By Christophe Vrankenne

At the end of August 2016 I took a 5 day road trip around the Isle of Skye. My plan was to visit many of the island’s most mythical places, but I also really wanted to sleep in the “bothies"— Scotland’s famous wilderness cabins tucked into mountains or by the sea and often stocked with firewood, food, and the "book” where everyone leaves a small part of their story, their journey…

The best-known places on the Isle of Skye — the Old Man of Storr, the Quiraing and Neist Point — are only a small part of what the island can offer. There are beautiful views on every horizon. My eyes enjoyed everything from rugged raging coastline to sparkling lochs (lakes) to lush green glens (valleys) typical of the Highlands. It’s hard not to feel a glowing growing excitement when surrounded by such majestic scenery.

Travel not only opens your eyes to the wonders of the world, it also opens up the possibility for rich and rewarding cultural encounters. I met locals and fellow travellers on the road, shared impromptu meals at the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea, then went on to explore for a couple days with someone who was touring the island on a foldable bike.

And it turns out Scotland has bothies all over, and that it might be possible to travel the length of the country sleeping in one almost every night. Time to start planning my next trip…


Christophe Vrankenne is medical technician and fashion photographer from Belgium. You can find more of his work on his website christophevrankenne.com or follow along on some of his adventures on Instagram @the.mad.trapper