exploration team


working on aqua’s look when he still lived on and served homeworld and his backstory a lil. (EDIT: i added one w no color correction so u get a better idea of his past palette)

summary: a less valued cousin to other beryl gems like emerald and bixbite, aquamarine is still a very sturdy and appealing stone making them just bordering upper middle class. most aquamarine’s are used in navigation and anthropology/biology, specifically exploration of other galaxies and solar systems and are tasked with studying the culture and appeal of other species. a natural dauntless aura, strong intuition, and the curiosity of a child make these gems resilient and the perfect specimen for astronomical exploration and cultural anthropology and an innate leader.

specifics: when aquamarine lived on homeworld he was more reserved and refined, but only somewhat. a captain of a ship and leader of one of blue diamond’s exploration teams, aqua was like an informant to blue diamond’s court on possibly habitable planets and the behaviorism and societal tendencies of any intelligent species he and his team came across. but when sent to earth to take a few organic samples and do a routine “check up” on the evolutionary progress of humans, he fell in love with everything he saw. he had only ever heard of earth before and what he witnessed humans create with their own minds and two bare hands had him completely baffled. homeworld was centuries, posssibly even millennia ahead technology wise but homeworld’s sole purpose was to conquer and grow like a hive. he fell in love with how humans went from relying on what they created to keep them alive and knowing only practicality to inventing and building just for shits and giggles. having a strong curiosity for all things new and unique aqua felt right at home. he kept his distance at first but over time adapted to what he saw and started to take on more “human” mannerisms, explaining the sarcasm and horrible fashion taste of current aqua.

Well wait, garnet was also horrified when she found out that the cluster was made out of fallen CGs forcibly fused together. So you would with all the flashback episodes you would think there would be one about the the original CG team.

If the Hero was the same person throughout the games
  • Hero: You think you’re my greatest enemy??
  • Gengar: Yes! You are obsessed with me!
  • Hero: No I’m not…
  • Gengar: Yes you are! Who else drives you to one up them the way I do??
  • Hero: Munna.
  • Gengar: No….
  • Hero: Grovyle.
  • Hero: Then I don’t have a bad guy. I like to fight other people.
  • Gengar: What??
  • Hero: I like to fight around.
  • Gengar: *starts to tear up as he sinks to the ground*
  • Dusknoir: How… the hell… did you beat us? We spent six months huntin’ down Celebi’s best, for God’s sake. We got ‘em all. We beat her. All she had left was you rejects. How… the hell…
  • Grovyle: You wanna know how we beat you? I honestly have no fucking clue. Maybe it was just luck. Maybe it was something else.

Congarts to my favorite show, Oban Star-Racers for a potential sequel / spin-off!!

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