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So we released that cover song from the Wedding Singer (my favorite movie, not joking) earlier this week, and it’s gotten a bunch of plays which is tight as hell, but we only ever had one true dream for this cover, and that is that the sandman himself, Adam Sandler, would hear this weird cover, and then somehow we would know that he’s heard it, etc. It doesn’t seem too farfetched this assume that through six degrees of separation one of the people who “likes” our page would be connected to him in some way… Can we make this happen? Is this a real thing? I don’t know maybe it’s crazy to feel like it can happen but I figured i’d put it out there, that in this crazy world we can make one person hear this stupid cover. Ok that’s it, regardless if he hears it or not, take a listen cause it’s a fun and funny cover, and a cool way to support Father/Daughter and other independent labels and artists!! <3

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An early transparent morning,
Slightly bedewed, bejeweled with dew,
A jubilant morning,
A young day
So promising
Full of primroses,
A crystal clear morning
My young love to you,
My lingering longing.

In the evening,
The divine evening
Of one living,
In the ringingly empty zenith
I will still have it like a gleaming stripe
Of my memory, velvet memory,
In a dark-green vinyl recording,
Reproducible, exploding
With simmering music;
In the light curtain billowing
In the open white window.

Austin ! Come say Hi to me at the shop. I’ll be running around chatting with people and slinging records along with soundfounder + the homies !

It’s been one of the raddest things to work in a record store+with music everyday, I love it. Come celebrate our One Year Anniversary with us

***25% off storewide tomorrow as a Thank You <3

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