explore abandoned buildings

elvanimar  asked:

Your opinion on exploring abandoned buildings? :o ...It's sort of a trend.

Okay, I wouldn’t actually do it myself. But as someone who enjoys Ghost Adventures, I gotta say it’s kinda cool. I admire the people who actually go in there and stay the whole night just to see if they can document something. You gotta have fucking guts to do that shit.


Secluded by andre govia.
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The secret of the forest

Somebody told me: just go to this forest and look around. I was overwhelmed. An old hunting lodge stood before me. Everything had been left where it was. The laundry was still on the leash, the carriage was still standing in front of the door. Only the inhabitants were gone as if suddenly all of them had disappeared at the same time. Creepy!

  • lawful demons: at least moderately superstitious, always stays up too late, collects any objects they're drawn to
  • neutral demons: makes themselves sigils for strength/fearsomeness, loves to explore abandoned buildings to look for weird graffiti, enjoys learning about different creepy/paranormal games
  • chaotic demons: has a bunch of articles bookmarked on demons/demon summoning, loves watching demon possession horror movies, always goes to the haunted house rides at the carnival/theme park

The Mill

A lot of times I walked by this old mill and I was looking for people who could tell me something about it. Unfortunately I could not find anything. Nevertheless, I looked at it closer and was very enthusiastic about the great specialist parts and the once so rich façade. When I looked around there, I had a strange feeling all the time, as if someone was still living there. That’s why I did not stay long, just took pictures and left nothing behind!