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I swear to god, discovering really cute or sexy pics of your favourite actor is like a volcano of love had just exploded in your face.

Will Poulter x Reader ~ Just a role, right?

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Will Poulter x Reader ~ Just a role, right?

–> Based on the One shot “Gally x Reader ~ Halo”

It’s fascinating how someone can be fascinated by such simple things. The way you swing the axe or throw your hair over your shoulder. “You are so damn creepy, Gally”, the actor right next to him says his line. Will looks at Thomas furrowing his eyebrows. “Why? Because I’m smiling?”, it’s not really hard for him to play this role. The actor actually smiles every time he lies his eyes on you.
Thomas nods in agreement, “Yes, because you never did it before. I probably upset you, but (Y/N) changes you. She is something like a saving grace for you, right?” If the actor would know how true his words are. Acting with you changes him somehow. It doesn’t feel like a job anymore… It feels real.
“Cut!”, the voice of the director snaps him out of his thoughts, “Good job!” Thomas looks at Will smiling like a maniac. “I have to agree. It looked like you literally have feelings for (Y/N).” For a brief moment his heart skips a beat. Of course Will gets attached to his actor friends, but he never fall in love with one. There is a thin line between reality and acting. Is he crossing this line right now?
“Wow, you are not even denying it”, Thomas notices the lack of answer. “Oh, sorry. I try to focus on my role. Didn’t even heard your statement”, Will tries to skip the embarrassing moment with a really bad excuse. The actor crosses his arms over his chest. “Sure, everyone can see the chemistry between the two of you. Just admit it already.”
Maybe this is the moment right now… “Don’t be stupid, Thomas. We are just friends and colleagues”, Will isn’t brave enough yet to admit that he feels something more than friendship for you. In his head you two are just friends. You are (Y/N) and he’s Will. The romance is between Gally and (Y/C/N). But his heart is telling him something else…
Will doesn’t wait for Thomas’ answer which he already knew. Without a word he makes his way towards the other actors. “Hey, hey! Ready for the next scene?”, you give him your best smile. Suddenly his heartbeat doubles, when he remembers what you mean. His character is going to admit his love to your character. That’s exactly what he needs right now. As if Will wouldn’t be confused enough already.
“Are you alright?”, you ask a bit worried as the actor just stares at you. “Sure, I just remembered my lines”, another bad excuse to cover up his nervousness. “Okay, then let’s go!”, you grab his hand smiling again. Maybe this is the moment right now… “Alright, I’m ready”, Will is sure he would never be brave enough to admit that he feels something for you.

Softly he presses a kiss on your head, which causes his heartbeat do speed up. It feels right and wrong at the same time. It’s just acting, right? His body tells him something different. It’s interesting how your voice sends shivers down his spine. How happy he feels when he can hold you in his arms. How your smile lights up his whole world within one second.
“Can you ask you something?”, you snap him out of his thoughts with your line. He furrows his eyebrows, “ Sure, ask me whatever you want, my angel.” This nickname got really stuck in his head. Even on the Set he calls you his angel. You raise your head to look into his fake red eyes. Will could get lost in your beautiful (e/c) ones.
“Why do you call me your angel?”, you want to know. The actor could give you a thousand answers, but he have to stick to his lines. Softly he strokes your cheek with his hand. Why do you have such an effect on him? The funny thing is that you don’t even notice it.
“Because you are one. The moment I lied my eyes on your for the first time I knew it. You and your halo changed me in a good way. Every time I’m with you it feels like heaven for me”, he explains with a few simple words. Will would love to say more, give you more reason why you are such a lovely person. You have to admit that he’s a really good actor. The love in his eyes seems to be true, but you know it’s faked. If you just would know the truth about his feelings
“Maybe I’m dumb for falling in love with an angel like you, but I’m happy I did. I love every single moment we share. I love you, (Y/N) - the angel of my life”, that’s the moment where Will realizes he isn’t acting anymore. He is confessing his love to you in front of everyone. It’s maybe not the direct way, but it’s the first step into the right direction.
Maybe this is the moment right now …
“Cut!”, the voice of the director destroys the romantic moment, “Wow, perfect at the first attempt. I’m impressed!” Will scratches the back of his neck awkwardly. The braveness he felt a few moments ago is already gone again. “That chemistry between you two is awesome. It’s like you are feeling something for each other”, Dylan comments the situation smiling. “They would be a super cute couple”, Kaya adds to his statement. This isn’t helping at all for Will. His nervousness is killing him almost, but the actor explodes if he doesn’t tell you what he feels… NOW!
“(Y/N)?”, Will takes your small hand in his softly to get your attention. He’s ready to confess his love in the most cheesy way that exists. “Yes?”, as usual you give him a sweet smile. It’s make it harder for him to think straight, but he wouldn’t run away like a coward.
“I know I’m an actor. My job is to fake feelings, but every word I have said a few moments ago is true. It isn’t just a role for me to love you. It’s reality. Every day I can’t wait to see your sweet smile, hear your laugh and enjoy the time we have. You are literally an angel sent from heaven to show me how much I can love a person. I love you, (Y/N) - the angel of my life”, Will confesses his love to you without trouble. The words are just falling out of his mouth. He doesn’t have to think about them.
Everyone on the Set is starring at you two. Especially at you now waiting for your reaction. Without a word you press your lips against his. Your movie character and you have a lot in common. There wouldn’t be the right words to reply. What he has said was just perfect in each way.
The other actors start to applaud and cheer. “I knew it! The ship has sailed!”, Thomas exclaims happy as Dylan gives him five Dollars. He was sure you would confess your feelings first. All of them know that you two weren’t acting anymore. There is something special between you and Will. Something more than simple friendship and chemistry.
“I love you too…”

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We can describe this film in only 14 words: In Uganda, war has hit the streets. FUCK THAT, says The Ugandan Expendables. And since we have one word left over, underline that “fuck.”

It is wall-to-wall karate and machine guns and has virtually no interest in linking events together with a narrative. You’ll never know how unnecessary structure is until you’ve seen 500 Ugandan actors explode from inexplicable violence punctuated by trial version Adobe After Effects bullets.

There is no language barrier in Ugandan Expendables. In the time it takes for you, the casual English-speaking viewer, to think, “I don’t speak Swahili,” you’ve already missed 25 principal actors get kicked to death. This is a dense masterpiece made by passionate, industrious filmmakers. 

The Ugandan Expendables includes the gratuitous shootouts from the Stallone original and somehow managed to do it with zero safety precautions and an unlimited stack of pirated editing software. Untrained stunt men fling themselves into the ground while wads of cartoon blood invade our reality from seemingly unrelated wormholes. It seems impossible you’ve ever done anything kind enough to Uganda to deserve this gift from them.

5 Classic Movies With Way Better Insane Foreign Rip-Offs

Going Inside AMC’s Thrilling New Spy Series, The Night Manager | VOGUE
The Night Manager is the best and most exciting Le Carré adaptation in more than 30 years.
By John Powers

[The article has interviews with Tom Hiddleston, Susanne Bier, Elizabeth Depicki and Hugh Laurie. Below the one with Tom.]

Tom Hiddleston

Over the last few years the tall, fair, blue-eyed British actor has exploded, starring as everyone from Shakespeare’s Henry V in PBS’s The Hollow Crown to Hank Williams in the current film I Saw the Light to a super-analytical physiologist inHigh-Rise, a screen adaptation of J. G. Ballard’s cult novel opening April 28. In what may be his purest movie star role, The Night Manager casts him as the honorable, big-souled ex-soldier Jonathan Pine, who’s charged with taking down the sinister Richard Roper.

You’re just about the best I’ve ever seen you as Jonathan Pine. I was going to joke that you’ve finally got some good material, after rubbish like playing Prince Hal. But actually, Pine is a similar role.
Yes, it’s all about identity, isn’t it? Both Prince Hal and Jonathan Pine are more intelligent and in control of the identity they present to the world than everybody thinks. Prince Hal has that wonderful speech: “Herein will I imitate the sun, who doth permit the base contagious clouds,” um—my God, I’m forgetting it. I can’t believe I can’t remember it—“to smother up his beauty for a while,” or something like that. And Pine does the same. He conceals his true identity and reveals it in the final bit. It was a very visceral and immediate reaction I had to the script. I was sent the first episode, and it was a tightly constructed 60-page document. By the third page, I wanted to do it.

It’s a great role.
Yes, it’s a great role. Oddly enough, it seemed very close to home. I had spent some time playing at the other end of my range, playing quite extreme characters [like Hank Williams], and this felt more familiar. And I wanted to do it because it was also so contemporary and political and resonant.

The title is great. Pine is the hotel night manager who’s managing the darkness that is Roper, but also the darkness in himself. Because he has to go there to get to Roper.
That’s a fascinating aspect of things. In order to step into his nobility he has to simultaneously step into his darkness. Burr tells him, “There’s half a psychopath in there.” In order to be truly heroic, he has to accept that side of himself. Hugh and I used to talk about Pine as an errant knight searching for a cause, and he’s compelled by the tragic events of episode one to step up and stand for something. He’s given a reason, which also gives himself definition.

Le Carré is an angry guy in his book.
I think he would be the first to admit this. I feel as though his rage has become sharper the older he’s gotten, and the more specifically directed it’s become. I think the way it’s contained in The Night Manager is fascinating. I think his rage toward Richard Roper—his accusation is that Roper has abdicated his responsibility to uphold a moral duty as the inheritor of all the freedoms of British society. He has used his privileges to do the worst things imaginable in spite of his charm. Le Carré’s targets have become hypocrisy and corruption, lack of transparency and lack of accountability.

You seem like a studier.
[laughs] Yeah. It comes from a sense of duty to the people who generated the material. I recently felt that quite acutely with Le Carré, Ballard, and Hank Williams. Of course, I bring my own interpretation to each role because that’s what acting is, but before that, I feel an academic responsibility to align myself with their creative language so that I’m behaving with my own instinctive freedom within their parameters. I wanted John le Carré to love this. I also wanted fans of Ballard to appreciate that what we’re trying to do in High-Rise was in line with  what Ballard was trying to do. I don’t know where that sense of responsibility comes from, but I’ve always felt it. The image in my mind is of building a scaffolding that is very, very tightly and rigorously constructed. It’s their architecture—Le Carré’s architecture or Ballard’s architecture—and once it’s solid, I can attach a rope to my waist and swing freely. And do it instinctively, because the best acting is instinctive, not intellectual or academic. But one has to make sure one is in the right ballpark.