exploding vegetable

Send a Symbol - Scenario Starters

❦  Our muses go out to pick some fruit/vegetables/herbs
♬ One of our muses serenades the other
✎  Our muses are trying to write/tell a story together
☘  Our muses win/find a substantial amount of money
❇  Something just exploded
◸  Our muses must shelter during a rainstorm
╬  One of our muses runs into the other and knocks everything from their arms
♞ One of our muses teaches the other a skill/game
✂ One of our muses is cutting the other’s hair
₪  Our muses are lost in a hedge maze/ruin
✧  Our muses make up their own constellation
۞ Our muses perform a magic ritual

Nothing is more thrilling to me right now than the fact that my 7hr long migraine finally ceased.

Seamus Finnigan - Baby Videos

Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

This was requested by anonymous. This was the exact request:  Hi there! i was hoping you could write a oneshot for me where seamus goes home with the reader (his girlfriend) over christmas break and her mom has him watch home videos of the reader when she was a baby and the reader apologizes to him for having to sit through them, but he loves it? i think it would be really cute :) A/N: keep requesting

You and Seamus were sprawled across the couch. Seamus’s legs were propped up on the coffee table, and your fuzzy-sock covered feet rested in his lap. You were both lazily enjoying the winter holiday away from Hogwarts, enjoying cookies the two of you had made earlier in the day. You had set aside a plate of them for Dean to send to him later, but they were so good that you were thinking about telling Dean they must have gotten lost in the mail.

Seamus was in the middle of telling you some wild story of something Dean and he did over a summer holiday when your mother walks into the room.

“Found it!” She announces, waving around a vhs tape.

“What exactly did you find?” You question as she turns on the television.

“Your baby videos,” she chirps. “They were all tucked away in the attic.” She glances at you as you goggle at her. “What? I asked Seamus if he wanted to watch them today and he said sure.”

“I’m sure he was just being polite. He doesn’t really want to watch them,” You insist.

She waves you away, putting the tape in and pressing play. You groan as the first clip pops up. You’re just about two years old then. Your mother had placed a bowl of baby food in front of you. You banged your plastic spoon against the highchair tray. You shrieked and the baby food exploded, causing it to get everywhere. A bit of it falls from the ceiling and lands in your hair, causing you to laugh with delight.

“”(Y/N) hated the peas when she was a kid. All she wanted was ice cream. I should have know she had all that magic in her when all her vegetables started exploding.”

“Mom stop.” You groan again. “Please.”

Seamus grabs your hand and squeezes it, grinning from ear to ear as he turned his attention back to the tv. The clip was of you when you were five. You were climbing to the top of a tree as your mother stood at the bottom and filmed you.

“(Y/N), please get down, that’s too high.” Your mother had called.

“Its okay mummy,” you called from the top. The branches seemed to have been moving, giving you something to grab onto as you climbed down. You hopped down on the ground, flashing your mother a toothy smile.

“Ugh, look at those bangs.” You mutter as you watch your younger self. You sit up and lightly shove Seamus. “Stop laughing.”

“I’m not laughing, promise. I just happen to think you look adorable.” Seamus argues. He kisses your forehead. “You still look adorable. Stop rolling your eyes, its true.”

“This is so stupid.” You mutter. “I’m sorry you have to watch it.”

“No no no, I love it and I love you.” He insists. You curl your head into his shoulder, and he watches the videos, laughing and smiling. If anything, he was the cute one.