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Tips for Writing Romance from A Passionate Defender of the Genre

Here’s the thing: romance is not inherently interesting.

It’s not automatically compelling.

Romance is one of the hardest things to write, but if you’re clever and careful and pay attention, romance can also be one of the most powerful tools a writer can wield. Not only because love is a powerful and complex emotion worthy of exploration—although it is that—but because romance can function as plot, conflict, character motivation, development, world-building, etc. It can do so much heavy lifting for you, and in a way that is engaging, evocative, and tone-setting.

But you can’t simply cry “Love!” and wait for the applause. You gotta earn it. 

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anonymous asked:

What would you do if Liz or patty died

Bothersome thoughts emerged.    He was not ready.    He never thought about the death of his friends, least of all, Liz and Patty. Of course, he knew it was possible, but the reaper looked away.    Out living them all, what a cruel fate.    He found friends.    They would perish.     The pain that coursed through his slender form into his heart was unbearable.

Fingers curled inward, nails digging into pale flesh. He was digging hard, hard enough blood would be drawn. Yet, his expression remained the same.    How many times had children of men said he had no feelings?     So, he hid them. He hid them beneath order, pride, even balance. They were not worthy of exploration or explanation. Most of all, he didn’t want to think about them  –      the feelings.    They were not orderly, or perfect. Feelings were messy and complicated.

                             A blind golden eye was turned
The question would be dismissed.

            “What do you think I would do?    This question is bothersome.    What do most people do when those they love die? I would answer, but according to many     CHILDREN OF MEN      I do not have feelings. Since so many have deemed me to lack emotions and feelings, I elect not to answer.”