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So recently i started reading this manga Dungeon Meshi. I fucking love it.

So there’s this group of adventures exploring a dungeon RPG style, you know like go into the dungeon defeat the evil sorcerer kinda stuff. They get pretty deep in it and they run into a dragon.

They could totally take it down except there was one problem…they ran out of food and were way too hungry to take it on. So…

They got their asses handed to them. Their mage is casting their “get the hell out of there” spell but the main characters sister get eaten by the dragon. When he realizes what happen he wants to go back down on a rescue mission, if they can get there before the dragon finishes digesting her they can fix her up good as new.  BUT there are problems, the biggest one is

they broke yo. They dropped most of their loot when they were dying. They got no money to buy supplies, no money to replace the members that left, and not a lot of time to fix that problem. So our three brave adventurers decide to go in on their own with nothing but what they managed to have equipped. But how do they solve the food problem?

YEP! THE MC TELLS THEM THEY ARE GONNA EAT MONSTERS! But none of them have actually cooked or eaten monsters before. So the MC is about to cook a giant scorpion when this dude shows up

Meet Senshi, he has spent a decade in the mid part of the dungeon cooking and eating monsters. He gets interested when he finally meets some people who also want to eat monsters and decides to show them how to cook.

He knows his shit. So in case you haven’t figured it out…

This is a cooking manga.


…I just love the idea about it. It was a one shot that became a series. Give it a read if you want.

Equipment of Zendikar in D&D, Part 1

Since Plane Shift: Zendikar was released I’ve been planning to run a D&D campaign in the setting. As equipment is really an iconic feature of both Zendikar blocks, I thought I’d go about turning some equipment cards into items, either mundane or magical, for characters to use when playing a campaign set in Zendikar.

Bone Saw - Simple melee weapon
1d8 Slashing Damage, Two-handed

For Oath of the Gatewatch’s Bone Saw, I based the damage, and the need to wield it two-handed on the apparent size of the item. As such, i presented it as an item similar to the longsword, but without the versatile rule, representing the fact that the Bone Saw isn’t intentionally made for combat, and is therefore a little more unwieldy to use as a weapon than the longsword. To purchase in-game, the Bone Saw would cost around 10gp, and weigh 4lb.

Captain’s Claws
Magic Item - Rare
These gauntlets grant the wearer +1 to their unarmed attack and damage and damage rolls, and advantage on all acrobatics or athletics checks based around climbing. Any friendly creatures that see this character succeed an acrobatics or athletics challenge based around climbing may gain advantage on their own acrobatics or athletics checks based around climbing.

Also from Oath of the Gatewatch, Captain’s Claws are treated as a rare magic item. To mirror the +1/+0 it grants to a creature it is attached to, my rendition of Captain’s Claws acts as a +1 Weapon, but specifically for unarmed attacks. To represent the summoning of allies, I decided it could in game-terms mean that the wielder can help their allies their allies catch up to them, essentially “Entering the battlefield” attacking with their leader.

Explorer’s Scope
Objects viewed through this spyglass are magnified to twice their size.
Perception checks relying on sight may be made using this spyglass, granting the user advantage.

From the original Zendikar set, I decided that explorer’s scope would be treated as very similar to a standard spyglass found in the Player’s Handbook, but with the added bonus to Perception checks, representing the item as a must-have part of any Zendikar explorer’s toolkit, as the rules of the actual card suggest.

Ogre’s Cleaver
2d8 Slashing damage, Heavy, Reach, Two-handed

In Zendikar and the many other settings of Dungeons and Dragons, Ogres are considerably bigger than the majority of humanoids, that being the reson behind this weapon having the Heavy, Reach, and Two-handed rules. While the same limitations of heavy don’t apply to the card itself, it seems plausible that a goblin would have a lot of trouble using such a large weapon. The weapon’s stats are similar to the standard Greatsword found in the Player’s Handbook, but with slightly raised damage and extended range, representing the weapon’s size and brutal crafting (I mean just look at the thing!). 2D8 does seem like a serious amount of damage for a non-magical weapon to deal, and makes an appropriate comparrison to the effect that giving a creature +5/+0 can have in a game of Magic. This weapon would likely weigh around 10lb, and cost over 50gp, perhaps being sold for considerably more than that if the players are trying to barter with the tyrannical ogre Kazuul or any of his minions.

Pathway Arrows
Magic Item - Uncommon
You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with these arrows. An eldrazi or construct hit by a pathway arrow must make a DC11 Wisdom challenge. On a failed save, the target gains the Stunned condition until the beginning of the wielder’s next turn.

For a weapon that taps colourless creatures in the game, the main design goal of Pathway Arrows as a magic item was to create a similar effect in D&D’s own combat system. Going with stunned, the target is quite heavily locked down for a turn in combat, just as tapping a creature before it can be declared as an attacker in Magic stops that creature from doing anything in the ensuing combat. While stunned presents further disadvantages in combat, this is balanced by the target’s ability to make a save to prevent it from suffering the condition. In game, pathway arrows can be presented in a quiver of five, sold for the normal costs of an Uncommon Magic Item presented in the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

I’m planning on designing D&D rules for the majority of Zendikar’s equipment, if you have any feedback or any card you would like to see in the next post, please let me know!

The Watch Roleplaying Game
The Watch is a tabletop roleplaying game about soldiers fighting a desperate war to save their homeland.

Just came across The Watch, a scrappy “light fantasy” RPG exploring some neat gender/sexuality themes. Totally worth checking out!

Here’s the line from Co-Designer Anna Kreider that sold me:

The Watch includes soldiers who are women, genderqueer, and non-binary. These are the stories you’ll be telling—stories about people who usually aren’t featured in these sorts of grand military epics.”

Check out their headed for success Kickstarter right here:

The Watch RPG on Kickstarter

New game, new art style. This is going to be my main project for now on when it comes to game development. It’s essentially going to be an Adventure game, but there’s quite a lot to it, so I’m afraid I’ll have to save the details for later.

Concerning my Game Boy resource pack; don’t worry, I’m still working on it. My goal is to have some sort of base pack ready this summer. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I’m positive that my creative drive and determination will see it through.


Cross_It is a surreal RPG Maker game with some gore/body horror elements, set in a universe where everyone is born with a symbol on their body which designates their name and personality. 

Gameplay will include battles, exploration and traditional RPG elements.

You play as Cross, a socially anxious shut-in who hasn’t left his flat in about a year. On the morning of a strange mass disappearance in town, he finds a key hidden in his bedroom. His brother Ace goes out to investigate the key for him, but they abruptly fall out of contact, as it seems that he’s gone missing too.

Sunless Sea

Today I’ve been experimenting with Sunless Sea, which is an offshoot of Fallen London.

The game is a mix of exploration, horror and RPG elements. You captain a boat, which explores the titular optically-challenged sea (or zee). Unfortunately for them, your captains don’t tend to last very long - the Unterzee is not a particularly-friendly place, full of hazards ranging from swarms of aggressive bats to pirates and oversized murder-crabs. Oh, and there’s a resource-management mechanic - running out of food and running out of fuel are distinctly not good.

Food and fuel also seem to run out rather alarmingly fast.

Fortunately you can pass on some of your items to your next captain (apparently the city of Fallen London is quite efficient at processing inheritances!). This is helpful as it does appear that captains will die, and quite frequently.

I’ve played about two hours of the game so far, most of which involved blundering around the areas immediately adjacent to Fallen London itself. A couple of journeys as far as Venderblight were managed but, umm, bats. The less said about that, the better :) My boat did eventually manage to go some way out east, before running out of food and then running out of fuel. A well-intentioned but misfortunate attempt to make a sacrifice to Stone put a stop to any subsequent progress.

Fortunately, the new captain has inherited the previous one’s charts. (How they were retrieved from a lifeless boat drifting in the middle of a lightless sea with no survivors to tell of it, is probably a tale that will never be told…)

When I first started playing D&D a few years back, I used two sets of plain black poly dice and thought they were like the coolest things ever. Then as I started to explore the community of RPGs, I came across people with these massive collections of dice and I said to myself “why on earth would anybody need so many? My two sets are perfectly adequate to run a game with.”

This is not getting out of hand, I promise

System: PC
Released: 2014
Blog Tags: creepy, fan theories, rpg, pixel art, turn based, map exploration, punishing, indie, dark humor

Summary: A game about survival, sacrifice, and perverts… Lisa is a quirky side-scrolling RPG set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Beneath the charming and funny exterior is a world full of disgust and moral destruction. Players will learn what kind of person they are by being FORCED to make choices. These choices permanently effect the game play. … You will learn that in this world being selfish and heartless is the only way to survive…

That kind of game where:  You are impossibly frustrated at first, and then you become so obsessed that you can’t stop playing. Using a walkthrough is basically a must if you don’t feel up to the challenge. (Note: The game’s developer would recommend you accept your punishment and not use a walkthrough.)

Gameplay: 2D unfair platformer. Huge map exploration with tons of secrets. Complicated turn-based fighting system. Some interesting interaction between story and gameplay elements.

Story: It is the journey of Brad Armstrong, whose adopted daughter, Buddy, has been kidnapped. She is the last female in the world, as far as anyone knows. Play the first 10 minutes of this game and you will see that it isn’t pulling any emotional punches. It is very powerful and  well written. You will sometimes laugh and then feel bad about it.

Graphics: Pixel art, very creatively used to evoke horror or amusement. The game looks great.

Recommended if you enjoyed: 

Since I’m too busy being in the middle of projects to post something new, have an old illustration I found recently that I still fucking love even though I’d say it was before I understood a lot of art things. It just really captures the feeling that I wanted it to. And after all these years, I still love these characters. 

This was from a story I was writing called “The 4 Knights of Nandau” that I backburnered. A lot of the feel and culture in Desendi (my current webcomic) is pulled from the cultures I created for this story, and some of the themes (war heroes in peacetime, particularly) are explored in the RPG that I’m quietly working on too. 

Man. Maybe I SHOULD make a Patreon. I feel really weird posting sketches and concept art on tumblr for stuff that I’m meaning to post finished products of in the future, maybe they’d be good things to put behind that paywall since I’m not posting them on tumblr anyway. 

Got stuff to think about. 


OMORI Kickstarter!

Launched a few days ago on Kickstarter, OMORI is “a surreal, exploration, horror RPG” by Fangamer friend and awesuma artist omocat. She’s doing all the art, writing, and directing for the game, while slimegirlsmusic and spaceboyfriendmusic are providing the soundtrack.

There are lots of neat game features and a wide array of quality backer rewards, so jump on this one soon! :)