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what do you get when you combine @kickthepj videos and staying home because of a really high fever? this shit. my interpretation of the god tier look


Happy flufie Friday ;) or… happy screenshot-flufie….? :) This was when I was in Norway… I know I have said the many many times. but gosh that really is a beautiful country.. I have always been a nature lover, so it was a perfect place for me, I hope to go there again this summerR

No, I’m not trying to chase you
Nor will I try and stop you
I’m revealing all my demons,
showing you my darkest sides
But not in hope for you to guide me to light
I’m trying to see if you care enough
to open the sealed doors and explore the darkness inside of me
No, I’m not trying to chase you away
I’m just showing you all my broken fragments
And daring you to stay
—  Excerpt from my diary// will you stay?

Even + New Found Friendships in S3