are attracted to it. Remain calm and escape terror at all cost, or you will come to realize the distant moanings coming from farther in the house aren’t so distant after all.

History is never forgotten…
Many terrible things happened in this house. Brutality and violence stain every room, telling stories of a dark past, unveiling the truth behind the curtain. A truth so disturbing you wish you could join the families that died there years ago, but even death won’t help you leave this dreadful place.

The many faces of death…
What would you become if you couldn’t even recognize yourself in the mirror? Each death has its visage. How will you face them?