One day, last Summer, I had to go to the hospital. Roaming through its hallways, it just hit me: I wanted to go to med school and become a surgeon. 

At that point, I had no maths and no sciences. I was convinced those subjects were my ennemies and I could never be successful at those. Yet, I just went up to my parents and told them I was changing direction one last time for health sciences… which would require my doing two years of maths, a year of general sciences, a year of chemistry and a year of physics, all in 5 months, while going to CEGEP, because I wanted to start in January 2015.

When I went into the meeting with my A.P.I. to fix my schedule up, I was 200% sure of my decision of taking all my program’s classes in order to attend the other school to get my prerequisite. She bluntly told me “You’re never going to succeed, you should just stay in your program because otherwise, you’ll be out and willl have to wait an entire year to start over.” My counselor said it was impossible. My maths teacher swore it was never going to happen. My science teacher gave me a look telling me I was crazy.

… And here I am, less than 5 months later, able to say “I FUCKING DID IT!!”


Here’s How To Beat The Pac Man Exploit In Super Smash Bros

Yesterday we showed you the latest Super Smash Bros exploit which involves two people playing as Pac Man using the trampoline move to bounce one another up to extreme heights and remaining untouchable.



1. a striking or notable deed; feat; spirited or heroic act.


2. to utilise, especially for profit; turn to practical account; make full use of and derive benefit from (a resource).

3. to use selfishly or unethically for one’s own ends.

3. to advance or further through exploitation; promote.

Etymology: from Middle English exploit, espleit < Old French exploit, Anglo-French espleit < Latin explicitum, neuter of explicitus.

[Pawel Kuczynski]

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We have cause to believe an outside party gained access to a Flight Rising administrator’s account. At this time, we have no reason to believe user passwords have been compromised, but this does not mean that it is not recommended to change your passwords often. In the event that you may have used the same password for both your Flight Rising account and your e-mail address, we recommend performing password resets on your Flight Rising e-mail account just as a precautionary measure.

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Smash Bros Exploit: Two Pac Man Players Bounce Up So High They Cannot Be Touched

Turbo Pasta, who resides at the Smash Boards, has discovered a potentially game breaking bug in Super Smash Bros.


It’s now possible to bypass the 3DS’ region lock through a simple exploit.
The exploit, known as “RegionThree”, only requires system owners to download a file and access the Internet. You can check out the process in the video above, and view full instructions here. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthrea…

This exploit does work with the latest version of the 3DS’ firmware. However, it’s not compatible with New 3DS systems.