I’m going to start a project. It’s called: I challenge you!
I will challenge you every day to do one thing. It will make your life better. It will make someone else life better. It will spread love. It will give hope. It will bright the day. It will make you happy. It will help you to be yourself.
One challenge - every day.
To let us grow. To let us shine :)


People using irony wrong bugs me…

Normal People Scare Me....

This quote from American Horror Story, to me means people who believe that in being ‘normal’ is the only way scare me. The concept of ‘normal’ is a weird concept to me, i don’t know how one person would want someone else definitions of ‘normal’, to fit into a box build built by society to make anyone inside it feel like they are less than everyone else. To buy into the concept of being ‘normal’ is to buy into the society reign of out-casting those who dare to be different.  Being different is something i have become an expert at this starting high school, in the last 10 years i have learned this is more fun in being different than being in the box made by a society who rules are made and signed for by Government who never lived on the out side the box. 

This is why i love when people say i am different, weird or whatever else they may come up with because it means they notice that i will live by what society believe is ‘normal’

rushtalk: do’s & don’ts for explaining a “re-rush”...

Q: When I rush again, can you give me an example of a positive back story I can tell the sisters who ask me?

A: If you’re a re-rushing PNM, you want to be basically honest, but it’s also ok to soft peddle whatever went wrong the first time. Sugarcoating your past experience is a good idea, especially if there was some negative drama involved. If asked, keep your explantation simple and to the point. Then move the conversation to happier topics. Avoid blaming others. Your basic story should be that you didn’t make a match the first time and now you’re very eager to join greek life. xoxo ;)

🌻 10 Re-Rush Explanation Don’ts:

  • Don’t badmouth other sororities.
  • Don’t trash an individual sister for what happened.
  • Don’t blame incompetent panhellenic management. 
  • Don’t say that you had a terrible Rho Gamma who gave you bad advice. 
  • Don’t tell the sorority you suicided after the Preference Round. 
  • Don’t go into deep personal problems that caused you to drop out. 
  • Don’t appear to be too picky or too elite to join a chapter.
  • Don’t whine about how severely disappointed you were last time.
  • Don’t snicker or scoff at the “type” of sisters you might have ended up with, had you not dodged a bullet. 
  • Don’t fabricate an outright lie, when sisters may know the truth of what happened. 

🌻 10 Re-Rush Explanation Do’s:

  • Do say, “Last year I just wasn’t ready to commit, but now I am.”
  • Do say, “Oh I didn’t make a match last time, but I can’t wait to go greek this semester.”
  • Do say, “I didn’t know much about sororities when I rushed as a freshman, but I’ve learned so much in the last year. Now I’m really excited to go greek.” 
  • Do speak highly of sorority life and the process of recruitment. You’re thrilled to be participating again. 
  • Do mention that you have several friends in sororities. Through them you’ve learned how amazing it is to be a sister.
  • Do emphasize the future and everything you’re looking forward to. You’re not looking back, that’s water under the bridge. 
  • Do express how lucky you are to have another opportunity to rush. 
  • Do share the reason you’re re-rushing if it’s not a really negative experience, such as the unfortunate timing of a transfer, or a mix up with your class credits.  
  • Do smile widely, laugh lightly and keep your explanation carefree. 
  • Do use a touch of humor in your story to make your answer more agreeable.

🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻

  • Artist or any cool person in tumblr dot com in general:I'm posting a playlist of music that inspires me, etc.!
  • Me:Neato! :D
  • Artist/otherwise cool person:here's the Spotify link to...
  • Me:why must you hurt me this way? What have I done upon you?
Unclassifiable arrhythmic cardiomyopathy associated with Emery-Dreifuss caused by a mutation in FHL1.

PubMed: Unclassifiable arrhythmic cardiomyopathy associated with Emery-Dreifuss caused by a mutation in FHL1.

Clin Genet. 2016 Feb 9;

Authors: Román IS, Navarro M, Martínez F, Albert L, Polo L, Guardiola J, García-Molina E, Muñoz-Esparza C, López-Ayala JM, Molina MS, Gimeno JR

Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy (EDMD) is a heterogeneous genetic disorder characterized by peripheral muscular weakness often associated with dilated cardiomyopathy. We characterize clinically a large family with a mutation in FHL1 gene (p.Cys255Ser). Penetrance was 44%, 100% for males and 18% for females. The heart was the main organ involved. Affected adult males had mild hypertrophy, systolic dysfunction and restriction with non-dilated ventricles. Carriers had significant QTc prolongation. The proband presented with resuscitated cardiac arrest. There were 2 transplants. Pathological study of explanted heart demonstrated fibrofatty replacement and scarring consistent with arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy and prominent left ventricular trabeculations. Myopathic involvement was evident in all males. Females had no significant neuromuscular disease. Mutations in FHL1 cause unclassifiable cardiomyopathy with coexisting EDMD. Prognosis is poor and systolic impairment and arrhythmias are frequent. Thrombopenia and raised creatine phosphokinase should raise suspicion of an FHL-1 disorder in X-linked cardiomyopathy.

PMID: 26857240 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] http://dlvr.it/KT9ST8

Reginald Lockhart, 32 | TAKEN BY TINA RAE
human | matthew macfadyen 
relationships: Emma Dowding (former interest)
bio: Reginald had always loved Emma Dowding and even after her family lost their fortune, he was still as eager as ever to marry her. She broke off their engagement suddenly and without much of an explantation. For months, Reginald tried to discover what had changed her mind, but when she made it clear that she never wished to see him again, he respected her wishes and let her be. It’s been four years since and now Reginald has finally moved on and has decided that it’s time he marry. 

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Name: Laura

Birthday: 12th December 1994

Gender: Female

Relationship status: Single

Pets: I don’t own any

Type of phone: iPhone 5c

Favourite colour: Purple or blue

Height: Under 5ft (4′10, if you wanna be exact)

Average hours of sleep: Between 7-9 hours

Lucky number: 3

Last thing I googled: Patau Syndrome (it’s what my dead sister had and I wanted to include a description of it for my Wordpress blog) (if you wanna know more about it, I’ll send you the wikipedia explantation)

First word popped into my head: Ugh (as I’m typing this, it’s being SO SLOW!)

Happy place: Either the beach (it’s just so relaxing. I can legit feel my feelings wash away for a short period of time) or my bed (cos nobody can tell me off or get to me if I’m in my bed)

Celebrity crush: Harry Styles (although, not nearly as much)

Favourite book: The Harry Potter series, The Mortal Instruments series, The Versions of Us or Between The Lines. But trust me, this list will grow as I keep reading

Last movie I watched: Chicken Run (ah, nostalgia)

Dream job: Author, working on a TV show or/and primary school teacher

Love or Lust: Love. Lust can lead to impulsive behaviour and have long term consequences

Lemonade or iced tea: Lemonade (why would you want iced tea? I don’t understand?)

Cats or dogs: Cats. I’m not a dog person

Coke or Pepsi: Coke! I do like Pepsi, but it’s not Coke

Day or Night: Both. In the day, I can go out, but night is just beautiful, and I’m a night owl

Make up or Au Natural: Natural. Partially cos Idk what I’m doing and Idk if I wanna learn tbh

Chapstick or lipstick: Lipstick. I’ve been told chapstick can make your lips crack so… Plus, I feel badass wearing lipstick (and confident)

City or country: City. I love the country, but only for short periods of time. I love exploring around a city

A-age: 21

B-biggest fear: I have a lot of fears. But the biggest have to be snakes, big spiders, being trapped, dentists and losing my loved ones (I don’t think there’s any others)

C-Current time: 9:50pm

D-drink you last had: Water

E- easiest person to talk to: Em. Don’t get me wrong, all my best friends are easy to talk to, but I don’t communicate with them that often (long distance and I’m not good at the whole communicating via social media/texts thing). Whereas I’m always staying in touch with Em. Always

F- favourite song: I don’t have one. I love too many songs to pick one

G-ghosts? Are they real?: Well, my brother disproved it for me. But even if he hadn’t, I’ve always wondered how ghosts would exist. Do they just decide not to die? Or what? I just don’t understand how they’d exist

H-heritage: I’m White British with Irish heritage. On my dad’s side, their surname originates in England, but mum’s side is completely Irish. I prefer to think of myself as at least half Irish, cos both sides were born and raised in Ireland (minus my dad) (for several generations on my dad’s side, but Idk when they immigrated over to Ireland)

I-in love with: Life. There’s so much I’m in love with, but life covers that

K-killed someone: Nope, unless characters count

L-last time you cried: Last weekend (I was on my period and felt depressed and generally felt miserable)

M-middle name: Mabel, after my granny (my dad’s mum)

N-number of siblings: Technically 2. 1 older (dead) sister, and 1 younger brother

O-one wish: I wish to reflect on my life and think I’d lived a good one

P-person you last called: My friend. She wanted to talk to someone, so we chatted

Q-question you’ve always asked: How can we live in a world where there’s so much injustice? How can people be so horrible, self absorbed and cynical?

R-reason to smile: My loved ones, music, reading, writing

S-song last sang: Viva La Vida

T-time you woke up: Uh… it was around 10am

U-underwear: This purple colour with tiny white hearts

V-vacation destination: I personally used to love Croyde, but we don’t go there anymore :( But recently, me and mum have been going round Italy, which is gorgeous. Italy and Spain are amazing. I’d love to go to America though (been California and Washington D.C., but I wanna go Florida to Harry Potter World!)

W-worst habit: Talking too much or blurting things out or worrying about everything

X- x rays you’ve had: I’ve only had dentist ones, and they now keep trying to get me to do them but it makes me gag and I hate them

Y- your favourite food: Chips/fries, mint choc chip ice cream, popcorn, chocolate (especially Cadburys) and Smarties McFlurry (RIP - still pissed they got rid of it!)

Z- zodiac: Sagittarius

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