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Today, on 4th July, Juno is performing Jupiter Orbit Insertion burn, putting the spacecraft into highly elliptical polar orbit around Jupiter.

Juno spacecraft, launched in August 2011 from Cape Canaveral on top of Atlas V rocket.

Learn more about Juno mission:

You can also check out the NASA’s Eyes on the Solar System app, where you can explore a detailed simulation of the Juno mission, as well as other NASA projects around the Solar System.

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In the 1940s, ‘adventure playgrounds’ became popular in the UK. Disappointed in minimal, 'asphalt square’ playgrounds, landscape architect Lady Marjory Allen wanted to design a space where kids could play without supervision, make their own structures, set fires, and face 'dangerous risks’ on their own to build confidence and courage. Source

The Nautilus mission, exploring the ocean floor off the coast of California, has captured images of another adorable sea creature: the stubby squid (Rossia pacifica).

“They’re actually nocturnal hunters so they spend a lot of the day actually burrowed in the sea floor with just their eyes poking out,” says science fellow Samantha Wishnak. “And then when they feel comfortable, when it’s time to hunt, they’ll actually start creeping along looking for their next meal.”

Check out the video, and get more info, here.