since i’ve gotten about 16k new followers this week i thought i’d make a post to sort of introduce myself!

1. name: oliver
2. birthday: february 4th
3. favorite color: blue
4. lucky number:  4!!!
5. height: 5′7-8
6. shoe size: men’s 8
7. star sign: aquarius

1. If your house was on fire and you had 60 seconds to leave, what would you take with you: my dog and my shoebox of sentimental junk
2. do you blush easily: oh god yeah, i hate it
3. ever broken a bone before: yeah, my wrist and collarbone while skiing!
4. your first word: kitty
5. languages you can speak: english and french
6. are you single: yeah
7. any siblings: two brothers - one older and one younger


1. last dream you remember: i was dating some guy who was the new member of one direction and he lived right up the street from me and always texted me back fast, like SCARY fast and this was a pretty chill dream usually they’re a lot weirder lmao
2. can you juggle: not well…
3. art/sports/both: definitely more arts but sports are p great too sometimes
4. do you like writing: yes! i like to think i’m fairly good at it too
5. do you like dancing: love it
6. do you like singing: all the time, especially in the shower7. do you play an instrument: i play guitar and i used to play piano really well too
8. are you flexible: i’m pretty flexible! i can put my foot behind my head B)
9. can you swim: yeah i love swimming
10. a strange talent you have: i can touch my nose with my tongue?? oh and i have really good control over my eyebrows like those kids from that cadbury commercial


1. dream vacation: either somewhere tropical to relax or somewhere like paris or japan to explore
3. dream guy/gal: someone i can talk to easily and makes me laugh a lot
4. dream wedding: idk how i feel about marriage but if i ever got married it would be lord of the rings themed7
5. dream pet: 4738 weird dogs
6. dream job: dream job: sfx makeup artist, ie exactly what i’m going to be going to school for! (i’ve already been accepted and i start in january!)
7. favourite food: sushi
8. favourite drink: fruit smoothies or tea/coffee

1. favourite song: currently feeling myself by nicki minaj ft. beyonce (my fav song changes every 5 seconds tho)
2. favourite album: pink print - nicki minaj
3. favourite artist: don’ t  make me ch o ose…..
4. last song you heard on the radio: i don’t listen to the radio but the last song i heard was lose yourself to dance by daft punk


1. guys/girls/both: both but more often guys or nb people
2. hair colour: black or blond?? doesn’t rly matter tbh
3. eye colour: i looove deep brown eyes and really light blue eyes
4. humorous/serious: a little bit of both, gotta have balance
5. taller/shorter: taller boys, shorter girls, any height nbs
6. biggest turn-off: poor hygiene or rudeness
7. biggest turn-on: nice smile/cute laugh