“You… I’ve heard a lot about you.”

None of it, not a single ounce of it resembled positive. Not from the Spider, nor the assassins they both held in the same circles. He was- Well, ONE assassin had positive things to say about him… in between mountains of explitives and glowing red warning signs to stay away.

 “If you’re here to post bail for someone you’ll need to check in with our secretary first. Company policy.”

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Context: My character was in a cave waiting for the party of five to find her. On the way, in the forest, one of the characters dies. Our lovably thick-headed (and low charisma) Cavalier makes a funeral pire for her…but doesn't create a boundary and so burns the entire forest to the ground and proceed to go find my character. Upon leaving the cave:

Me: What…happened here?!

Cavaliar: I definitely had absolutely not a single thing to do with it at all.

Everyone rolls Sense Motive against his low Bluff. And everyone nat-1’s. Everyone. Followed by rauckus laughter and severe explitives.