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Mingsol: ‘Who need seats when you can just sit on each other’

Just a nice compilation of my boys choosing to sit on each other.

(Because they’re being considerate, letting others have the seats while they sit together)

This is too cute and it’s making my Mingsol heart exPLOAD!

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Jeon Jungkook + Kim Yugyeom

**REQUEST: heyyy i was wondering if you could do a smutty smut with yugyeom and jungkook where they both like you and they ask you to choose one of them but you can’t and so they both fuck you??? it’s ok if not, i know it’s weird but idk i just have a thing for maknaes 😏

Type: SMUT

Word Count: 3378

It was Namjoon who introduced you to Jungkook, and Namjoon who introduced you to Jackson who introduced you to Yugyeom. Your friendship with each of them was different, but equally as important to you.

Jungkook loved to make you laugh. He was always right by your side whispering silly things in your ear, laughing as your cheeks turned red from his words. You found yourself with him a lot, always watching movies and sneaking around with black baseball hats and masks just to see how long the two of you could goof off before someone recognized him. You spent your Sundays  in the dorm with him, legs draped over his lap watching what ever movie he chose- he always chose the movie. He had cried to you a few times, you were a sense of comfort for him and he wasn’t scared to tell you how much you meant to him.

Your friendship with Yugyeom was similar, but different in so many ways. You made him nervous despite how close the two of you had become. He’d listen to your problems and tell you all of his own. It was always late nights with him, sitting around a wooden table with your hands being warmed by the coffee he would place in front of you. It wasn’t all serious though. You found yourself at his practice a lot, you didnt care if he knew how much you loved to watch him dance. You would be the one to make Yugyeom blush by telling him how great he was all the time which was usually followed by you telling him how cute he was with the way he would smile with rosy cheeks.

You were sat there in your favorite cafe reading the latest book for a class you were taking, completely oblivious to the world around you. The only thing that was able to pull your attention from your book was a coffee cup that was being placed down on the table. You looked up and smiled, Yugyeom standing over you looking nervous.

“Hi love! What are you doing here?” You said checking your phone. He should have been at practice.

“I uh,” He sat down, his long legs caused his knees to touch yours. “I wanted to ask you something.” He said sliding the cup over to you.


“So you know how I asked you to the award show the other day?” he said nervously kneading his hands.

“The award show that I said I would go to you with? You’re not dumping me are you?” You joked making him blush.

“Oh, no never Im really excited.” He started with a smile. “Its just… I wanted to know if maybe you would want to get dinner with me another time… You know.” He said avoiding your eye contact. You smiled and bit your lip.

“Are you asking me on a date?” You said, smiling at him with excited eyes.

“I guess I am.” He said. Before you could answer your phone began to ring, Jungkooks name flashing on the screen. You smiled reassuringly to Yugyeom as you answered the phone.

“Hey, y/n I need to talk to you.” He said in kind a panicked tone.

“Whoa, hey are you okay?” You asked, your eyebrows pushing together.

“Is Yugyeom there?” He said. You looked up to Yugyeom who looked like he was going to be sick with nerves.

“Um, yeah he just sat down why?”

“I wanted to take you out. Like on a real date. I want to be with you, y/n” He said. You squeezed the bridge of your nose and ran your hand through your hair.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me.” You said looking to Yugyeom who looked at you with concerned eyes.

“Its Jungkook. Asking me out.” You said.

“Where are you?” You said into the phone sternly, trying to keep your cool as best you could as a thousand things started to run through your mind.

“The dorms.”

“Up. Now.” You said to Yugyeom, before hanging up on Jungkook.

You loved the boys and you would be lying to yourself if you say you hadn’t started to grow feelings for them. As you walked quickly with Yugyeom you tried to push your thoughts out of your head but you couldn’t.

You loved the way Jungkook made you smile. How even when you were crying hysterically he was still able to make you laugh. But when you were with Yugyeom in that state the way he’d hold you close to his chest made you feel like you were the most important person in the world. You loved the way Jungkook would tease you, chasing you through out the dorm to get something you had taken, and the way he would wrap his arms around your waist and spin you around playfully. But you also loved the way Yugyeom would wipe the frosting of your favorite cupcake on your nose, something he always had plenty of just for you. You loved the way Jungkook held you when he said goodbye, but you loved the way Yugyeom held you when he said hello.

You were so caught up in trying to figure out what you were going to do you didnt even realize you had made it to Jungkooks dorm.

“Why did you bring me here.” Yugyeom said, looking torn.

“I… We will talk about it upstairs.” You said punching in the code and pushing the door open.

It felt like the most awkward intervention ever. The two boys sat on the couch, awkward and hands folded in their laps as you sat across from them on the coffee table. You sighed a few times thinking you were ready to start talking but nothing came out. Finally, you spoke.

“I love both of you.” You said, watching as both of their breathing increased.

“I love both of you so much.” You laughed to yourself while shaking your head. You rubbed your face once before looking back to them.

“Why would you do this to me?” You said wrapping your arms around your self.

“Im crazy about you, y/n. I have been for the longest time.” Jungkook whispered, scared he might say the wrong thing.

“You know how I feel about you.” Yugyeom said even softer.

“I literally can’t think of one thing that makes one of you better than the other.” You said looking up, you knew at the end of this you were going to lose one of your closest friends and that broke you heart.

“You both are such assholes.” You said sternly looking back to them. “What gives you the right to ruin the relationship I have with my two favorite people.” You said getting loud.

“So you don’t want to be with me?” Yugyeom said looking at you with sad eyes.

“Are you stupid? I want to be with you so bad. Both of you. I just.. I can’t choose.” You said shrugging.

“Y/n, please.” Jungkook said reaching forward to put his hand on your knee. You looked over to Yugyeom and your heart broke. He looked like he was going to be sick.

You stood up and with arms still crossed left the room. Out of habit you started to brew yourself coffee, you needed something to help you think, coffee was good at that. Your fingers drummed on the counter as you started to weigh your options again. But once again for every good thing about Jungkook there was something that met it for Yugyeom.

“Y/n, Im sorry about all of this… I didnt think it was going to be this hard.” Yugyeom said walking into the kitchen, his hand rubbing nervously at the back of his neck. You looked at him and your heart melted. He was so sweet for wanting to care for you. You wanted that in your life. But Jungkook would take just as good care of you.

You were striding across the kitchen before you could even realize what you were doing. Your hands rose to take his cheeks and you didnt hesitate to bring his face to yours. Kissing him felt like everything and nothing at the same time. Your heart raced and the tips of your body tingled, but you couldn’t hear any thing. His lips fit yours perfectly and he didnt hesitate to wrap his arms around you. Being this close to him made it hard for you to step away, the want to deepen the kiss strong, but once you did all you could think about Jungkook. Maybe he was the one.

The coffee forgotten you walked away from the stunned Yugyeom and into the living room. Jungkook stood quickly, but before he could say anything you were kissing him. The actual feeling of kissing Jungkook was so different than Yugyeom, but the feeling it gave you was so similar.

You pulled out of the kiss and groaned, stomping your foot and crossing your arms. The two boys looked at you both confused and worried.

“I thought that would clear things up for me.” You said looking at both of them.

“Thought?” Jungkook said.

“It was the same…” You said before making a ‘poof’ noise along with a hand motion to indicate they had both blown your mind.

What happened next caught you off guard. Yugyeom had looked over to Jungkook before stepping forward and kissing you again. You were taken aback by his forwardness, it was a side of him you didnt see very often, but loved when it came out. You would have been mortified to be kissing Yugyeom the way you were in front of Jungkook, but the feeling of strong fingers on your waist and another set of lips on your neck made you shiver.

“Let us prove to you how much we want you.” Jung kook whispered against your neck as Yugyeom nodded, his lips brushing yours.

You shocked yourself when you nodded. Having the two boys you loved the most at the same time scared you and was something you’d never think you’d be doing, but to justified this you just told yourself it would be the best way to choose.

They led you to the bedroom not talking, your nerves exploading, both in the scared sense and the heat that started to pool between your legs. One in the room and sitting on the bed, Jungkook was the first to kiss you, his hand reaching up to meet your cheek as he sat next to you to deepened the kiss. It surprised you when his tongue touched yours, but it was something that was alot easier for you to melt into than you realized. You gasped into his kiss when the feeling of a hand running up your thigh made you jump. Thinking it was Jungkook you pulled away, only to be surprised to see the hand belonging to Yugyeom.

You lent towards him, kissing him again and loving the way he tasted as Jungkook took ahold of your other leg. Out of instinct you let your knees part, and soon Jungkook’s hand went from just stroking the length of your thigh to adding in a little teasing to your clothed core. The moment the teasing earned a breathy moan from you Yugyeom started to undress your top half, only stoping his kiss when he pulled back to make sure this was okay. You bit your lip and slightly nodded letting him slip the shirt over your head. The two took a second to take in your body before Jungkook was guiding your chin back towards him.

He laid you down and intertwined his fingers with your hair as he deepened the kiss. The feeling of another set of lips meeting the skin of your stomach made you moan again, a tingling feeling erupting through out your stomach. You hooked one arm around Jungkooks neck while your other hand placed softly to Yugyeoms neck, his own hands making quick work of unbuttoning your jeans. You bent your knees and rose your body so Yugyeom could pull the pants from your hips and chuckled accidentally at his eagerness to get them off of your body. Your chuckle was immediately silenced by the placement of Jungkooks tongue. Now there were three hands on you. Both of Yugyeom’s were slowly running up your now bare legs as his mouth kissed along the hem of your underwear, as Jungkooks free hand traced along the top of your breasts.

You wanted to moan a name as their fingers set your nerves on fire but you weren’t sure who’s to say. In stead you just gasped, your body sitting up slightly as Yugyeom placed a kiss right over your center. Though jealous Yugyeom got that reaction out of you, Jungkook took this opportunity to unclasp your bra and lay you back down so he could take it off. His lips started to kiss your skin, gently at first but then with such passion and sucking that you knew there were going to be marks later. Your hand took ahold of his hair as a silent plead for him to let up but it only make him kiss and nip harder.

You gasped again when Yugyeom pushed aside your underwear and slipped two fingers along your entrance. You didn’t even realize how wet you had become until then and the feelings of his fingers slipping easily up and down you made you even wetter. You felt his lips on your hip as Jungkooks left your skin. Your eyes opened slightly to see him stripping of his shirt and you smiled. You always loved seeing him shirtless, he was just so beautiful. His lips returned to yours and held yours for a while before a new feeling was erupting through your body. Some how Yugyeom had pulled your underwear off and now had his hot tongue pressed to your core, trailing it upward at an agonizingly slow rate. You sat up again slightly with another gasp as he did so and tilted your head back, just the sound of your wet against his tongue made you squirm. Jungkook took this opportunity to undress himself.  If Yugyeom got to do this first than why shouldn’t he get to enter you first?

What he didn’t expect was at the sight of his naked erection your hand would find his member and start to pump. His breath would hitch and he’d chuckle lightly, not expecting you to be that forward, but as Yugyeom intensified his licking and sucking your pumps where becoming nothing more than a tightening grip around him.

You couldn’t catch your breath. The way Yugyeom’s tongue flicked and rolled against your core seemed to hit  sensitive nerves every time. You couldn’t fight the natural way your body arched and your eyes closed as his arms wrapped around your legs so you couldn’t get away. From their position one of his long fingers found its way to your sopping clit and started to work it. Your body arched again, the familiar tightening feeling you only ever got by yourself threatening in the pit of you. You breathed hard once, trying hard to get air flow back into your body as you gripped his hair with one hand and Jungkooks arm with the other. Jungkook brought his lips down to your neck again and traced his hand up your side till his fingers were brushing along your erect nipple. You moaned at that making him smile and in a swift movement he gave it one hard pinch, and you came undone. You pushed your hips up as your thighs shook slightly, by far one of the hardest orgasms you’ve ever had. You held on tighter to Jungkook as Yugyeom swallowed every last bit of your juices, so proud that he had made you feel so good.

Your hands immediately covered your face as you realized what had just happened. You were ready to give yourself to Yugyeom completely, just tell him he had you and all of you, but soon Jungkook’s lips pressed to your neck again and with a hot breath he whispered. ‘My turn, baby.’

Yugyeom stood and stripped his shirt and began to undo his pants when he noticed you looking at him, your head rolled to the side as Jungkook pushed your knees in a way that he could better line up with you. He crawled onto the bed and placed a kiss on you, your taste heavy on his lips. He pulled away too soon for your liking but your attention was brought back to Jungkook who had just started to tease your core with his member, your breath hitching as you were still over sensitive from Yugyeom. You couldn’t look away from Jungkook. His eyes had darkened and his bottom lip was taken between his teeth as he watched intently to his member sliding into you. You moaned once as you gripped to the sheets on either side of you. Everything around you disappeared as your eyes closed and the only thing you could think about was the feeling of him inside of you, slowly pumping as you adjusted to his length and width.

It wasn’t until he thrusted once hard into you did your eyes open back up. His hands on either side of your waist you pumped into you harder and harder each time until the feeling of Yugyeom getting on the bed next to you made him slow down. You looked up to Yugyeom and bit your lip, his member standing proud and soon you were pulling Jungkook out of you and flipping around to face Yugyeom. You took his member in your hand before wiggling your behind at Jungkook to resume, which he did immediately, the thought of you choosing Yugyeom right then wiping out of his mind as he committed to taking his claim on you.

You smiled at your shy Gyeom before taking his whole in your mouth, allowing the heavy pounding of Jungkook behind you create a forward and backward motion. You groaned around Yugyeom making him moan at the vibrations. His hands now finding their way into your hair to hold you as close around him as he could get. You tried to focus on pleasing him, but soon the feeling of your g-spot being hit as Jungkook figured you out made you suck in a deep breath of as and pull yourself away from Yugyeom. You turned slightly to look back at him, his eyes set on him entering you while his fingers dug into your butt. You hid your face in your shoulder, biting slightly as he hit the same spot over and over again. Your hands gripped onto Yugyeoms thighs as you tried to brace yourself for what you knew was coming. Your knees started to slide together as you felt yourself tightening around him. He lent forward, his chest now pressed to your back as his hand found your clit, just to help.

'Cum for me baby girl.’ Jungkook said into your ear as he let out four last hard pumps.

You tried to hold on but the constant nagging of his finger and the pounding that hit you just well enough to make you squirm made the coil tighten quicker this time. You gripped tighter to Yugyeom and let out a shaky 'ahh’ as you came undone around him. His arms supported your body as your arms began to shake, your second orgasm just as intense as the first. Your head fell forward into Yugyeoms chest as Jungkook softly pulled himself out of you. Your eyes were watery and your mouth was dry. Jungkook chuckled lightly as he flopped down next to the two of you. You rolled off of Yugyeoms chest to sandwich your naked body between the two boys. You could hardly keep your eyes open as you fought for some thing to say.

“So, Y/n… Who do you chose?’ Jungkook said.

'Kook, not now.’

'I choose…’

The Basics: Girl and Boy Sun Sign ♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓

Aries boys: Extremely manipulative, prideful, aggressive, headstrong, fiery, rebels, always down for an adventure, strong personalities

Aries girls: Manipulative but more lowkey about it, prideful, spicy, authority issues, risk takers in life & love, always down to adventure

Taurus boys: literally so condescending, purposely belittle everyone, extrememly manipulative, overpowering, overbearing

Taurus girls: PUSHOVERS, quickly angered but get over it in 5 secs, emotional, holds everything in until they expload with sadness or screaming

Gemini boys: Hilarious, hella over-exaggerate everything, lie to make themselves seem impressive, social butterflies

Gemini girls: two faced because they’re a double sign, spicy as hell, biggest liars, social butterflies

Cancer boys: Emotional as hell, uses their emotions to manipulate poeple, straight minded, don’t like it when people have opposing opinions

Cancer girls: Emotional as hell, uses their emotions to manipulate people, crybabies, they can’t tell when they’re wrong (or they just don’t care)

Leo boys: Arrogant, prideful, unlike Aries they can admit when wrong (but they don’t like too), big egos, usually amazing hair

Leo girls: VERY different from boy Leos, strong personalities, caring, loyal, they care a lot about what people think of them, amazing hair

Virgo boys: WEIRD, prideful, arrogant, condescending, almost a mix of boy Taurus and boy Leo, actually really funny

Virgo girls: WEIRD, they’re shy and quiet at first but then once you get to know them it’s just layers and layers of weirdness, very neat

Libra boys: they really care what people think or they couldn’t care less there’s no in between, very social, outgoing, easily manipulated

Libra girls: very similar to libra boys, social butterflies, very good at connecting with other people, they try really hard to fit in

Scorpio boys : very funny but in a sarcastic way, very sexual, they have a lot of secret self hatred, always wants to be in a relationship

Scorpio girls: CRAZY BITCHES, spicy af all the time, very confident, very emotional in relationships but they don’t like to show it

Sagittarius boys: weird, free spirits, love to travel, loves to be the center of attention, is an adventurer, has a distinct style

Sagittarius girls: liars, love to be center of attention, never show true emotions, manipulate people to act they way they want them to act

Capricorn boys: motivated, very determined people, they always want to be the best, extremely straight forward and direct

Capricorn girls: resting bitch face, motivated, they’re similar to boy capricorns, their emotions don’t show well (especially physically)

Aquarius boys: so talkative, can talk to anybody for any reason, pretty spicy, they aren’t good at hidding how they feel, they love bragging

Aquarius girls: talkative, social butterflies CANNOT keep a secret, pretends emotions aren’t real or at least surpresses them, aesthetic asf

Pisces boys : arrogant, use their emotions to manipulate people but in a low key way (like a cancer boy), hilarious, very open minded

Pisces girls: two faced beacause they’re a double sign, crybabies, dreamers, sorta air heads, very open minded, live a hippie lifestyle

House Pride

I come from a small town, one that holds around 2,000 people, and one that is poor enough to where the High School holds grades 7-12, in one building, and contains 400 students. Henceforth, our Pride is very dear to us. 

This year, our Marching Band and Choir traveled the 24 hour trip down to Orlando, Florida, where we visited all Disney Parks and Universal Studios. At Universal, one of the first things my group did was load up on our House Pride. I walked around bearing a Hufflepuff Scarf in ninety degree weather, an elder girl by the name of Maggie wearing a Slytherin lanyard, her boyfriend in a Ravenclaw shirt, so on, so forth. 

Soon enough, we came upon another group of our Marching Band. We stopped for pictures, when one of the girls wearing a Gryffindor shirt wrinkled her nose at Maggie, “You can’t seriously be in Slytherin.”

“What?” Now, Maggie’s voice had that powerful, deadly tilt to it. 

The other girl’s twin carried on, “It’s an evil house.”

“It’s not evil, just because a variety of bad guys came from it,” I attempted to play diplomat. Then, it happened. 

“I can’t believe you’re in Hufflepuff. I thought only dumb people were there.”

and Maggie fucking exploaded. I shit you not, in the middle of Universal Studios, right in front of the Fast & Furious advertisement, she began cussing them out. I ended up tugging at her shirt, and she stormed away, leading me. 

“Did you hear them?!” She was practically growling, “‘It’s an evil house’, well, Gryffindor has all the dumbasses!”

And that was the day I realized that Slytherins are actual barbarians if you attack their Hufflepuff friends. 

Anytime, Sweetheart: Part 10

Pairing: JDM x OFC (RPF)
Features: Ackles & Padalecki Families, R2, Misha Collins & Vicky Vantoch, Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Briana Buckmaster, Kim Rhodes, Ruth Conell, and other OFCs and cast members

Summary: (I’m horrible at summaries, but let me try): Kylin Ackles runs to her brother’s house after leaving her abusive boyfriend of 3 years, where she meets Jeffrey. Events unfold that bring them together, as well as push them apart.
Warnings: Emotional abuse, Physical Violence, mentions of rape, cursing, drinking, recreational drug use (weed), Strip Club, RPF, NSFW, GIFs, Age Difference, poorly written smut, etc

(A/N: This is strictly a work of fiction that I came up with off the top of my head. For fictional purposes his S/O & Son are not mentioned. I love him and his little family, though, so no hate intended. This is the first time posting anything on Tumblr, but I couldn’t get it out of my head since my ao3 fic is currently on hiatus because writers block. Feedback is appreciated. unbetaed, all mistakes are mine.)


part nine:  https://hornsbeforehalos.tumblr.com/post/164251175077/anytime-sweetheart-part-9

TAGS: @jml509 @jesbakescookies, @wayward-mirage, @daddy-kink-confirmed, @aquivercactus

The rest of the weekend went off without any hitches, Thank Chuck. 

   Jeffrey was standing next to me at the airport as we prepared to bored the plane back to Los Angeles for the week. Jeff didn’t have anything scheduled so he was going to be staying with me until the next convention the next weekend. I couldn’t contain my nerves as we stood waiting in the line.

   "What’re you doing, hon?“ He quirked an eyebrow as he looked down to where I was bouncing in my shoes.

   I steadied myself for a moment and pushed my large aviators further up my nose as I lifted my head, "You’re gonna be at my house.”

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Anniversary - Sirius X reader (James' sister)

Character: Sirius Black 

 Word count: 625 

 Requested? Nope 

 Summary: Yours and Sirius’ one year anniversary. ——————————————————————– 

 Today it was Sirius´ and yours one year anniversary.  You loved Sirius so much , but you couldn´t be together in public. It was ,because your brother was James Potter. He was so overprotective of you ,so everytime a guy just looked at you he wanted to punch him. Well not just wanted to ,but he eventually did . So James was the main reaason ,why you and Sirius weren´t public. You loved your brother to death ,but sometimes he cared too much. 

 You walked down the staircase and saw your  brother . He sat alone at one of the couches. “Hi Jamie.” you said as you sat down next to him. He looked at you and nodded in acknowledgement. I laid my head on his schoulder and asked “ Where are the others ?” He put his head at mine “Padfoot is doing his hair ,Moony is probably reading some book and Wormtail is asleep .” “Oh okey. I´m going to find Lily and go to breakfast with her. Bye. “ I said as I ruffled his hair.

 I found Lily at the Griffindor table as she ate cereals. “Hello my Lilypad. “  I mocked James as I sat across her. She laughed and answered me “ Hi y/n. Why aren´t you with Sirius ? Isn´t today your anniversary ? “ “Well we are going to meet at 7pm and go on a date and celebrate. Or we are going to go to his dorm and cuddle. The second option is if you will entertain James . “ I did my puppy dog eyes . “Ermm . Okay I will. But just this time . Don´t get used to it .” she said as she continued to eat. “Oh Lils you are the best friend ever. “ i squeled as I hugged her. ————————————————————————————————————————            TIME SKIP 

 I met with Sirius at 7pm. “Hi babe. Happy anniversary. “ he said nd kissed me ful on the lips. I breathlessly answered “Whoa. Siri let´s go to your dorm so we can do something better than just kissing. “ He smirked and grabbed my hand and walked as fast as he could. When we walked into the common room, it was empty.

 We were next to the doors and Sirius kissed me hard on the lips. I opened doors and jumped into the bed. I didn’t know it was James’ bed. That was the first mistake we made that night. The second was that we didn’t lock the doors. When we started to undress each other the door bursted open.

 In the door frame stood James. He started yelling “Sirius what the fuck are you doing with my sister?! “  and “ Y/n put on some clothes! What were you thinking? Having sex with padfoot isn’t a great idea. Okey?” I started explaining “ James I’m going to tell you what i was thinking. “ “ Then start explaining! “ he said, looking like his head might expload. I started to open my mouth, but Sirius put his hand over my mouth. “James it’s okay. She doesn’t need to explain anything,because we are dating and it’s our one year anniversary.  We were just celebrating. And we didn’t tell you because we knew you wouldn’t aprove. So please fofgive us, we knew we should tell you, but we were scared. “ he said. James just sighed “ Do you two honestly love each other? “  “Yes, we do. “ we said at the same time and smiled at ech other. 

“Then I’m okey with it.“James tried to smile. I squeled and hugged him. “Thank you, James. You don’t know how much it means to me. “ I mumbled into his chest.  “I know,y/n. Belive me, if you wouldn’t aprove me loving Lily I would be so sad. “ James answered me. While we were hugging I called Sirius “Come over Siri.” “Siri.” James sniggered. “Shut up Prongs.” Sirius smiled 


 So this is my very first imagine . If you have some notice of my grammar, please tell me. I know there are probably some mistakes, because english isn’t my matternal language. Well thats all. And thanks for reading :)

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One of these days i'm going to expload.

There’s only so much I can give without withering away. There’s only so much I can take without snapping. Of course when I ask for something or for help no one is there. Cause hey, she’s okay. She volunteers for this stuff. She doesn’t mind. I need a void to scream into. Please. Ignore me, i’m throwing a pity party.

The First Christmas

Genre: Fluff/phanfiction
Warnings: Nothing!!!
Word Count: 1445
A/N: So this is the Christmas of the year that Dan and Phil first met. It’s supposed to be super cute so enjoy

The smell of Christmas was in the air. The scent of peppermint and hot chocolate filled Phil’s nostrils in a wave of heavenly joy and tinsel tickled his neck like a cat’s whiskers. But despite all of the holiday cheer, nervousness was thick in Phil’s stomach.

This wasn’t just ANY lame old Christmas. I mean, of course, Phil was spending it with his mum and dad as per usual. But this year there was a twist.

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Science teacher

So this chapter is in Lukes p.o.v . Also sorry its so short :( and i tried doing something new ;). Hope you guys enjoy it!


Everything was still a blur to me.
After the showers i was handed to Roderick… Er i mean my master?

“Once i put you on slave, i got a big fart for you slave” he said.

He started putting on his thong. “Roderick please dont!” i said.
Roderick stopped immediately. He took me out of the little pouch

“Oh slave apparently you havent been trained enough havent you?”

“No please! I’ve been through enough! I-ill be good master i swear! ” i pleaded

“Your begging is only making me hornier slave” my master said smirking. He placed me back in my pouch. Once i was aligned with his asshole he let out a fart. “Sniff it slave”

I gagged as soon as i took in my first breath. ‘How could someone do this to me? Or anyone?’ i thought. Despite how gross it was i sniffed as much as i could.

“Slave, i can still smell my fart! Seems like you need more than just training. Can’t wait to get home slave”.

'oh no… Im gonna end up doing something worse than this…’ i pondered.

Strangely i was slightly aroused of what may be coming next…


My master got out of his car and walked to the door. He stopped and let out a fart. “Smell it slave” he said.

As much as i tried i couldn’t! The smell was bad, how can anyone enjoy this!!

“Oh slave that was your last chance to” redeem yourself…“

I heard him open the door. He started walking and i felt him undressing. Slowly i started moving away from my masters asshole and saw daylight.

I was blinded by the light, slowly adjusting my eyes to this light.
"Youre big enough…”

'im big enough? What does he mean?’

He set me down on his nightstand. I saw him leave. Finally i got a view of his ass. Each step he took made his ass move. It was about the same size of jovelo’s!!

He came back with a liquid in his hand.
“Slave. If you can’t address me by the correct name…you’ll have to learn the hard way” he said. Suddenly a huge smile crossed his face.
“Do you like my ass slave?”

Unsure what to answer i said,“ i-i dont..?”. He laughed, “well i have a feeling after this”
Out of nowhere he lathered me with the liquid im his hand. I was very slimy and i now realize what this was. It was lube!!

He picked me up with his free hand and started moving me near his asshole. With his free hand he spread his cheeks apart.
“Before you go in, ill leave you with this little present”
He let out a fart. Before i could even smell it he pushed me in his ass. The pressure inside his ass was unimaginable. I felt like my head was going to expload.

I couldnt breath and felt my vision clearing.
He let out a fart allowing me to breath. Slowly i felt movement. He was pushing me in and out… He was using me as a dildo!!.
“Slave how does it feel to be treated as a dildo!” he said still using me. Every so often he let out a fart letting me breathe. I was moving faster and faster untill i stopped.

He pulled me out. Finally i was out and was breathing fresh air. He brought me to his nose and sniffed me.
“Ah slave you smell like my ass! Wonderful!” he said.

I felt humiliated. “But i feel like that wasnt enough, and you’re still lubed up…” he said.
He looked at his dick and smiled.
'oh no what is he thinking’

He moved me to the tip of his dick. He was pretty big 9 inches!
“Well in you go!”
I was confused. Go in where? He pulled back his foreskin, then with his finger he pushed me in his dick.
Slowly i slid in and couldnt move at all. And again i felt the same pressure as before.

'oh no not again’
I felt his dick move faster, and faster. I heard my master moan loudly. Sooner than i expected i was shot out, followed by cum.

“Th-that should teach you to respect me slave..” he said breathing hard.

He layed down and said nothing.
Soon after he fell asleep leaving me horrified and aroused.

'is this what im going to have to go through…’ i thought.

Soon i figured out we werent alone…

jasontoddjpegarchive-deactivate  asked:

so i was thinking about that post where you said cas would sign i love you to dean & i was like "yknow, cas prolly looked like an idiot so some guy pulled dean aside & was like 'so is that guy really stupid bc you're blind and he keeps signing i love you & idk what's going on?" & dean would've expLOADED like "thAT ASSHOLE" but kept his cool & waited until he could feel cas's hands shift so he knew what he was doing so he tried to be cool & smug and said "ily too" & walked away feelin like a boss

ohmygod OHMTGOD ( what i had in mind was sam was the one who notice and told dean)

BUT OMG THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER, i love the idea of some stranger pulls dean aside and is like, “Soo, this jackass your with, keeps signing “i love you”,wtf is that about?”

Pictures of you-Pictures of me: MM fanfic idea

How fucked up do you think Megamind would get if he sneaked into Roxanne’s apartment for another kidnapping, but then spotted a small framed picture up on her wall. A picture of himself and Roxanne laughing together just outside City hall.
And as he can recall it, was a memory from when Metro man had flown them both downtown - meaning to leave Megamind to the police, and for Roxanne to get back to her cameraman.
Metro man is just barely out of sight, as you can still catch a glimpse of his back- having his attention drawn to some reporter, ramming him with difficult questions.
And if he could recall the memory correctly, Roxanne and him had both been having hell of a bad day that day. They were both really frustrated and angered towards each other the whole kidnapping. Not getting along at all.

But then as they got dropped off outside City hall, their eyes met and suddenly they both bubbled up in uncontrolable laughter.

Megaminds head would’ve exploaded with questions, for sure. “why does she have a picture of me in it?” “Why does she have a picture of only us in it?” “why this one in particular?” “shouldnt she have a picture of her and Metro man framed instead of this one?” “why doesnt she have one single picture of Metro man anywhere in her home?” “does she rather prefer me” “what does this mean?” “Does this memory mean as much to her as it does to me?”

Yup, one single picture could fuck his thoughts up so bad, for such a long time.

Song that gave me the idea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7QWZBiNTMc