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darktypes asked:

Can I have a class and a quest please?

You have been assigned the class of:

  • Eon Gambler

The three sections of your skill tree are:

  • Time Slots
  • Rolling the Fossils
  • The Betterfly Effect


Your quest, concocted after one too many of your possessions going missing:

  • Seek the knowledge of the greatest Bag Explorer alive

Bags of Four Dimensional Holding are useful little pockets whose interiors exist outside the flow of time and space, which makes them a great place to store antiques and other fragile treasures. They’re best acquired new, though, as you’ve learnt from the second-hand one you won off a wizard - you placed your treasured ultraband chronoculator within, and promptly fished out a dozen skulls, a full set of armor, and enough spent candles to fill a wagon in your fruitless attempts to retrieve it.

You need the chronoculator to monitor era-level fluctuations in destiny adjustment - you don’t need it to know odds are against you to find it this century if you dump the bag’s contents. (Seriously, who even needs this many ice cubes on the go???) No, tracking it down will entail seeking the folks who helped you find it in the first place…

Your quest, should you choose to accept it:

  • Put an end to the conflict between the Garage Dwarf and Dragonfly Fairy peoples of the Vault of Watches: Due east of an old stone circle, beneath an otherwise unremarkable boulder, lies the entrance to the Vault of Watches. The mazelike interior houses a collection of timepieces from past, present and future; its existence slightly-left-of-time has rubbed off on the resident Dragonfly Fairies, who bring back their stolen treasures with anachronistic flair. You raided this vault for the chronoculator, but someone’s come calling since - a determined band of Garage Dwarves have besieged it seeking parts for a new project, and the Fairies are barely holding them back.
  • Awaken the dormant Phobia Minotaur grandmaster: The Vault was once defended by the formidable Phobia Minotaur, Tarrasus .Physically intimidating, few interlopers could refuse demands they challenge the beast at its preferred pasttime: rules-heavy strategy games. You, with no reason not to play the long game, bested the minotaur after an age and won free run of the vault - Tarrasus retreated to its quarters, to lick its wounds and study strategy. Convince or trick the Dwarves into letting you through, and find a way to goad the old dungeonmaster out of seclusion.
  • Seek the knowledge of the greatest Bag Explorer alive: The Fairy who first hauled your chronoculator to the Vault is one of perhaps thousands that live there - exact numbers are debatable considering their time-hopping nature. They look much the same to the untrained eye, but you recall your prize’s protector was an ornery, black-and-gold menace. The Fairies are sure to hasten back out to watch-gathering when the Dwarves are driven out, so you’d best figure out how to catch and recruit the little darner.

Final Fantasy Explorers…Much Want!

I’ll be honest and admit that I didn’t get into the news much when it came to the newly released Final Fantasy Explorers for the 3DS.


Tony wants to have fun and explore, but Zach just wants to actually PLAY the game. Pffft. Don’t be like Zach. Take the time to explore a new episode of FALLOUT 4 on CO-OP CRITICS PLAYTIME! 

Teeny Tiny Terraformers - The Cadet Handbook!

This small booklet is designed to contain all the information about each Teeny Tiny Terraformer as they set out on their dangerous journey into darkest space. Includes new rules on Explorer Roles, and provides a handy place to track attributes, backgrounds, wounds, and medals earned.

The PDF can be downloaded here:


Simply print double-sided, cut in half horizontally, and staple with the cover facing out and the aptitudes and backgrounds making the innermost pages.

Use alongside your copy of Teeny Tiny Terraformers to create a custom cadet capable of captaining a crew across the cosmos!

Something to update this blog for. This is Syrene,a key character in Iter. She created the Xenovisions. Before Ava came into the X-D, the denzien explored the strange worlds and adapted using her own X-Vs. During her trek, however, a ‘worm’ had infected most of her X-Vs. Whenever she uses them, they will eventually crash, leaving her temporary sick with the infection.

This design might or might not change and she won’t be in the first release but future releases when I introduce another important X-V.

Playthrough: Final Fantasy Explorers

Playthrough: Final Fantasy Explorers by @octaneblue

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Final Fantasy Explorers is a spin-off title in the Final Fantasy series co-developed by Square-Enix and Racjin. The game is somewhat inspired by Capcom’s Monster Hunter – you’ll see that in the quest structure and progression. However, with elements such as customizable job classes and abilities, the game certainly has its own identity and should satisfy those who enjoy the Final Fantasyseries…

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