explodes cause feels

Before and After
A HatIM SpinOff AU Fanfic by Star_Going_Supernova

I love the HatIM spinoff AU, and I ended up writing this. I hope it’s not totally off, but I’m pretty sure I made them more aware than you intended. Whoops :) Regardless, thanks so much for bringing this AU to where it is! I love having my heart broken by it! Hope you have a great day! 



This has without a doubt made my day, if not my week and the rest of the dang month. I’ve already read this fic like 3 times and it kills me more and more every time. I hope you all can take a moment to enjoy this incredible gift of a fic because it is an emotional roller coaster and I just feel so honored that someone felt so inspired to write something as lovely as this. 

I may not stop being floored for the rest of the day. I feel like I’m walking on air. <3

Thank you so much Star!!!!! You keep being an awesome writer!!!!! <3 <3 <3

-Also added credit where credit is due! Original HatIM AU belongs to @thelostmoongazer (BatIM of course belongs to TheMeatly, Mike Mood, and their affiliates!)

I don’t know what’s going on here, but somehow I get the feeling that you really saved our asses, Lucy.