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colorinblackandwhite  asked:

Do you know of any females that will be running for president in the upcoming elections?

Nobody has officially announced anything yet, but many candidates are running “exploratory committees” and kissing babies in Iowa. Here’s where you can track the likely and confirmed candidates: http://www.politics1.com/p2016.htm

To look up elections, issues and more, check out The League of Women Voters’ site, Vote411.org

I seriously hope Elizabeth Warren runs!

4 Reasons Elizabeth Warren Should Run for President

Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, and Dozens of Celebs Are Ready for Warren 2016

Imagine This.... (A different Scandal)

I’m not sure why people assume that this show would’ve been boring if it was just about OLITZ. There are sooo many issues that have yet to be explored and tackled; relevant ones that, I think, would be much more serious than the soap opera themes that are presented now.

  • The Presidential Divorce happened.
  • The President has a First Girlfriend who is not only of another race but a political fixer.
  • The racial issues to explore (between themselves and with the country or the world)
  • The conflicts when OPA clients affect the White House agenda
  • Olivia’s life in danger as the President’s girlfriend
  • Olivia business in jeopardy; her client’s hesitant to trust her as the Presidents girlfriend
  • Another crisis management firm attempting to sabotage her business
  • The Chinese Wall or secrets being spilled between Fitz and Olivia related to their jobs
  • The decision of whether to use her influence in the White House as a favor to her client (s)
  • Politicians coming after her to get to Fitz
  • An exploratory committee being started to investigate the illegal activities of her business and trying to tie them to the White House
  • A leak that Liv was his mistress on the trail and not just his girlfriend after the divorce
  • What if Fitz told Liv to back off of something and she had a dilemma of whether to listen to him or follow what she wanted to do
  • What if Fitz wanted her to take on a client and she refused for one reason or another
  • Mellie got a political position and started working against her ex-husband and the White House; perhaps a scheme to get him impeached.

I could go on and on…..

And none of that created an inconsistent story line about B6-13 or Jake, love triangle mess. Yet it could have created more episodes that had relevance, intrigue, conflict, drama and just overall simply entertaining.

It could also raise Scandal to the level where it would be considered a serious political drama. At least in my opinion. 

anonymous asked:

My leg hurts a lot and I'm super annoyed /sigh/

I’m really glad you messaged me about this. I want you to do the following:

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Study theoretical physics (no specific area: all of it).
  3. Solve the time travel conundrum. (If time is the fourth dimension, we should be able to move backwards and forwards at time at will—though at this point in time I’m obviously preaching to the choir!)
  4. Study engineering.
  5. Build a time machine.
  6. Build a second time machine.
  7. Sell your first time machine for several billion dollars.
  8. Give the second time machine (the better one) to me for free. I can offer you a free copy of The Simpsons Season 8 2 1 DVD set autographed by me.
  9. Use the money to buy an island.
  10. Once the island is yours, get a team of contractors to do it up nice: hot tubs; giraffe sanctuaries; heliport with helicopters; functioning holodeck, etc.
  11. Sell the island to a corporation (they’ll use it for retreats).
  12. Take all your money and bury it.
  13. Run for the United States Congress (Senator or Representative; take your pick).
  14. Once elected (really, how could you lose?), form an exploratory committee examining the status of currency.
  15. Abolish currency.
  16. Resign from politics.
  17. Dig up the money you buried and exchange it for karma.
  18. Use the karma to open an ice cream store. Some time after it’s open I’ll arrive via time machine to sample your wares, so be sure the ice cream is good.
  19. Start writing a book on motorcycle engines, but don’t finish it. (Don’t worry: you’ll have people to do that for you by this point.)
  20. Go on a speaking tour of famous motorcycle plants.
  21. With your political connections, get motorcycles banned. (Should be simple.)
  22. Leave the United States forever. Move to Finland.
  23. Learn Finnish then Swedish (not the other way around. Be respectful).
  24. Rediscover the work of Tove Jansson.
  25. Open a museum dedicated to her work. If necessary, close other museums dedicated to her work first so there’s no competition.
  26. Work at the museum for the next 29 years. Develop a rapport with your workers.
  27. Build another time machine.
  28. Go back in time to 1994.
  29. Find Blink-182.
  30. Tell them to cut it out.
  31. Get back in your time machine and—actually, hang on a minute. Also go find me in 1994 and give me some ice cream. Nothing chocolate-based. Also I’m allergic to nuts. Then get back in your time machine and go to 2014.
  32. Find and court yourself.
  33. Marry yourself.
  34. Cheat on yourself with pretty much anyone.
  35. Invent a method of displacing consciousness and eradicating time clones.

And then you’ll be so bummed that you came back from the future and convinced yourself to marry yourself and then you cheated on you that I’m pretty sure you won’t care so much about the pain in your leg. Thanks for the ask!

Seriously, though, don’t forget about that ice cream. That’s really the most important part to me.