exploding pony

Dean’s baby sister.

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Pairing : Winchesters x Sister!reader
Word count : 979
Author : Mel
Request : Anonymous- I don’t know if this is a funny idea but I feel like a body swap fic is always good?

Body swap curses. Man did you hate body swap curses. Especially when you woke up in a room that wasn’t yours. “Shit..” You mumbled. “Why am I in Dean’s room?” You looked around. “Dean!?” You started to sit up, but your head was pounding. “What the hell.” Swinging your legs out of bed, everything felt wrong. Looking down, you were in just black boxer briefs. You slowly pulled out the waist band and looked in. “No..” Getting up, you looked in the mirror. “Aw crap.”

Waking up, Dean groaned, and stretched. He opened his eyes and winced. “Why does it look like a fucking my little pony exploded in here…”  He ground the sleep out of his eyes and looked around. Bright colors, fluffy pillows, pictures, but also guns and knives?

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