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I think i’ve got it. That something I was looking for. It’s there. Can you see it? I explained it to you many times in many different ways and still, it means nothing to you. In fact it means less every time I explain. 

I grow tired of having to explain. When will you “get it”?

Time is not an impetus for how we feel or even how much we feel.

Seconds are hours to some and years seconds to others. 

“Time flies” as they say and it can if you’re with the right person. 

If you aren’t, you already know it and every so called second that ticks by is another moment closer you are to the grave without fulfillment. 

Leaving them is no guarantee you will die happy either but at least you will have taken the chance.

Death is all of our futures

Picture and caption by Michael Lorenzo Porter

The everydayness of everyday.

And later on I will try to forget that I work at a desk all day where my sole responsibility is to enter data into a computer I’m sure has had at at least two good laughs at my expense today. I’ll  be drunk on a merry-go-round in a mexican super market parking lot with a flask in my back pocket and nothing on my mind. Oh how I love black out Fridays.


Young American

The chatter of a thousand voices and accents sounded like they were mixed together my a DJ from hell. The buildings were tall and old. I decided that since they didn’t get earthquakes out here it probably helped to keep everything intact for so long. Still though, the crowds, the noise, they were soothing. It was as close to home as I’d been in months.  My ears were at home at least. Being from Los Angeles, it is the norm to have people al around you who don’t speak English. Speaking of my ears, they were freezing. I felt like I’d been walking around for hours, no, days. Maybe longer. People popped in and out of shops with bags bigger than their middles and eyes wide at the sign reading “50% off” and another sign reading ” fantastic holiday deals”. Ahhhh. Christmas time. Consumerism, steady rain fall and the chill of Winter on a Friday afternoon. not too cold, nothing that a decent overcoat couldn’t fight off. I had been looking for this place for hours. I think I was close but I couldn’t be sure. To be honest, I had given up reading street signs. They put them all really high up on the sides of buildings so I had stopped craning my head up like some sort of awkward alien giraffe looking for food. In reality though, I just thought it gave me away as a foreigner. An outsider. Someone who didn’t fit in. An outcast. A nomad. An illegal. I had to bury that shit. I have to go into every pub, restaurant and diner like I own the place. Confidence is key. I repeated this to myself until I had a headache. I asked a stump of a man on the corner where I might find a particular Itlaian restaurant I was told would be more inclined to hiring someone in my predicament. Sideburns that’d make Liberace jealous, a gut that invaded anyone’s personal space who had stopped to ask him anything and a bright red face that he seemed to be proud of. He’s probably drunk but I just saw him helping someone else so I’m sure he can tell me where the fuck this place is. I’m tired of looking and I don’t care if I don’t blend in, I just need to find this place and get it over with.
“Hi, can you help me find this address?” I point to my phone screen and rain droplets collect on the face.
“Put that thing away!” He shouted, disturbing pedestrians and causing a jolt that made me laugh.
“Take tha first left ya see there. See the green and gold pub?”
Blinking through the rain, I nod and squint—wiping water from my brow and motioning to let him know I saw the pub in the distance.
“Good, yer eyes work!" 
He seemed to only laugh at his own jokes.
"Now turn left at that corner and keep the pub to your right shoulder, make another left and then turn right at Dean St.”
“Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.”
I was off into the mass of people—fighting for space along the crowded side walk, trying to breathe amongst the desperate shoppers and tourists. I was near to the restauarant now. I gathered myself, wiped a fresh coat of rain off my face, tucked my ipod and phone into my bag. I didn’t want them to see them bulging in my pockets and gather that I had travelled more than thirty minutes to get here. I’m so paranoid..

“Here goes nothing..” I mouthed under my breath.

To be continued.

Today's letter is L

Lecherous Larry lurked and leered, leveling lives like loaves lacking leavening.

Little lies lingered lazily lessening lovers lust. 

Legit lounging legions loomed.

Loners, loathed and loved, licked liver laced licorice.

Lambs lulled locals with lullabies and loneliness.

Ladylike ladybugs likened leggings to lingerie, no one lectured them.

L is for lunacy.


Shoes, shirts, skies and eyes. 

Everybody showed up, only  to find out they had already died.

No tears fell. Only bodies.

They stood and watched while the invaders partied.

Lights flashed and music started, the horizon was alight with exploding constellations.

The ground gave way to gaseous clouds of purple that shifted through the blood red sky like poisoned cotton candy ready to rip the soul from anyone who had the misfortune of inhaling them.

All in office proceeded to higher ground, higher ground was quickly reduced to rubble and ash. Not one single earthly representative was safe in it’s path.

We who survived, and that is to say the two of us have used our time to reflect, plan and most importantly, to move forward.

We never should have come here..

The End.

Black and Blue Christmas.

You know those two stretchy things that connect your bottom lip to your jaw? 

Right before Christmas 2006, Johnny King – A friend at the time, punched me so hard that he separated my lip from one of those connections.

There was a large hole in my lip and the swelling in my face earned me the nickname “Kanye” that Winter. 

I’m not a vengeful man but whenever I start to think I’m a good person, I keep in mind that I’ve wished death upon him about 57,000 times since that Christmas.

I think about what sort of payback would be the worst. I don’t think I actually would harm his kids if I saw them but the thought of how much pain it would cause him puts a smile on my face.

Why? I don’t know. 

If I was a vengeful man and I did hurt him, he would have to know it was me…

Otherwise, what’s the point?

T is for TRAVEL

Talented tarantulas tactfully tackle tough topics tantamount to tyrannical tenures.

Thorough out time this tedious task thought to thoroughly test tempers, thrust the thinking of thousands toward total togetherness.

Travel talk topped the thoughts of thoughtless turtles and truth to be told the types of terribly tragic tinkering turned those thinking types into touchy taboo turncoats.

Turned off and tired, they trembled and trusted the thought they tossed to the side.


Written by Michael Lorenzo Porter

I’m not sure I like what I saw but I’m sure I saw it and it had an effect on me.

Bloody footprints down by the river.

A ghost talking to my grandfather.

Grandma crying.

Sitting front row at Jorge’s funeral.

Crenshaw Blvd on fire.

Eating potatoes for a whole week straight.

No school.

Little bro is awake but can’t seem to shake his nightmare.

Pills for everyone.


Footsteps that never reached the top step.

Rory teaching me about all kinds of music I had no idea existed.

Terminator. Hannibal Lecter. Dracula.



Six years old but much older.


Should? Will? Would? Could? When? How? Why? Who? What?

So many questions and isn’t that the point?


Another question.

Answers are always associated with finality but sometimes the answers we get lead to more questions than we ever thought possible.

It’s funny though when we think on these things for longer than half a second. If we could get all our answers in a matter of minutes what would we then do with ourselves?

Isn’t the whole point of this exercise to keep learning?

We just have to keep from asking the same questions over and over.

By Michael Lorenzo Porter