When you read this the dawn will have already broken. As I gaze upon the night time sky my heart shimmers like the stars and my thoughts drift toward the ocean. Deep sea.
Why have we not fully explored every crevice of our oceans’ floor? We have pictures of Pluto. We walk in space. Why not the ocean floor? If we can send someone say seven miles up shouldn’t we be able to send something down seven miles? There have indeed been attempts made to reach the bottom; However, in comparison to our knowledge of space our ocean floor remains relatively unknown to us. Why? I think I know.
When we look up we see shiny things. When we look down we see monsters that eat us. Wow. There may be symbolism in life. We venture out and explore and travel and party and learn and smoke and pray and live. Isn’t life fabulous? Yeah, but what about our ocean floor? What about our deepest thoughts and feelings? Do we dare look down deep and find our monsters?
On to the point. We are all here on this thin crust with space above and the depths below. I believe we all walk a straight and narrow line together. So, collect all your shiny things but don’t forget to explore your depths. As for science… Well, I guess it’s up to us. Unfathomable.

Art by @keannation words and photo by yours truly.

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