BTS reaction to you wanting them to cum inside of you

Warnings: Well sexual contet (obviously nothing explit)? Cumming? 

A/N: I laughed my ass off doing it so please don’t take this serious 


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Running Away part 10

Part ten! Which means six more parts after this one! This is the one I think some of you have been waiting for…

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Previously: You went to work and came home to Billy’s home cooked meal. At night you let Billy sleep in the bed with you again.

I hope you enjoy!

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do you got any wx-78 headcanons? OwO

shit boy here it comes the beep boop

  • he was built on the island, and was quickly considered way more interesting than his creator by “them”
  • he understands very well what feelings are actually, mostly thanks to his wish to maxwell, but this doesn’t mean he can actually feel anything despite his disgust towards humanity.
  • except wes and wendy, he’s actually the shortest survivor
  • wilson is all over wx-78 - he finds the robot super interesting and really wants to study him and make various upgrades. needless to say, as soon as the scientist gets closer, wx starts screaming
  • in the team, probably because of his hate for humankind, the only one he actually considers a friend worth staying alive is webber. he also has a weird friendship/rivalry with willow
  • he actually finds quite fashinating the fact that humans “leak” and die sometimes. almost as much as he finds terrifying the fact that he leaves a skeleton behind when he breaks down
  • instead of blood and tears, he seems to drop oil. 
    and when he’s insane, nightmare fuel.
  • he’s unable to swear. any explitive word is forcefully removed and censored
  • when he calls the science machine “mother”, he actually means it. he was created thanks to that thing anyway, so, well, yeah. its tecnically his mom
  • this is how he talks anyway. his voice can get way more high-pitched if he starts “yelling”
Water Bill (Chanyeol Smut)

“Ugh!” You groaned as you slipped your heels off your aching feet. “So happy to have them off.”

Chanyeol eyed you as he messed up his hair and undid his tie.

“Remind me to never attend another wedding in my life.” You teased, slipping your stockings off.

Chanyeol laughed at the comment before grabbing a beer from the fridge. “You say that now.”

Rolling your eyes you looked down at the engagement band on your finger. “Nope. I mean it. It’ll be a jeans and t-shirt wedding.”

As you undid your necklace, slim arms wrapped around you. “And miss out on you getting all dolled up like this? Not happening.”

Blush creeped up your cheeks as Chanyeol’s lips made contact with your neck.

Playfully you smacked his arm and stole the beer he was holding.

You stuck out your tongue before guzzling down the cold beverage.

“Hay, I was drinking that!” He acted annoyed that you’d stolen his drink.

“Don’t get your balls in a twist. I saved you some.” You smiled as you placed the beer back in his hand and used the loose tie to bring his face to yours.

You kissed his warm lips and smiled before walking away.

“I’m going to get a shower.” You announced, running off to the bathroom.

Once the steaming water ran from the spout, you placed towels on the rack and began unzipping your dress, allowing it to fall to the floor.

The warm water welcomed you as you stepped under its flow. Slowly, you closed your eyes, feeling drowziness take over your muscles.

“Jagiya…?” A throaty voice called out.

“Hmmm?” You muttered, enjoying the feel of the water on your back.

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So I just spent the past like nine or ten hours or so reading your anazing fanfic, landscape with a blur of consequences, and i am FLOORED. It’s been a while since I’ve read fanfic but after TLJ I was like “hmm ok lets check into this rey/kylo bizz” so I stumble on to your masterpiece and I am fucking hooked (sorry for the explitive but i am srs here)!!! I came for the reylo, i found the reylo, and i am most definitely staying for the reylo! YOUR FICS ARE PERFECT OKAY 💕

Thank you very, very much! I truly appreciate you taking the time not only to bingeread conquerors but also to send such a kind and thoughtful message! 🤗


So i have quite a few tumblr buddies, some i talk to every day, some who are mutuals, and some i talk to randomly, but still enjoy their blogs ^u^ So here is a list of my friends you should definitely follow (And why) 

(Its not in any particular order, i just remembered them at random)

rulerofpurple An adorable meme who makes adorable art x3 They’re super kind and adorable and are always there for a talk about birbs ^u^

saifishworthy A cute lil meme who’s art is just adorable, always leaves a nice message and is a cutie patootie


lil-memer Quality memes and art, is so adorable and sends nice messages ;3;

my-oddly-drawn-blog-2 A really nice and cute meme who does amazing art trades and art in genderal OuO

thechickenoverlord Okay this meme’s photography is amazing, go follow them, right now OuO


miketothecore An amazing role player who is multiship so go follow em and start RPing ;3;

drawdroid OKAY SO THIS NERD RIGHT HERE IS my beloved wife and you should go appreciate their art because ohmygoodness its amazing, she is kind and adorable and a big meme so go, go right now :3c

theonlyonedancing AIGHT THIS MEME We talk regularly on skype, but it is a little hard because of timezones, her art is beautiful and amazing, and you should go follow her, she has quality ish up in there and is amazing and adorable

jerecenttrash Mmkay so this cute meme makes amazing art for her ship Jerecent (Jeremy and Vincent), even if you don’t ship it, you should follow her because her art is awesome 

holywastelandworld OHMYGOODNESS Okay this meme is amazing, is always around for a talk on skype, is constantly hilarious and a cute nerd and always cheers me up

honey-voiced-honey-palmer An awesome roleplayer and is total Night Vale trash (Not a bad thing) Is awesome and adorable and go follow them ;u;

mrkenyon I talk to him sometimes, and he is a very funny nerd ^u^ He does amazing voice acting, and hilarious youtube videos, so go, go follow :£c

skyecandi A cute-ass Catdog who is a precious cinnamon roll, too good for this world ;u; Go follow her, she is amazing and in need of some love ^u^

twitchy-hooligan A cute ass meme who is always up for a talk, and is an adorable nerd ;u;

lucky-addie Okey this meme’s art is amazing, and you should totally go like it, brony or no brony ;u;

averytheunsavoury MMKAY SO THIS BEAUTIFUL MEME I (Sort of) Met at a Con, they are adorable and cute and sweet and so nice, so go talk to them because they are just so sweet and nice ;u;

thelastsworld MUMMA K! xD Okay so Mrs K writes amazing stories for her characters, she is the sweetest woman ever, she is always there to cheer you up and give you hugs if you are sad, and she is just such a sweet person x3 Go ask her about her stories and characters ;u;

lovergal2121 A cutie patootie who draws and makes so many references to Portal, i am now confirmed anger core xD 

explitic Omfg this meme is my cuddle buddy and makes the best art, and is just adorable, we talk on skype and she is the closest internet friend (Geographically speaking) :’D Go give her art requests AND ASK ABOUT THE ART PROGRAM THING WERE MAKING OMG

askkensake This nerd ;3; He does an amazing ask blog, streams every Tuesday, so go ask some questions and go follow ;u;

vincethehelper Run by rulerofpurple this is an amazing help blog (And RP blog) For rebornica‘s character Vince ^u^ If you have any problems, she is always around to help ^u^

mikethesecurityguard Aight Cam is super sassy and doesn’t take any shit, which i really admire ^u^ We used to talk quite a bit, but we don’t anymore, which is a little sad, but what can you do? He’s awesome, and funny and you should go follow him, he’s a total nerd

lolzman87 Ey this dude does awesome voice acting, seriously its amazing. He voices characters from different fandoms, but my favourites are the characters he does from Rebornica’s webcomic pilot ^u^ Also he is an adorable sugar princess and you cannot tell me otherwise

ask-discorded-princess-luna Aight this awesome meme, i don’t talk to enough. But her art is adorable and amazing, and you should go ask her some questions because honestly is awesome ;u;

Okay and thats my list of memes you should follow ^u^


Context: My character was in a cave waiting for the party of five to find her. On the way, in the forest, one of the characters dies. Our lovably thick-headed (and low charisma) Cavalier makes a funeral pire for her…but doesn't create a boundary and so burns the entire forest to the ground and proceed to go find my character. Upon leaving the cave:

Me: What…happened here?!

Cavaliar: I definitely had absolutely not a single thing to do with it at all.

Everyone rolls Sense Motive against his low Bluff. And everyone nat-1’s. Everyone. Followed by rauckus laughter and severe explitives. 


Ashton tore around his room, books and papers being thrown the moment he touched them. The chair by his desk was left overturned on the floor and his laundry basket tipped over by the closet. He swore a few times before throwing his pillow at the wall. He paused, taking a breath as he looked around the room, seeing his destruction. He groaned and kicked his bedframe before falling on to the mattress, face pressed into his sheets. His fist came down on the bed next to him, followed by another muffled string of explitives. 

february 22, 2016

this has been the longest fucking day of my life.

12 am: in virginia, at a bar taking celebratory shots with my debate coach. we bring back a bottle of wine for the hotel to celebrate with the rest of the team.

1 am: everyone is incredibly drunk. my coach is wrapped in blankets on the bed pretending he’s a burrito.

2 am: i black out. i’m told that i somehow managed to somehow prepare myself for bed without incident.

5 am: the debate team wakes up and heads out to take a shuttle to the airport. i’m still very, very drunk.

6 am: i go through airport security staggeringly intoxicated, slurring my words and stumbling around. i try to play it off as “tired” and succeed. we’re informed that our flight has been delayed.

9 am: we board the plane for a 5-hour flight to take us from virginia to los angeles, california. we travel back in time three hours. notable in-flight moments:

  • two grown-ass adults get into a shouting match full of explitives because one accidentally kicked the other during a moment of turbulence and the other would not accept the first’s apology
  • my coach solves a “hard” level sodoku puzzle in pen

12 pm: we land at LAX and i’ve managed to sleep off my drunkenness. we all grab lunch.

2 pm: we take a 2.5-hour bus ride from los angeles to santa barbara.

4:45 pm: we’re picked up at the bus station by a friend. my teammate and i debate on whether or not we should go to our lecture at 5 even though we had previously informed our professor that we’d be absent, and eventually agree that we ought to.

5 pm: my teammate and i leave our luggage with the rest of the debate team and literally run across campus to make it to class on time. we arrive three minutes late, just as the professor is starting class.

5:30 pm: i’m dying in class and SO. TIRED.

6:30 pm: i grab dinner.

7 pm: i drop by my coach’s apartment to pick up the luggage i had left with him.

it’s currently 7:30 pm and i had planned to do some work and answer some messages here before showering and going to sleep, but i can barely keep my eyes open.

i had an incredible few days in washington DC and the debate competition was so fun (only in hindsight, though - as it was happening i was a nervous wreck, but my coach said we performed our best thus far.)! i got to see some old friends, meet new people, and tour our nation’s capital for the first time. nonetheless, i’m happy to be back in my bed in santa barbara :)

good night, everyone.