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Emerald City

Abandoned and collapsed warehouse on Indy’s near West side.

From Abandoned Indiana, a project focusing on blight throughout Indiana.

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Sine Qua Non Photography: images by Nathanael Handlang

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Autumn Reverie by pixelmama

Character plotting/development.

My father once said to me that to succeed in your respective career, you must covet the knowledge so that management cannot replace you.

I think thats bullshit and probably why he was in the exact same job, without progressing, my whole life.

Below is some* of the things I think about when I put together my main characters. Its kinda a mish-mash of things I’ve read, heard or thought and just compiled into a document, to be copy/paste into a fresh document awaiting life to be given to it.

Some teachers say that you must be able to write 500 pages on your main characters, and that just sounds painful. I wanna write 500 pages of my manuscript thankyouverymuch.

The below, form like, questionaire would provide enough informantion to write those 500 pages, but without the hassle of writing 500 fucking pages.


But it shows in your storytelling if you dont know your characters well enough. Especially when your character descriptions and personalities remain consistant throughout your story.

You’re allowed to write “N/A” for some of these.

You’re allowed to write 4 pages of info for just one question.

You can add in photos, songs, links or reference people or anything else you may already know.

You can add or subtract any questions you like.

You can share this with your friends.

The point is, if you can answer these kinds of questions about your character, you’re probably going to have a well rounded character that has a rich complex personality and gives your story a whole extra dimension of intrigue.

Once completed, you print this sucka out and use it as reference material so you dont have to try and keep a consistant mental picture and understanding whilst trying to juggle the rest of the story telling.

Character Plot.





Marital Status:

Mothers Name:

Fathers Name:

Guardian/s Name/s:

Children/s Name/s & Age/s:

Sibling/s Name/s & Age/s:

Talents/Skills/Powers & Origins:



General Build:

Hair Colour:

Eye Colour:

Ethnic Background/ Race:

Distinguishing Physical Traits (ie, Moles, Scars, Birthmarks):

Tattoo/s and location/s:

Tattoo/s meaning/origin:



Style of Clothing:





Special Occations:


Previous Occupation/s:

Current Occupation:





Past National Identity/s:

Current National Identity:



Use of swear words:

Wordy or clipped language:

Positive or Negative:


Common themes or Phrases:


General Musical Taste:

Professional Goals:

Short Term:

Mid Term:

Long Term:

Personal Goals:

Short Term:

Mid Term:

Long Term:

Negative Life Experiences:

Positive Life Experiences:



How would your character like the novel/s to finish?


What are the stakes if the novel/s dont end that way?

What the obstacles they will face?

How does this character relate to the general cast?

How does this character relate to each cast member?


*I say that these are some of the things I question, because I do have a mini personality quiz that explores 16 psychological traits. I use this for the character at the start of the story and where I want the character to be at the end of the story, and then compare the changes so I know where they’re changed in personality and that gives me something to aid in plot development.

But thats me micromanaging my plot based on character developement, not really about the characters development.

ID #74336

Name: Natalia
Age: 16
Country: England - UK

Hello!! My name’s Natalia/ Natalie/ Natasha/ Lia - call me whatever you can pronounce or prefer :)

I’m really into languages, arts, cultures, reading, exploring, music, k-pop, crafts, cooking, manga (to be honest - everything but most sport). Im fluent in English and Russian, learning: Korean, French, Japanese (maybe German). So I’d be really interested to talk to anyone from the above cultures/ backgrounds! Or anyone at all, I just love talking to new people. Im really open minded and can talk about any topic. I don’t mind snail mail and really slow chats but as long as replies come. Oh and most importantly; I love cats.

Preferences: I don’t have many preferences:

•preferably 13+

•any gender

•any sexuality

•any race

•any religion

•not against snail mail

•just no one creepy and that’s it, we’re good

anonymous asked:

How was Francis when he was a teen?

Francis’ adolescence was spread out over a longer time than Lud’s was, considering most of Europe was still irrelevant in the global sphere up until the 15th century. So he’d have been around 13 or 14 in the Middle Ages (and when he met Jeanne D'Arc), 15-ish around the exploration era, 16 around the time mercantilism was becoming a thing, and he would be physically 18 by the time America was established as a colony.
Also, his hair used to be a lighter shade of blond when he was younger but it’s become more dark blonde over the years.

Personality wise, he was the same as adult!Francis, except maybe a little more irrational with his actions and more likely to have emotional outbursts. (And slightly more excité than adult!Francis if you know what I mean)

Blinded (Color)

Found in an abandoned and collapsing warehouse on Indy’s East side.

From Abandoned Indiana, a project focusing on blight throughout Indiana.

View the rest of the project, as well as other works.

Sine Qua Non Photography: images by Nathanael Handlang

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Abandoned fuel station/storage facility on Indy’s near East side.

From Abandoned Indiana, a project focusing on blight throughout Indiana.

View the rest of the project, as well as other works.

Sine Qua Non Photography: images by Nathanael Handlang

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