exploding sharks


Bull sharks are one of the very few shark species that can survive in fresh water. Most sharks will absorb too much water and essentially explode, but the Bull shark is different. Its kidneys rapidly process the fresh water and get rid of it; their urine rate increases up to 15x, which means they are constantly flushing out the fresh water from their system.

I’m watching the 1966 Batman movie and it is without a doubt, the funniest shit I’ve watched in a long time. How can you not love a film with such lines as…

“Oh you and your trained exploding sharks!”

“What weighs 6 ounces, sits in a tree and is dangerous?”…. “A sparrow with a machine gun!”

“What a noble creature, that porpoise, for throwing itself into the path of that torpedo.”

That must have been one baked script department.