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Tbh I think the natural conclusion to sweetlycurious is CodyWan bonding smut.

Peeking up at the alpha, Obi-Wan shifted on his feet and tried to clear his throat. “The…shower in my fresher is malfunctioning…” He mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck as Cody’s eyebrows climbed high with Gus and Gregor dropping their armor pieces in surprise somewhere behind the commander.

“I see…” Cody reached out slowly and picked a piece of slimy entrail off Obi-Wan’s shoulder, both grimacing at it.

Exploding giant squid creatures, not pleasant.

“You are of course welcome to the fresher stalls here in the lockers sir. And full privacy of course.” Cody continued.

Obi-Wan closed his eyes in a minute sign of relief before nodding. “I’m going to go fetch what I require then.” He turned, the omega scuttling away quickly and Cody watched him go before slowly turning around, crossing his arms over his chest as he gave his vode long looks. “…Everyone scram. Anyone caught around the lockers for the next hour will get latrine duties for the next year or will be ‘volunteering’ as captain Rex or myself sparring partners when we get shinys. Do I make myself clear?”

Five minutes the lockers were cleared for any and all brothers and Cody took a deep breath before sitting down on the bench.

Five minutes after that though it felt far longer, Obi-Wan appeared, glancing around in surprise at the emptiness but not commenting as he moved in with a bundle of carefully held clothes and towel along with soaps in the other.

“I sent them off. You’re our general, you deserve privacy and I will ensure that.” There was an unsaid ‘and an omega.’ in there somewhere but neither Cody or Obi-Wan acknowledged that as the Jedi nodded and moved to a bench, setting his things down carefully.

Cody got up, nodding and heading towards the doors. “You don’t have to leave.” He froze, hand on the control before looking slowly over his shoulder at the other.


Shifting on his feet, hands slowly unwinding his obi, Obi-Wan was looking down at himself. “You don’t… have to leave… Cody.” He repeated slowly, licking his suddenly dry looking lips.

Letting his hand fall slowly off the panel, Cody turned back. “…Are you sure General?”

After a few moments of silence, Obi-Wan lifted his head to smile at Cody.

It made Cody take the next few steps to him quickly, hands resting on the others waist.

“…Pretty sure, yes.” Obi-Wan murmured, pressing his own hands over Cody’s before slowly pushing them upwards along his sides while keeping the others eyes locked with his before letting go of the alphas hands.

Taking the hint and the guidance, Cody’s nails curled lightly into the others skin before tracing up the warmth, to the front of his chest and over his shoulders to slowly press the soiled tunic down the others arms to hang on his elbows until Obi-Wan straightened his arms to let it hit the locker floors.

Bare chested and warm, Cody slowly started backing the half dressed Jedi towards the freshers as the omega placed his hands on the others shoulders, smelling sweeter by the moment. “Last chance…” He whispered as they crossed the threshold.

Obi-Wan cocked his head, lips quirking before boldly reaching down and cupping the erection through the troopers blacks.

Cody growled and then picked up the other, marching into the freshers with a laughing Jedi over his shoulder.



Active: can go into Squid form and move around; invulnerable but very brief amount of time.

Passive: Bullets slow enemies sometimes, slightly faster.

Throne Butt: “Inksplosion” popping out of Squid for explodes ink around you, dealing damage to anything in its radius.

Ultra A: “Kraken” Your squid form is now larger, last longer, and does contact damage.

Ultra B: “Woomy” Lose Squid powers, now can Super Jump to cursor location, crashing down in a large Inksplosion; hurting enemies, and destroying enemy bullets.

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I’m getting kinda tired of this
Tour Because Awesome media blitz
You’ve got Nerdfighteria all at your gate.
Don’t you know venues are selling out
And my money I was shelling out
The minute you announced that tour date
Now four days is way too long to wait

‘Cause I need a Hank Green concert
Like Hank Green needs Harry Potter
And as Wednesday approaches, my need grows!
Oh, Accio Perfect Strangers
You and hundreds of teenagers
It’ll be better than times that you rehearsed
Yeah, Accio Perfect Strangers!

I’m getting kinda petrified.
What would I do if my car died
Or if giant squids exploded the bus?
I have no confidence
In Helicoptopodes if it’s
The only way I have, I’d be stuck.
And holy crap, that would freakin suck!

'Cause I need a Hank Green concert
Like Hank Green needs Harry Potter
And as Wednesday approaches, my need grows!
Oh, Accio Perfect Strangers
You and hundreds of teenagers
It’ll be better than times that you rehearsed
Yeah, Accio Perfect Strangers!

Whatever’s up the sleeve of Warner-Chilcott
I bet the decepticons will steal my ticket,
Not really, I’m just being paranoid
In the end, I don’t think it’s gonna matter
If it’s awful, or awful in a different manner
'Cause right now I’m just very overjoyed

(original song)