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how i saw april 3rd going tbh

Voltron fandom: stop spamming this Danny Phantom stuff on our precious Pidge’s birthday

Voltron fandom: *getting ready to fight for their pidgeon*

Dannypandom, seasoned by more than a decade of similar shit: *glances at Pidge, sees green armor, date of birth and age*

Danny Phandom: we’re adopting


Belxari, my tiefling BardLock. 

Dog gone. Officially the best piece of art I’ve ever created oh my word it took so long. (Please full view this dang thing I’m so proud of it and Tumblr kills images.)

you know what would be an absolutely perfect game for me? If someone could squish the elements of no man’s sky, terraria, and pokemon together to create this: an exploration and discovery sandbox game where you can fly through the cosmos and run around on loads of different planets with different biomes, harvestable materials/elements, flora and fauna, and native alien species.
You can harvest from the environment to craft items for survival, and the things you get will be different on different planets. You can find and catalogue and interact with the different plants and animals (like the pokedex). Some might even be domesticated as pets or companions. And you get to interact with and learn about all sorts of cool alien cultures, some of which may be more hostile than others. Sidequests aplenty. Idk to me that sounds like everything I love to sink hours of time into