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Moana Inspired Prompts!

Because Mod Karissa saw it in the past week and can’t sleep at the moment! omg it was so amazing it’s literally tied with my ALLTIME favourite disney movie and then lin-manuel miranda just ahhhhhhh

(please keep in mind that these are inspired by the movie so they don’t necessarily fall within the cultural lines that the movie uses)

  • I’m a god/goddess and you (a demigod) keep stealing my stuff for the humans to use stOP THAT

  • I’m a god/goddess and my stuff was stolen and while you technically can’t interfere with people to get it back, you chose a champion to get it back for me

  • I’m next in line as chief but really, can’t we just give it to my younger sibling? They want it more anyways hey friend help me look like a bad chief but not too bad

  • I’m a demigod and I keep stealing your stuff and giving it to humans but I really just keep using it as an excuse to see you; you never noticed me otherwise

  • mermaid/man wanting to visit the land and person wanting to see the water and just. breaking rules to talk to each other and talk about the different cultures

  • explorer coming to an isolated island and the person wanting to travel being completely enamored with them

  • I wanted to travel on the sea so bad but i’m drowning in a bad storm and now you, the god/goddess of the sea takes pity on me and rescues me personally
Progressed Mercury

I am going to talk about progressed Mercury! Progressed planets are mostly useful for predictive astrology and helps show how you’ve grown in certain aspects of your life. Progressed planets are when your planet(s) actually moves through the signs, houses, or other natal planets. Progressed Mercury rules over communication, learning, and decision making. There are many sites out there that can draw up a progressed chart for you! 

Progressed Aries Mercury: This is a time in your life where you feel most outgoing and expressive. You might find new empowerment and bravery towards communication. You have a LOT of energy to burn towards education, decision making, and ideas. This is a promising time for a fresh start.

Progressed Taurus Mercury: You are more patient and reserved with communication. There is a huge focus on slow decision making. This is a good time to reflect on your values, self-esteem, wants, and needs. You might be more practical with learning and decision making during this time period.

Progressed Gemini Mercury: A lot is going to be happening in the realm of the mind, communication, learning, and decision making! You might find yourself more social, talkative, persuasive, but also scattered in your communication. While you might trip up and become unfocused occasionally this is a great time to hone your communicative skills. You will have a more restless mind, can develop wit or more humor, and you’ll desire a LOT of interaction with others.  This is a promising time for learning. You will have a thirst for knowledge and can retain information easier. This is one of the best times to make new friends and connections.

Progressed Cancer Mercury: This period has a huge focus on learning to express yourself emotionally. Long-standing issues can be resolved. You can be extra sensitive during this time when communicating with others. Making new friends/lovers is slowed down unless they help uncover an emotional challenge you’re solving. Be careful of getting stuck on memories or creating grudges during this time period.

Progressed Leo Mercury: This is a promising time for self-expression on a creative, empowering, or confident level. You speak your mind now. You have faith in yourself and identity and have a desire to show people more of YOU. This is a period of time where you come out with traits/aspects about yourself to the world. You have a confident approach towards decision making and you find ways to make learning fun.

Progressed Virgo Mercury: This is a good time for education and honing in on your talents and learning style. You are likely practical but also cooperative and efficient in your communication right now. You make good impressions and understand how to better communicate in a polite way. Watch out for self-criticism!

Progressed Libra Mercury: Here is a good time to better understand yourself and others. Learning is done more so via people/relationships. You are honing your communication skills and maintaining relationships. You might meet new lifelong friends or lovers during this time. Connections and relationships are key right now.

Progressed Scorpio Mercury: You are likely much more reserved, introspective, and possibly socially isolated at times right now. Decision making is intense, slower, and complicated. Communication is focused on the deeper side of things. Your communication is geared towards emotional expression, helping others, and communicating with your inner self. Learning can be distracted by trials and deep thought.

Progressed Sagittarius Mercury: Here is a time of exploration and newness! New friends, going back to school, and exploring other cultures/beliefs will be happening now. This is a time for freedom in your communication and learning. You feel lighter and speak with more optimism. You can be highly impulsive and adventurous in your decision making.

Progressed Capricorn Mercury: You are more rational and methodical in communication. You are reserved with self-expression via emotions. Your communication style is serious now and your decisions calculated and practical. This is a good time for judgment and planning but also watch out for negativity, doubt, and blocked feelings.

Progressed Aquarius Mercury: Your communication style is charismatic but maybe detached. You make friends easily but not closer relations. Your decision making process is on a big-picture scale and more innovative. This is a great time for ideas. You might discover new subjects you want to explore, your thinking/perspective is likely changed too. Just want to emphasize the change in your thinking during this time! 

Progressed Pisces Mercury: You might become more reclusive and lost in your imagination/mind during this time. A lot of your decision making is fueled by emotions and a desire for escapism. This is a good time to explore your imagination but you can easily get detached from reality.

Love for the Signs
  • Aries: You try so hard to show your bulletproof vest to the world, but why is it every time they shoot, you bleed? Sweet Aries, you keep tying yourself to the train tracks without telling anyone, but whenever that train comes, your noble heart is crushed under insecurities' wheels. You'd rather watch yourself bleed out than ask from a giving hand. Your heart is too pure and your intentions are too raw to hide from others. Dear Aries, you are worthy of vulnerability. Exposing yourself to others does not and will not make you weak. It can only give you power.
  • Taurus: My sweet, dear Taurus, you are radiant in your glow and the person who ever told you otherwise is a damned liar. You pick their words off of sunflowers and dress yourself in their pedals, but Taurus you must let yourself see the flower as a whole. You sew the vibrant pieces to your heart without realizing that half the flower is already dead and now you are attached to something that no longer has life. You thrive in the grandeur of nature and having death fastened to your insides drains your once fluorescent glow. Something you once thought was so right, is now wrong. Admitting your faults will only let your heart breathe.
  • Gemini: Oh, the vivacity of life you hold within you my exuberant Gemini. You live two lives at once, you're a stimulated bolt of youth while simultaneously being a fallen heart always one finger away from an anxiety attack. Sometimes my dear, we can't see you with your forged facade. Do you even know which face you may wear today? It's an unconscious action, you feel both sides so you are able to be both sides at once and the others call your blasphemies. My dear, stop trying to suppress half of yourself in order to accommodate to their needs. Love both sides, then you may feel whole.
  • Cancer: My darling Cancer, are you still in bed holding your chest waiting for them by your window? You stand at the corner of their hearts holding a sign for hire "needed to be needed, loved to be loved" but didn't anyone ever tell you no one will ever love you as much as you do? If you move your hand from your chest, i promise you darling your heart will not fall, it can only grow. Your empty spots are not fatalistic, they are opportunities to be filled with the daises you picked from your garden. So let go sweet Cancer, let go and let in the fresh air of your beautiful aspirations.
  • Leo: I love to watch you paint as you delicately carve your love into trees you wish to lay under. You dream of peace but only seem to land on a pile of stressful need. Your heart is too big for them my sweet Leo, your heart is too pure and genuine that it often consumes you. They call you prideful but don't they know its because you already gave your heart to them and watched them squeeze its evergreen beauty? Your pride is not bad nor is it rotten or grim, it is an example of your standards. They broke your heart once and you'd be a fool to let them break it twice. Hold your head up high dear Leo, but remember to look down every now and then.
  • Virgo: You order ORDER itself and when it doesn't listen to you, you deteriorate into shambles. All you ever wanted was to help the ones you love, to give guidance for those who can't see past their eyes. Your detailed eye does not go unseen and your hidden heart will not go unfelt. You are the face of sacrifice, genuine in your quest for perfection but you must realize that you do not have to suffer. My sweet Virgo, you've come to know many lovers but have yet to know yourself. The ocean may seem infinite but you are far from the bottom, you may use your thoughts to drown yourself or you may use them to float. Your Mondays handwork with a heart full of integritY, but please my beautiful Virgo, let yourself breathe and enjoy the release of a Friday afternoon.
  • Libra: Dressed in black and red stained lips, you are lady lust herself playing both sides through stolen sips of wine. You hand out pieces of your heart in perfume masked gift baskets and then at night you hold yourself and wonder why you feel so empty. You have an exquisite soul my dear Libra, but you must stop walking around in the graveyards at night, trying to bury your feelings won't keep them from coming back alive. You fell in love with love itself and now the queen of the equilibrium can no longer keep balance. Sweet Libra, you are worthy of a voice but you must first speak to be heard. Stop using others affection for you as a measure of your worthiness, you must sit in silence and wait for what you cannot change.
  • Scorpio: Oh my dear Scorpio, how long has it been since you felt secure? Your jealous rampages are the result of your fractured loyalties and now when you do hold trust they often crush it in your hand and you're left to watch it fall through your fingers. You cannot manipulate another to love you. You are not tongue tied, you are delicately planned words with secret intentions hunting the truth you never wanted to know. My beautiful Scorpio, you must realize when to let yourself be. You haunt yourself with the action of others, but what they did to you does not define you, and it will no longer control you. The clever mind of a Scorpio shall not be wasted on the weak willed.
  • Sagittarius: The adventurous Sagittarius, which walks of life have you danced with today? You sing with the stories of tomorrow and live with the spontaneity of today, but you must realize that life is painted many different tones; it's wingspread freedom, but it's also storms of serious. Honesty is a virtue that we all thank you for, but my dear Sagittarius the integrity of others is not a joke you can recklessly play with. You are the embodiment of optimism cloaked in yesterdays ambition and tomorrows hope, you are beautiful in your wisdom. But life must be taken from all sights, you are the king of experiences, so dearest Sag, let yourself experience your emotions.
  • Capricorn: My dear Capricorn, you are grand in your restless hunger for the mountains peak. Rushing up the mountain side, trying to make it in time for the sunrise where you wish to lay in the hands of another sipping victorious wine. And although that sunrise will be magnificent in it's symbolic accomplishment, you must realize that missing it isn't a catalyst to your defeat. Although achieving hard works ambition is glorious, your hands are now ice and your heart isolated. This fight to the top may be easier alone, but who will hold you at the end? Remember, with every sunrise there is a sunset, both are qual in their beauty.
  • Aquarius: You are a blessing to tiresome routines while dressed in fortified independence. They can call you bundles of hand me down labels, making you a character to fit into their games but you will rebel to the noise and continue your crafts. But you see my sweet Aquarius, being a voice for the good, your beautiful detachment to judgement is also your biggest hamartia. Others are attracted to the impressions you plant and grow attachments while you disengage when you feel restricted. You must realize others do not break from their emotions so easily, your actions often leave scars. Let yourself be sedated by others, having emotions run deep is fatal but my dear Aquarius, you will never feel more alive.
  • Pisces: An extravagant castle, you are the magic that lives in all of us. The purity of your heart whispers divine compassion, constantly giving love to passing creatures. You live with not only your emotions, but you hold the hurt of everyone around you, you feel their tales of travesties. And my dear Pisces, when all you can do is feel floods of yours and others hurricanes, you escape back to your castle with locked gates. But my sweet Pisces, you must understand that you cannot live in that castle, you cannot wash away ruthless pain with sun dried whiskey and vindictive vodka. Your creative soul is magnificent, so never stop drawing your castle, never stop exploring the depths of your imagination, never stop having empathy, but you can't stop living.
Climax of the Storm

Request: can i request a winwin smut pls i don’t care what it’s about but make him super dominant hehe thank u😄💕

Member: WinWin

Genre: Smut

Song: Mood Setter 

Note: Will I ever stop uploading when no one is awake? Find out next week on probably not. umm but I seriously think I’m getting better at smut like it still needs a lot of improvement but…I didn’t feel weird writing this one? Also, you said super dominant so, I tried!

“Here Y/A. You can sleep in my shirt for tonight.”

You looked up from watching the ending credits of the movie roll. Johnny was smiling down at you with one of his tee’s in his hand. You stood up from the couch and took the shirt from him while returning the smile.

“Thanks Johnny. I’m sorry to bother you. I really would’ve just been fine sleeping in what I’m in.”

He put his hand on your back and guided you towards the bathroom.

“Are you kidding? You would have been so uncomfortable in your jeans. Go ahead and get changed. You’re sleeping in WinWin’s bed right?”

You turned the knob of the bathroom while looking back at Johnny while briefly thinking of your best friend and his offer for you to sleep in his bed tonight.

“Yeah, he said I can sleep in his bed and he’ll sleep in Taeil’s since Taeil is at his girlfriend’s tonight.”

“Ok, cool. I’ll go help WinWin tidy up, his side is always a little messy.”

“Ok, thanks again!”

You entered the bathroom and changed into the shirt Johnny had loaned you. Due to his taller and more muscular stature, the shirt did hang very loosely on your body yet only stopped slightly above your bottom. You were starting to wish you had asked for some shorts but you figured you would be fine since you were going straight to bed anyway. You gave yourself one more onceover in the mirror and beelined for WinWin’s room. When you entered you saw WinWin and Johnny making the room a little more presentable for you, both of their backs turned towards you. You chuckled at their speed cleaning, as if you were their mother who had just returned home and they were trying to finish forgotten chores.

“Guys, you don’t have to make the room spotless. It’s just me, and besides my stay is unexpected,” you said motioning towards the thunder,  heavy rain, and lightning outside. Due to the bad weather, you and the other few members scattered around had decided it would be safer to just stay over at the dorm after your movie night together. That’s why you were now spending the night in your best friend’s Sicheng’s room with him.

They both turned towards you at the sound of your voice. You were expecting a response but all you received was two pairs of eyes dragging up and down your body. One boy seemed shocked and the other seemed oddly satisfied.

“Y/A. Whose shirt is that?”

You looked down at the shirt, tugging at it slightly to cover more of your thighs. You looked back up at WinWin and wordlessly pointed at Johnny with a blank stare on your face.

Johnny quirked an eyebrow and smirked while looking at WinWin.

“Why? Isn’t she cute in it?”

“I-I mean yeah but…I was going to give her my shirt,” WinWin answered under his breath. He looked away from you both and sat down on Taeil’s bed.

Johnny looked back at you and smiled.

“Well, I guess I’m gonna try and get some sleep now. This storm is so loud tonight but at least I won’t be able to hear much of Mark’s snoring. Goodnight Y/A!”

He brushed past you and pat your head on his way out. Once he left, you shut the door and scurried over to plop down next to Sicheng. He was absent mindlessly scrolling through his phone but as soon as he felt your side pressed against his you could feel him stiffen, causing worry to spread across your face.

“Are you ok Sicheng?”

He put his phone down and shifted slightly away from you.

“Yeah. I’m fine I just-the um storm! The storm has me a bit…distracted.”

You watched as his eyes trailed down your exposed legs and back up until you made eye contact once again. He gulped as he realized he had just been caught checking you out. He shifted again but this time you followed him and leaned into his side until he was almost hanging off the edge of the bed. Your own eyes trailed his lean figure adorned in basketball shorts and a hoodie. He gripped the bed sheets to keep from falling off as he leaned out of your reach. You began to back away so that he could sit comfortably. Once his guard was down again, you chuckled and placed your hand on his knee. You both watched your hand stroke his leg softly until you spoke once again to catch his attention.

“Sicheng, you aren’t nervous because of me, are you?”

You looked into his widened eyes and waited for a response. He licked his lips nervously, unsure of how to respond. His attractive best friend was flirting with him. Although, it would have been a lot easier to enjoy if you weren’t wearing another guy’s shirt. He was already beginning to get lost in dirty thoughts while he admired your body that was still leaning further towards him. Somehow, despite the baggy shirt you were in, he could still see the image of your body outline. He wanted to reach out and give into you but he wasn’t even sure on where he would begin or what he would do. Sure, he had dreamed about it often. Yet, your body was an untouchable sanctuary for the innocent Sicheng and even if you had always teased him just as you were now, he would only sit and imagine exploring your waiting body. He would never be brave enough to actually give into the tempting fruit you were offering.

He could still feel your hand stroking his knee. He pulled himself from his thoughts and slapped your hand away. He gently pushed you away until some space was put between you two once again. You would’ve loved to hear his response but you figured you had done enough teasing for the night as he avoided your eyes.

“Sicheng, I’m just joking with you, ease up! You cutie.”

You gave him a friendly slap on the back, leaving him with pinkened cheeks, and hopped off the bed to turn off the light before making your way towards your own bed for the night. You pulled the blanket up to your chin and got comfortable in the bed. You looked at Sicheng who was now getting comfortable himself by taking off his hoodie to leave his upper body bare. He settled down under his own covers. The only light coming into the room was a street light that wasn’t as strong due to the heavy rain. Occasionally, some lightning far off would flash from behind the trees scattered near the window, giving you a slightly clearer view of Sicheng’s bed. You occasionally peeked at your friend to see that he was facing away from you. He was still and unmoving, so you assumed he had already fallen asleep. You turned over on your back and watched the shadows from the window reflect and scatter across the ceiling. You began to think about your day and spending time with WinWin which led you to think about your relationship with him overall.  

You thought of all the times you had teased him just as you had done a few minutes before. You didn’t know why you did that. You used to think it was just because you liked seeing the cute and flustered reactions that Sicheng would give. A part of you knew it was a little something more. It was the small yet burning desire of him to stand up for himself and tease you for once. Make you feel hot and bothered while he controlled your reactions and left you with longing. You knew it was wrong to want to change your best friend with lust filled intentions behind your actions but you really couldn’t help yourself. He was just so submissive and you couldn’t help imagining what it would be like if he was more authoritative with you and only you. You peeked at Sicheng one more time before sighing at your ridiculous thoughts of a dominant Sicheng.

I must be really tired to be thinking about a possibility like that. I’m going to sleep.

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cloud9cloud9cloud  asked:

PLEASE HELP PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU!! I'm a new (and struggling) writer. I enjoy writing fantasy! So I have a couple questions I really want to create a new creature/race of people. I want to create a world but I'm have trouble getting inspired. How can I get inspired and open my mind to creativity? Also final question: can i write wizarding books too? Or should that be left to JK Rowling? I feel like people will hate me if I create a new wizard world. I know that's dumb but I'm scared THANK YOU


The most important is realizing that you are in a constant state of creativity. It may sound strange, but there’s no inside or outside of a box, there’s no muse, or insight that relies on exterior forces. You are a creator. You create. You are creative. You are the most important source of ideas. No one in the world has the same ones as you, and this is creation. 

So, don’t worry about opening your mind or getting inspired. Instead, look for inspiration inside your mind. Here are a few exercises for exploring your mind:

- Rewatch favorite movies from your childhood

- Take a walk on a park, just you and the nature

- Make a list of themes and imagery you enjoy on a story

- As soon as you wake up, write down the dream you just had

- Meditate, imagine yourself exploring fictional places

- Imagine your character helping you as you cook, work, study…

- Play simulation games

- Read a book from another genre

- Watch a movie from another genre

- Make a list of things you find beautiful and things you are scared of

Your fictional creature/race is inside of you, waiting to be written.

Of course you can create a wizard. You can write anything. Many readers out there are expecting new wizards and new wizardry stories to be published. Wizards are not JK Rowling’s property, just like vampires are not Bram Stoker’s property, robots are not Issac Asimov’s property, and starcrossed lovers are not Shakespeare’s property. These are storytelling property, and storytelling belongs to everyone. We are storytellers by nature.

Write what makes you excited. If wizards get you all excited to start, then, go for it.  

Here’s my advice to young writers okay.

Just do it.

Write all the bad stories, every self indulgent story, write everything. One day, you might look back on it and hate it, all writers have that, but it keeps you writing, keeps you exploring. I know I wouldn’t be where I am as a writer now if it weren’t for the terrible writing I did when I was 12, 13, 14 etc.

Just explore your imagination, and explore stories and worlds and characters. It might turn out terrible, but who cares. Just keep writing, and keep loving it.

anonymous asked:

I am a new writer and I'm really shy. I have a full written story sitting in my drafts. Any advice?

Hello, new friend and welcome to the world of writing. Would you like a cup of tea?

I’m going to bullet point what I can think of as the best and kinda most beneficial advice, I can give to you.

  • Write for you. This is something a lot of writers tend to forget as they get a bit more popular and get a few more followers etc. But, please, do not allow yourself to be swayed by others. Do not let anyone dictate how you write your stories. It’s nice to have readers and to get recognition but do not bend to others. You write stories how you want to write them. That is key. Always, always remember that one. For your own benefit, moreso.
  • Don’t force yourself to write things. This is similar to the above but what I mean is, if you’ve promised 3 written things, don’t force it. There will come times when you will get serious writers block and it is not fun. It’s frustrating and you go through a bunch of lame emotions because of this mental block on the creative side of your brain. Don’t worry. All writers get this and it happens a hell of a lot more than people think it does. You could be midsentence and get writers block. But, there are hundreds and hundreds of writers out there that you can vent to and who understand your pain.
  • Writers block is the evil incarnate. (Just to really emphasize that bullshit thing that happens now and again.)
  • When you post a story, you might not get reviews immediately; especially if you are writing for a fandom that isn’t that popular or as active anymore. Like, the fans would have dwindled a little. Fanbases aren’t always as huge as others. The thing to remember though is that reviews do not make the story. They are great to receive, a smile lights up my face when I get an email saying I’ve got a new review. There’s no denying that. But, they are not everything. So, don’t be disheartened if you aren’t immediately getting flooded with reviews and comments. It does not mean you are a bad writer or anything akin to that; it’s purely because reviews aren’t always given which is a shame but you gotta make do, ya know? It’s frustrating to have people reading your story and not actually comment about it but that is, unfortunately just how it is sometimes. But, main thing to remember, it doesn’t mean a thing so don’t overanalyse not getting a string of reviews.
  • Once you have a respectable band of followers and readers, don’t lose your head. There are many writers out there, whether they mean to or not, that get to a stage where they feel, ‘accomplished’ and ‘superior’ to others. Avoid this at all costs. It makes a shitty person. If you’re like on your game and on a roll, then by all means, revel in that. Be happy. However, don’t shun new writers or don’t be mean to new writers or anything like that because it does happen. People do do this kinda thing and it’s just not very nice. Always respect fellow authors. No one is better or worse than anyone else. Everyone has different styles and different methods in what they write. It’s all about the respect in this game. I guess, just never be a douche for no reason, ya know?
  • Adding onto that one, after reaching a stage where you feel pretty in there with writing where you feel able to give advice and like you know a thing or two, help other authors out. It can be very hard to start writing. You’re effectively working hard on something only for it to be essentially judged by others. So, always be nice to other authors. Help them out. Offer praise. Offer criticism. Offer advice. Offer tips. Anything to help them improve themselves, get on in there. The smallest compliment or comment can make an author’s day. So, just kinda be there for other authors. Gotta have each other’s backs. <3
  • Do not be afraid to put yourself out there for the world to see. You’re creative; you want to write and be a storyteller. Do not let anyone stop you from doing that. Take that leap of faith and post your stories because really, when you think about it rationally, what is the worst that can happen? Not a lot. It’s always worth a try, just to see how it feels, you know? I suggest always at least posting something. You don’t have to go and be a full fledged, stick to a schedule writer but do at least have a go. If you have that inside of you, the desire to write and create, don’t let it be quenched without really going for it first. Don’t be afraid. There are nice people out there and we do not bite, nor are we malicious about new writers. Promise.
  • Off the back of that, there are some downers in writing. Salty people and haters are a thing. These pathetic people do exist and can be disheartening. They can make you feel crappy but you’ve just gotta pick yourself and think, “Fuck you. I don’t even know you so I’m not gonna let your rude words get to me.”. There are some people who will complain because a story isn’t being written the way they think it should be or they see fit. There are some who will leave hate because they don’t agree with your romantic pairing or something. There are some who will leave hate because they are jealous of your abilities, plain and simple. There are some who are oh-so sure they can do it better than you. You’ve got to take these numpties with a pinch of salt. It’s what makes positive comments and reviews so much sweeter when you get them through. These people are vermin and purely strive to make you feel bad about yourself because they have nothing better to do. So, if you get those, just shrug them off and laugh, because they’re not worth stressing over.
  • Recap; nasty comments and reviews mean nothing. They do not change anything. Don’t let them get to you; as hard as it can be. You gotta keep believing in your skills and realise, “Actually, I’m a badass writer so screw you haters.” And that is that.
  • Be open to criticism. Hate is not to be confused with criticism. It will serve you well to be open to criticism. Having someone point out your flaws will help you in the long run. Sometimes, it might come across like you’re being attacked or something but honestly, they’re not trying to do that. People will comment with things you could possibly do better. Doesn’t necessarily mean they’re right but they’re always something to consider. If you aren’t happy with their criticism, then politely thank them but don’t change yourself. Just be aware and be open to criticism because some people will give it without even being asked. But, that’s just people’s way of trying to be helpful sometimes.
  • Engage with your readers. Some of the nicest people end up being your story readers. There are so many lovely humans out there who take the time to review and gush over how your story connected with them. These gems are not to be ignored. Remember, it’s give and take. If you post something and there are people responding, especially with comments, then they deserve a private message or at least a thank you somewhere along the lines. It’s so nice to interact with your readers because some of them are so damn into your stories and it’s so heart-warming to see. Always remember the good’uns. They’re special ones.
  • Talk with other people in your fandom. Make some friends; so easy to do once you’re contributing to the fandom and chatting about a mutual love of it. I know you’ve mentioned you’re shy and that’s okay. Just remember, it’s through a screen and nothing can physically harm you from taking that jump and getting your work out there. You’ll be okay. But, making some internet pals really helps not only your exposure but also your confidence. I personally love my little circle of mutuals and friends on here because they’re so damn supportive and it’s so comforting to know they have your back. Writers really tend to rally around other writer friends. When you post, they’re just so good and helpful. They guide you in your strengths and weakness’ and they reblog and kinda get the word out there for you. It’s so lovely to have people like that and you honestly, will make internet pals in no time at all. All you’ve gotta do is step out of that comfort zone a teeny bit at a time and you’ll be alright.
  • Take some time to read through old work of some of your favourite authors or some kinda high up there authors within your fandom. Do this so you can see that even the best have had to work hard to get to where they are now. Practice is key and dedication to writing is your priority. This helps to understand that it isn’t instant; people reading and loving your pieces of writing. It does take time but its a fun journey to get there. Jheez, I can still remember my very first written piece. It’s actually still on my deviant art account and it was a Bakugan oneshot and it is atrocious like it makes me cringe so much. But, you know what? I keep it there to remind myself of how far I’ve come since then and how much my skills have improved. Always know your worth and never sell yourself short. That is important.
  • Lastly… Have fun. Writing is a fun medium; a great hobby that really lets your explore your creativity and imagination. Don’t get swept up into this “writing for likes or favourites or reviews” mind-set. That’s not what it is about. You’ve got to write because you love to write. If there’s no heart and no soul in your stories, then what’s the point? Also, have fun because at the end of the day, it’s something to do as a hobby or in your free time to relax. Fanfiction for example, it’s not a job like we do not get paid to write chapters on the clock so never stress; go at your own pace and write for yourself. Always.

Hope this mega long response helps. Happy writing and don’t be afraid. Be brave! <3

The Rite of the Other Self

*the following is a formal offertory ritual of sacrifice to the Familiar Spirit/Daemon Lover/Fetch Mate/ etc.*

   The concept of the Familiar Spirit is not a new one to that of modern (traditional) witchcraft. In my particular worldview, the Familiar Spirit or “Daemon Lover” is a similar aspect to the Higher Self or Holy Guardian Angel. It is part of us and yet separate because it is wholly Divine and Eternal (the Black Soul of my three-soul model). The ritual below is a way of calling forth this being and offering it some of your energy (in the form of enflamed breath) as a gift to this teaching spirit.

   Lay your Compass, and evoking Oudeira and Adraxen. Once the space is prepared turn the Arte of Prime to purify your body and aura. Next turn the Arte of the First Flame. Lighting the way for both the Other and yourself. Now you shall call on the aid of two of the gods of the Stardust Compass to empower you and this rite.

  “Hail and welcome, Ka'Herin Ta'al, Ze of the Crossroads Key! Stander at the Crossroads of the Worlds, holder of the Key, Blade, and Torch. Stand before me and behind me, within me and without. Watch over me and empower this rite. Az'ooul Ka'chem, Ka'herin Ta'al." 

  "Hail and welcome, Ka’ Braeh Zet as Breah Eruna, Ze of sex, blood, love, and lust! Let me don your Mask of Flesh and Blood. Fill and enflame me oh great Scarlet Beast! Az'ooul Ka'chem, Braeh Eruna.”

 Now take your ritual mask and seat it either upon the stang, or infront of the First Flame (I would only really do that if the flame itself is encased, fire hazards are not fun). Stare into the eyes if the mask and see the eyes of your Familiar looking back at you. Breathe your breath into the “mouth” of the mask, call zer name. 

  “Come _____, come to me now. I give this gift to you. Take the breath of pleasure from my lips, may it sustain and warm you.”

   Now, with the aid if Ka'braeh Zet as Braeh Eruna, raise and fill yourself with sensual energy. If it helps, pleasure yourself, but slowly and lovingly. Explore your body, imagining it is not your hands but the hands of your Daemon Lover. When you feel the moment is right, place your lips upon the mouth of the mask, as though you are gently kissing a loved one and and send forth the fire with one final breath. When all is said and done, dismiss all entities in the proper way and do something mundane to ground yourself. I found this rite to be very powerful and potent and needed a return to “normal” life after. The repeated use of this ritual will help strengthen the bond between you and the Other Self. Eventually they will come to you and through a symbolic union, transfer fiery gnosis to you.  

  Az'ooul Ka'chem fellow Wanderers.

kyber-hearts24  asked:

Hi Kylo! For a while now, I've wanted to make a fan game for Mark, but I'm almost too afraid to start anything. First off, I'm not a game designer (I'm an engineer), so I have no clue what I'd be getting into/what is needed. Second, I'm afraid of not being able to create a story/idea that Mark would enjoy. Any thoughts? Thanks! Also, the things you create are so beautiful. I love seeing them everyday!!

don’t be afraid to start something, sweetheart! if you wanna make a fan game, then by golly you totally should! i don’t know anything about game design myself, but my best bet would be to look around online for tutorials and game design creators. google would certainly be your friend with this.

as for stories, explore your imagination! your game can be about literally anything you want. if you’re still drawing up blanks, check out other fangames or other video games in general! don’t copy them word for word per se, but just enough that you can get some inspiration from them.

it could be a horror game! or an rpg game! first person! point and click! platformer! anything like that! 💛

Well, i don’t have any problem with someone else OTP like you can ship anyone you want, you can explore your imagination and creativity, i will never judge you, i will be on your side. Unless you ship someone from my OTP with someone else.

Tomorrow is Pocky Day in Japanese !! (*´▽`*) (11.11) Here’s an open collab that you could do with me! Feel free to draw any characters, oc, etc for Bonbon / Toy Fred’s partner :3

Download the .psd file here -
★ Dont remove my watermark
★ tag me / tag your post as #fredbonpoki so I can see it!
★ you can change their expression and add anything explore your imagination uvu!
★ Enjoy!! And eat pocky ♡


anonymous asked:

Can you write a very explicit poem describing what your going to explore on that special lady...

Dear Special Lady,

I intend to explore the longevity of your intellectual capacity, to explore the worlds of your imagination, and to voyage down the paths of your intimate ways, 

I intend to take a journey, to take a journey not just past the beauty of your exterior but to journey in and out veins,
I want to experience the energy that flows through you your heart and back,
I want to explore your thoughts, I want to know what makes you laugh and cry, but most importantly though,

I want to feel what it’s like to fuck you, before you fuck me, over

I want to know when is enough has become too much for you to handle, ya know, they say there are some things that some people can’t deal with, well will you let me know, I want to oversee these things now, to save us both the misery

cause how else would we know if we should make this things work, but
oh special lady,
I want to explore the longevity of your intellect, to journey through your imagination,
but what I am really trying to do though,

is to fuck you,
before you…
got me fucked up.


Hey I loved your stranded on an island idea! Can you do one with Pietro Maximoff from age of ultron? -Requested by anon

All Stranded Series posts

It was day two of being stuck on the island with Pietro ever since your jet broke down.

You yawned and stretched yours arms as you sat up in your makeshift bed. It was really just a pile of palm leaves on a lump of sand, but you made it work. The sound of the ocean’s waves hitting the beach was so monotonous that you almost wanted to fall back asleep. Everything was so peaceful.

Of course, right when you thought that a silver blur dashed across the beach, heading straight for you. You didn’t have enough time to throw your arms up in defense as the blur stopped suddenly, kicking up a dust storm of sand. It landed all over you.

“P-Pietro!” you stuttered, trying not to swallow the stuff. You spit a few grains out of your mouth (gross!). “A little warning next time?”

“Oops. I forgot,” he apologised. Then his mouth broke into a wide grin. “But I’m glad you’re finally awake. Guess what I took the time to make!” He held up a length of vine that had been braided and twisted, forming a sort of necklace. Little seashells hung from it decoratively. There was a similar one looped through his arm.

You started at him. “What is that?”

“It’s a seashell crown!” he replied. He handed one to you and took the one around his arm and placed it atop his silvery hair. “I made one for myself, too! Well?” He raised his eyebrows and looked at you eagerly, waiting for your reaction.

It was adorable, you had to admit. You took yours (first shaking out the sand in your hair) and put it on your head so that you were matching. “It’s cute, but why?”

Pietro blinked, like he didn’t understand the question. “Why? Why not? I mean, we’re probably the first ones on this island. So we’re in charge! We’re like royalty, if you please. Why not make ourselves feel special?”

You laughed lightheartedly. “Sure, but it’s too bad we don’t have any royal subjects to do our bidding. Like find us a way off this island, for instance.”

Pietro waved you off. “Ah, don’t worry, (y/n). While you were sleeping I spelled out ‘S.O.S.’ with rocks over there.” He pointed behind you to the far side of the beach. Sure enough, the three letters were there. “Someone will find us eventually; I think we’re somewhere near Taiwan. But let’s not worry about that for now!” He grinned again and did a mock bow. “I believe we have an island to explore, Your Majesty!”