explore mun is blabbing again

((Little preview of the art style I’m working on that I’ll use on a (hopefully) Wilson RP/ask blog I’ll be making in the future. May include Nightmare Wilson/Milson in it as well, depending. c: Super excited for this, just have to practice drawing him a bit more and get his personality down pretty well. The blog will be multi-fandom and alternate universe friendly :3))

((Guuuuys! Do you realize what this is? Besides a derpy Ezreal coloured in with screen tones? This was actually my first drawn Ezreal of all time. X3 Excuse me for randomly posting but I think I’m improving :D))

((Oh, by the way, I’m about to go paint my helmet. :3 If you have questions, submissions, reminders, feel like RPing with me, contest entries… feel free to message me~))