exploding leapfrog camera


My husband said my review wasn’t strong enough - so here’s what happened in his own words:


I am staggered by your casual disregard for this matter. The product (regardless of the manufacture) is clearly branded as your own. There are details I would like to add to the incident report, as I was holding the camera at the time
It became INCREDIBLY hot, so much so that I had to drop it on the counter, before I managed to drop it there was an explosion and the casing melted. I dread to think what might have occurred if my 3 year old child was holding it to his face/eyes at the time.
You may have some clause in your agreement with the manufacturer to ensure that your company is not liable for any complaints or injuries, but I’m sure that your reputation will be held entirely responsible for your distribution of explosive children’s toys, and more pertinently, your pathetically irresponsible response to our “incident”