Kesha, Interrupted - Kesha was tired; Kesha was in her Saturn return. A Saturn return, she explained to me, happens to people between the ages of 27 and 31. “It’s when [expletive] gets really real and really hard, and you have to face life as an adult,” she said. Her hair was wet, and she wore eyelash extensions and no makeup. Her face, close up, is covered in freckles the color of very light coffee that make her look younger than 29. “It’s just a period in your life where you just kind of go from being more of a kid to a real adult.”


“This was a chance to play with someone who’s excited about features and loves filmmaking, and Bowman always pushes himself and the whole crew, and we love it. There’s nothing better than dancing in filmmaking with someone that is willing to go all in, and he’s definitely one of those creatives.” [x]


Shiro will punch a ghost in the face, he doesn’t give a [kid-friendly space expletive].

Yet another piece for my Voltron paranormal investigator AU! Check it out here!

It drive me insane that people viciously tear into things that people pour their heart and soul into. I’ve seen a shit ton of negativity for RWBY, but I’ve watched the episode 5 times over and over today. The point is, no matter what it is, everything has mistakes, and that’s fine, and that’s natural. Stop tearing into RT. If you’re going to give criticism, give constructive criticism. If you live your whole fucking life finding things wrong to point out, I actually feel sorry for you, because that sucks the enjoyment out of everything you do. Sit back and enjoy the content. Find things you like. Maintain a respectful dialogue with RT. Y'know, be a reasonable human being. Life is a lot better when you find things you enjoy instead of things you hate.

Update on the dentist running from the law: he responded to a text from my manager that stated, and I quote: “F*** you fat c***“.

What he didn’t realize is that he was responding to a group message that involved the area manager.

This is going to be a freaking blood bath. 


So now you know: if you want to distract Malcolm just say the word teabagging.

You will then have to explain either your ignorance or your knowledge, but, you know, needs must when The Kraken Awakes.

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"Joss. Fucking. Whedon", a rant by me.

As much as I LOVE(D) AtS/BtVS/Firefly/Dollhouse/Avengers like any other person, I despise Joss *fucking* Whedon.

For someone who has been praised for his “feminist work” and the portrayal of women on tv, it’s rich that he’s saying that sexism exists within the film/tv industry when, let’s be real, he should just shut up. Let’s see what he’s done:

*He FIRED a pregnant actress (Charisma Carpenter) for basically not consulting him the matter (she told him about it when she was 4 months pregnant). When she came back, he ASSASSINATED the character (David Fury had been writing Cordelia for a couple seasons) just because - when he promised her he wouldn’t kill her character off.

Now, onto his shows:
His female characters were ALWAYS sublimated to the weaker, childish and sexist male characters of his shows.

Buffy, Cordelia, Faith and Anya - four of the most aware and confident characters of tv when it came to their lives, personalities AND sexuality, were constantly punished and shamed.


For starters, not only does she come from a line and hierarchy that was created BY MEN with the sole purpose of controlling the *weaker* sex (the fact that every Slayer has a MALE WATCHER says it all), but is also the weaker part of every romantic relationship she’s ever had with her male counterparts. She breaks when Angel leaves her, she breaks when that Parker guy from college isn’t interested in just more than a one-night stand with her. She breaks when she’s undermined by Riley, who cheats on her with a vampire. She breaks when Spike almost rapes her. And all of this happens whiiiiile Xander, just casually, keeps reminding her how much of a failure she is when it comes to romantic relationships.


In“What’s My Line? Part I”, for example, this next exchange of quotes happens:

 *Cordelia: I can’t even believe you. You dragged me out of bed for a ride? What am I, mass transportation? 

*Xander: That’s what a lot of the guys say, but it’s just locker room talk. I wouldn’t pay it any mind.

*Cordelia: Oh, great, so now I’m your taxi and your punching bag. 

*Xander: I like to think of you more as my witless foil, but have it your way.

 Yeah, he actually said that. During the whole time Xander and Cordelia were a couple, Xander kept reminding her how SHAMEFUL everything she’d done or said was. Only HIS opinion mattered which, apparently, gave him the right to call her a “bitch” and a “slut” very often.Then, of course, Joss had Xander cheat on Cordelia and somehow, he managed to make Cordelia the BAD ONE.

Just after that, she was sent to“Angel”, where everything about her was just FLAWLESS and for that, and for creating the most feminist, confident and funniest character of the Whedonverse in my opinion, David Greenwalt deserves all the credit. But something happened weeks before wrapping s3 of AtS and Charisma told Joss Whedon she was pregnant. That’s when Joss fucking whedon took over the character and destroyed it.

He made Cordelia SLEEP WITH ANGEL’S SON and wrote that some fucking evil bastard HAD TAKEN OVER HER BODY, meaning… she was basically raped. Just like she was before in S1 when she was inseminated by a demon without her consent - and he didn’t care.


In both cases there were similarities. Both characters were written in a way that the conception of their initial actions and purposes was that they used their sexuality AND sex to get what they wanted.

Faith: She was “allowed” to enjoy sex for a couple seasons, making Buffy the *weaker* of the two Slayers. When Faith was sexually active and proud, Buffy was miserable and broken. At one point, thinking that Faith may had had enough, she killed a man, and that made her go crazy. She was CONSTANTLY shamed for it and called a “slut” by WILLOW (and the rest). There was aaalways something wrong with her. Her inability to not control herself led her to seduce Angel which finished with her being severely wounded (by Buffy) and IN A COMA. Meaning? Whenever a woman has sex, there are BAD consequences because – well, because they’re women.

Anya: Just like Faith, her first episodes were reminders of HOW she got what she wanted, and how her sexuality was key. When she and Xander are finally in what it appears an adult romantic relationship, Xander CONSTANTLY talks and uses her sexuality against her. Basically, the sole purpose of the character is to be hot and needy, and always ready to fuck, because that’s what Xander wants the most. Let’s not forget that, after all, Xander had said then that her sexuality “made him feel like a man”. Ergo, his domination over Anya’s body and sexuality was used for his ego only.


Perhaps the second strongest, confident character of the Whedonverse. She had fought the war with Mal, but stil she was labeled as a “woman” and not a “warrior or soldier” like Mal was. In her relationship with “Wash”, she was the stronger, smarter counterpart. When it came to fights, and wars and business, Zoe was badass but when it came to her intimate life in their room as “Zoe Washburne, the wife and Wash, the husband”, she was the weaker part. She’d always have to be ready for sex, because ONLY “Wash” had needs. And not only is she objectified by Wash, by also by others because she was brave and didn’t mind getting her hands dirty (male sexual fantasies, yay!)


As much as I loved Kaylee, she was written to be what most men see in their fantasies: She was hot, and smart, AND COULD REPAIR VEHICLES! So, Joss aaaalso made her needy of men.


The premise of this character basically was that she was a high profile prostitute who every single person of the ‘verse shall worship, ‘cause prostitution is what makes a woman good, right?

Whenever her profession is degraded and shamed by others (men), MAL has something to do with it. She’s HIS as long as she was with them, according to him. And when Inara defends herself, her integrity and her profession, she’s reminded how HE OWNS HER.


DOLLHOUSE (what I found interesting about this show was the concept, even though I DESPISED the individual stories):

The sole purpose of the existence of all the “dolls” in “Dollhouse” is to PLEASE MEN – whatever it’s sexually, economically, or whatever. In exchange of money AND a new life, the company can erase all their memories and use them as they see fit. Meaning, most of the female characters are USED FOR SEXUAL INTERCOURSE.

Echo, being the lead character and all, was often beaten and abused – both, sexually and psysically. The premise of the show was what lots of people fantazise about: to have someone YOU CAN CHANGE and MANIPULATE so that THEY HAVE TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT, WHATEVER THE WAY YOU WANT IT DONE.

So. Feminist and not sexist my ass, motherfucker.


Brant Gaither and Jeremy Owens served on a traffic unit for the McIntosh County Sheriff’s Department when the investigation revealed their racist and sexist Facebook messages in which they were targeting black drivers in their area for traffic stops.

Two officers were caught saying:

“I have a dream. That one day my people will not act like animals,” posted Brant Gaither.
“Lol. That’ll never happen,” responded Jeremy Owens
“It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Might not get too many niggs,” Owens wrote.
“I hope we get a few but (expletive) if we don’t,” Gaither replied.

Gaither has now been fired and a Owens resigned abruptly after an investigation discovered their offensive racial posts. Other exchanges found the two officers making light of domestic violence, and more racist “jokes.”

“It was just a joke, we all do it,” Gaither said, according to an internal investigation.  

Both of them tried to cover their asses by saying that it was a joke, but Chief Deputy George A. Trexler was being tough on the negotiations.

“The content was highly racist, misogynist, and offensive toward a fellow deputy,” he said.

How can anyone believe that there’s no war on Black people, when even cops admit that they intentionally target Black citizens? 

This should stop.