“You know what Anne’s last words to her imprisoned lover were? ‘Had you fought like a man you need not have been hanged like a dog.’ But I think she proved that fighting like a woman was more than effective.”

Anne Bonny and Mary Read were the fiercest pirates in their day, holding their own and beyond among crews of men. The fearless swordswomen led wholly scandalous lives full of adventure, debauchery, and daring exploits in their careers as rovers of the seas. Though not many details about their lives are known as fact, they undoubtedly remain two of the most iconic nautical historical figures of all time. 

The curator of the Maritime Museum of San Diego had been putting the finishing touches on a new exhibit about the two infamous female buccaneers when the cornerstone piece, an eighteenth-century pistol belonging to Mary Read herself, was stolen. According to legend, the superstitious marauder had recruited a sorceress to conjure up a curse; should the revolver be taken from its rightful owner, the malefactor would be sorely punished. Bizarre and unexplained accidents have begun occurring on all of the museum’s ships, and the curator is convinced these local misfortunes point to one of his staff being the culprit. Is this merely the work of a disgruntled employee? Or has Mary Read’s vengeful malediction been enacted?

Join Nancy Drew in her next case: The Swashbuckler’s Scourge.


im going to translate this for y'all because hes gross and i hate him. im gonna curse the shit out of him.

i am sorry for this negative post, but this guy had me paranoid for half a year. and still has, if im alone. 

“have we ended all communication between us, or can we sweep it under the rug? ”

“so everytime i do something i am not sure isnt retarded, i try to find some sort of excuse/ explantion for it, this is no exception: i didnt sleep last night. ”

“that also means that when im stupid/smart enough to text you now, i’ll spill a lot of shit i normally would keep to myself, which i might later regret. i think i know what im saying, but when i wake tommorow i will probably see trash.”

“i am a bit (more than im willing to admit” sad. and i have a stupid feeling ive done this before (what’s the definition of insanity..)  but what i did back on sunday the 4th, have seemingly have the one consequense i was unwilling to accept, that i had though impossible.

“i thought there were 2 possible outcomes.

2. friendzoned”

“so yeah, (im just going to assume you’ll read this) i was sitting thinking it over (again, as i’ve done far too many times) and i dont know where the fuck we went wrong”

“so as the webcreep i am, i started off by checking if you had made any skype updates, which you had, so by that my best deduction would be, that you are in love with…is the first letter in his name k? (no offense by any means , just bad with names).. a dude with red hair who cooked…some kind of meat.. some time ago”

“that would also explain why it is hard to keep in contact with someone who made a love confession to you. (that would be me), but it would be really nice if you told me that, yes i do know how to shut up+i would get an explanation (10 points to hufflepuff)”

“after that i checked your facebook , and that explained nothing”

“*link to a facebook post she made some time ago*”

“this could be a "fuck you” or just something you saw you thought was ‘deep n’ stuff’. wither way, this is a great example, in my opinion"

“my point is: this means a lot to me”

“oh "heidi…you can find a lot of loyal boyfriends who would do anything for you…its called yandere dudes XD” <—and thats just sad. “

^none of use know wtf he is referring to here, which makes it creepier

"god dammit i just got my hopes up.”

facebook texts

*5th of october 2015*

“i never intended to hurt her, but she carries a lot of bad memories, so i dont know if i can convince her”

^the creep trying to sound poetic or something

*14th of april 2016*


“sorry was not meant for you”

^trying to play it off as if he sent it to the wrong person….several months after

*16th of september*

“so, is all communication between us gone for good?”

it is okay to reblog this, bc this is like…fucking creepy



  • Alone!Frisk:

She just a little child hopes everyone remember who she is. Seems that before she fell down to the underkingdom, she couldn’t stand getting alone. In the story, she had known that everyone will forget her but she still wanted to check once at least. When she knew Sans remembered her, she wanted to stay at the judge room again and again by being killed and loading. She felt it made her Satisfied because there was someone(Sans) knew who was she.By the way, Frisk still have her mouth, but to show she was too sad to broke her vocal cords obviously, the painting of characteristic is none. And then, she talked to Alone!Sans by writing notes (or some body’s languages).

  • Alone!Sans:

In his mind, he still thought the sixth human is a good man for hope. (Or the seventh, he doesn’t know who’s Chara.) So he didn’t stop him to save the kingdom at the judge room in his timeline.Because this, he explanted it as Fleeing, and after that, he made fun of calling himself a new king in the underground.By the way, he just can smile. He doesn’t laugh.

- - -

  • The world:

It seems that if Frisk didn’t to do “something”, she won’t die but loading again. Frisk would move to a new timeline when she died or loaded by herself. And when she arrived to the new timeline, everyone won’t have any memory about their relationship.

  • Others:

They’re the same of Undertale, but if Frisk loaded, they would forget who’s she. Only Sans knew her identity, but it just still was known from other timelines.

  • Flowey and Chara:

We don’t know if Alphys made the experiment about putting determination into Flowey’s body, but follow the rules of souls, which someone died without being absorbed would disappear, Flowey and Chara were death.

About why Frisk knew Chara and Asriel is from a setting that Frisk had checked the information in Toriel’s room. (But it wasn’t say in story) In fact, Chara is like her as they both girls, appearances, hair styles, or even humans, etc. So that’s why she was jealous of Chara, who is remembered by everyone.

= = = Chinese = = =

  • Alone!Frisk:






  • Alone!Sans:





- - -

  • 世界觀:



  • 其他人:


  • 小花跟Chara:



anonymous asked:

hi I'm a asexual biromantic and I have come out to one person (and only as an asexual). I have maintained my hetero-ness for a long time all the people in my high school like to taunt me and call me a lesbian (this started way back in 5th grade before I knew I liked girls). Now I know I like girls after denying it for years. So how the hell do I come out as bi now?


I understand that this is difficult, especially since you have two things to come out about (ace and bi). I guess being ace and bi are two sexual identites that often involve more explantion for the ignorant straight people. They kinda know what gay/lesbian is but asexual? and bi??? that’s often too much for their heteronormative little world so I totally get it if you say “dude, I don’t wanna keep explaining this stuff over and over again”…. but you could prepare a little speech. I would start with the person who already knows you are ace and tell them that even though you don’t experience sexual attraction you can still see yourself being in a romantic relationship with someone regardless of their gender. If you want to come out to other people as well, it’s up to you how much you want to explain or not.
The fact that you have denied being a lesbian in the past isn’t something you should feel bad about because a) you don’t identify as a lesbian but a biro asexual - that’s something else. b) sometimes it takes time to figure out who you really are. c) you don’t owe anyone an explantion about who you are and/or why you “just” realised it now that you like girls and d) anyone who reacts badly or tries to make you feel guilty isn’t worthy of being your friend.


P.S.: and don’t forget that you don’t ~have to come out if you don’t want to.

Top 5 most anticipated Anime of summer 2015

And brief explantations as to why.

5. Junjou Romantica 3

Because gay guys.

4.  Gatchaman Crowds insight (season 2)

Because I liked the first season.

3. Durarara!!x2 Ten

Because Drrr!! is gold.

2. God Eater

Because Ufotable.

1. Gangsta.

Because the manga is pretty awesome.

Listen i cant express how pissed off i am mary jane is gonna be black in the new movie like you cant do that you cant just take a character who is still white in the comics and cast her suddenly as black with no explantion you can just make characters who are white black

you cant do it with black characters and make them white either although im aware they do that, but doing it to white characters, espically from a franchise that has a large diverasity of cast and characters anyway, is horrible.

If this was another black person turned white people would be up in arms about it, why arent people complaining about this. she’s suppose to be canonaly white its who she is, if she was black and casted as white id be pissed off as much as i am now!

Like you can make spiderman black its just a suit, THEY DID IT, but yknow how they did it? They made a new black character and put him in the spiderman suit, miles is black

peter parker aint black, hes white and you cant make him black. Mary jane is white, you cant make her black because mary jane is a person not a costume. i’m all for adding black characters but dont do it by turning white characters black, it just doesnt work. (And again dont do it to black characters either)

most people watch the movies more then read the comics so anyone sees a black mary jane and hast read the comics will assume mary jane has always been black, and what if they pick up a comic, espically the current running ones, sees peter with mary jane, and shes white and their like “whos this bitch” this is a huge mistake to make her black, nothing bad on the actor playing her i mean im sure she’ll do great but for the sake of the lore you can’t make her black!

If they did it to a black character i knew and made them white - like what if they gave miles a movie as the new spiderman and casted him as white? I’d bycott the shit out of it. I’m bycotting homecoming too because they fucked up and made mary jane black.

It’s not even about white vs black really that’s bugging me im pissed off shes black because that’s not how she is in canon lore. If it’s not canon why the fuck am I going to watch it. This is not how you get people to want to watch more black actors, you get people to want to watch more black actors by giving them their own unique characters they can be, like if you want to show a black superhero call in storm or something, shes black!


Edit: if any of you are going to challange me and call me racist I suggest you have valid evidence to back it up, because guess what if you actually read my text post you’ll realize I’m not racist. Yes I’m upset about the skin color of mary jane in the movie but it’s not because I don’t want to see more black people on screen it’s because she’s canon ally white, I want canon to the comics. If they did this to a black person and made them white I’d be just as mad so tell me again how you can call me racist? :)


I’m going to start a project. It’s called: I challenge you!
I will challenge you every day to do one thing. It will make your life better. It will make someone else life better. It will spread love. It will give hope. It will bright the day. It will make you happy. It will help you to be yourself.
One challenge - every day.
To let us grow. To let us shine :)

Normal People Scare Me....

This quote from American Horror Story, to me means people who believe that in being ‘normal’ is the only way scare me. The concept of ‘normal’ is a weird concept to me, i don’t know how one person would want someone else definitions of ‘normal’, to fit into a box build built by society to make anyone inside it feel like they are less than everyone else. To buy into the concept of being ‘normal’ is to buy into the society reign of out-casting those who dare to be different.  Being different is something i have become an expert at this starting high school, in the last 10 years i have learned this is more fun in being different than being in the box made by a society who rules are made and signed for by Government who never lived on the out side the box. 

This is why i love when people say i am different, weird or whatever else they may come up with because it means they notice that i will live by what society believe is ‘normal’

No better than a white man with slave boats Sound like I needed some soul searching My pops gave me some game in real person Retrace my steps on what they never taught me Did my home work fast before governement caught me So I'ma dedicate this one verse to Oprah On how the infamous, sensitive N-word control us So many artist gave her an explantion to hold us Well this is my explanation straight from Ethiopia N-E-G-U-S definition: royality King royalty - wait listen N-E-G-U-S description: Black emporor, King, ruler The history books overlooked the word and hide it America tried to make it to a house divided The homies don't recognize we be using it wrong So I'ma break it down and put my game in the song N-E-G-U-S, say it with me

Don’t sleep on how powerful this verse is…. I’m glad it was k.dot that said this mainstream

Hi its me again //weeps

My regular prices are here; with some old examples. For some newer examples of my art, you can go here. If you’re interested, please email me at cutthatweebshitout@gmail.com. If you have any specifics on what you want, feel free to also ask for my skype ! 

Reblogs are apprecaited, donations/tips are welcome. 

I would say im better with ponies, but i will do furries because ive been practicing again!

Lastly, I have a few commissions queued before these. Those of course will be done first, and all of these should be done during my winter break (which is two weeks from now.) I will do my best to not take an exaggerated amount of time, but please understand school really slows me down.

mini explantion under the cut, for anyone interested.

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