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Kuroo/Daichi fic in a normal student au and they're in the same class?

Ya said normal student au but its spooktober and so hogwarts it is, I had a lot of trouble placing Kuroo so a flip of a coin decided it haha

It starts during their 5th year, on the train journey to Hogwarts. The attention of the trio in the carriage is brought to the gangly Slytherin attempting to lean casually against the door frame, eyes focused on Daichi and Daichi alone. 

“Hey, baby, you must be Felix Felicis because I’m lucky to have you in my life.”

Daichi ignores the snort that leaves Sugawara’s lips, and the way his hand comes up to his mouth to stiffle his laughter, as well as the bemusedly amused look on Asahi’s face, closing the book on his lap, discarding it to the seat beside him, and sighing as he stood up and moved to the compartment door.

“No.” Is all the Hufflepuff says, taking the opportunity to gently push the other from the doorway and close the door on him, leaving Kuroo stood alone in the corridor with nothing but the sound of Sugawara’s laughter escaping the compartment. 

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yixing’s “lose control” mv explanation

ok so the mv begins like this:

What’s behind the text reminding us of the song’s title and the fact that it was written, composed, and arranged by the talented Zhang Yixing? Presumably the ocean? Foreshadowing perhaps?

Yes. Sprinkled throughout the mv are scenes of Yixing dancing on this water-like surface before the moon. 

We learn that this water-like surface is actually the ocean when Yixing falls deep into the water.

So what does this mean? Well let’s take a closer look at these two images, the moon and the ocean. From a scientific standpoint, the connection between the moon and ocean is that the gravitational force of the moon contributes to the rise and fall of sea levels. These are also called tides. Familiar?

Yixing endorses the detergent brand Tide. There you have it folks, endorsement king Zhang Yixing keeps his brand pure by dedicating Lose Control to Tide. Thanks for reading and purchase Yixing’s 1st mini album Lose Control on iTunes and purchase Tide at your local grocery store or Wallmart.

I really, really want some of these assholes that insist that Dorian and Lavellan are the only possible ship to explain to me why. Like, actually write out a nuanced explanation as to why they feel the need to invade the inboxes of Dorian/Trevelyan shippers, why they bash on Adaar or Cadash. Why is it *exactly* that you guys think Dorian “”“”“belongs”“”“”“” to Lavellan??

I mean, I think I have an idea as to why, but I want to see these people explain it.

And yes, I’m saying all of this as someone who has an OTP that is Dorian with an elf.


Hi Guys so me and my YOI (Yuri On Ice) friends and  bestfriends are brainstorming and we just realized something.  
The very start of episode 4, why is Yuuri sleeping with Victor’s dog when Victor usually sleeps with his dog that was shown in the 2nd episode and the later part of episode 4. Remember in Episode 2, Victor wants to get to know Yuuri more and one of it is sleeping with him in his room.
And guess what? It might just be a speculation but we thought that Victor really did sleep with Yuuri since the dog is on the bed. How and When. So we just found some pics and connect it with eachother. (*Credits to the owners* such great art) and some screencaps from the episodes. So it’s like this after the battle between Yurio, of course everyone celebrated it with Yuuri and Victor. They eat and then drink, and when everyone goes back to each of  their homes after the celebration, Victor mustve asked Yuuri if he can sleep with him tonight. SInce he won the battle. Of course he wouldnt want to say no to such request. (Since he owe Victor in letting him do his short program that only Victor choreographed for him) We can say that both are drunk, they went to Yuuris room and they had some heart to heart talk, recollection of what happened during that day and for the past week. Of course Yuuri is still a bit shy about it but was happy that Victor is going to stay in Hasetsu. Then something just happened. Victor must be caught in the heat of the moment as he watches every action that Yuuri does, his mannerisms and suchs and he just couldnt help himself but he wants to do it with Yuuri. SO a A MIRACLE happened that Night. After that Miracle, both slept together with the dog of course. How lucky that poodle is to be a part of that Holy Night. (NEXT EPISODE, EPISODE 4) Victor woke up early , dressed up, and he knew that Yuuri overworked himself for the past week he  didnt wake him up yet. He couldve given him a morning kiss while he was asleep. “Ohayou Yuuri” -and smiles at the sleeping maiden of his-. He thought that he woke up a little early and decided to wait for their practice time at the Hasetsu Castle. But he was wrong. Yuuri woke up late. (and maybe that night Yuuri was too drunk and forget that something happened between them ehem~~ XD)  And Victor teases him when he get inside the rink, since hes the only one who made him wait for such a long time. That cute panicked Yuuri with his hairbed and all. I guess he still reeks of alcohol xP. The fact that they slept together that night…..with the dog with them <3 <3 Its kind of legit. You just have to analyze each episode. There’s more to it than that. Oh and the fact that Yuuri didnt say yes to Victor to be his boyfriend, was because he is still playing the role of the maiden, playing hard to get for his playboy (Victor) :)))

I wish there was a way for people to see what I see without my glasses on like the general explanation is “blurry” but that doesn’t quite cover it

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Dude, discrimination anon is being incredibly patient and polite to you. Clearly this is bothering them. I'm not gonna tell you what to do, and by all means this is your blog you can do what you want, but I think you ought to be a bit more polite to them. Just saying.

I’m actually under no obligation to be polite to people who anonymously criticize the way I express myself. If you’ve got a problem with something I say, say it off anon like an actual human being, especially if you’re demanding an explanation of something personal. For all I know, an anon could be Adolf Hitler’s shambling corpse. Private questions receive private answers. It’s common sense and courtesy.

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Don't blame us for not seeing your pages blame Tumblr not updating the Mobile App to be able to see your description pages! Some of us can barely afford this phone, let alone a PC you know.

look, i don’t have time to explain the au every single time someone asks me to, which is too often. so i’m not wasting time to do so, especially to those with an attitude. if you have wi-fi or service, then most, if not all of you should be able to get the page. if you’re messaging me, you clearly have one of those two things, yes? i have an iphone, which i know most people have as well, so i know that at least iphone users can get to the page with no problem. the phone’s browser app is not going to maul your face off. plus there’s also this awesome thing called scrolling, more often than not there is some explanation. and hey, maybe you’ll get a couple of laughs from my shitty humor while you try to look.

I can’t help but think about Zoro smh…
Like, what would he do if he was in a situation similar to Sanji’s? Or what would he have done if he had been there with Luffy and Nami? Would he have just stood by and let Sanji beat Luffy up even though Luffy wasn’t fighting back or defending himself? I doubt it. Or what will Zoro do IF he ever finds out about this? I’d like to think he’d beat Sanji up for real. He would definitely need an explanation at least… Unlike Luffy btw. I bet Luffy neither needs nor wants an explanation or apology from Sanji. He only wants him back.

An observation

I was scrolling through the crit role tag, like I always do, and I came to the realization that I had just accepted Keyleth’s antlers as a part of her character and just left it at that. Sometimes she has them, sometimes she doesn’t, but that’s mainly in the artwork. We never get an explanation as to why she has them, if it’s apart of her head-dress or if she magically creates them. Does she “take them off” at the end of the day? Does she forget sometimes and get her hair tangled in her antlers upon waking up? When they travel through thick, wooded areas or dense brush, do they catch on plants and she comes out of the area with a mess of leaves and branches and vines entangled in her antlers? Has she ever charged someone with the antlers, intending to gore them? Does she hang ornaments from them during winter’s crest? Do they change form depending on the season (I personally like the idea that she gets moose antlers during the winter)? I must know.


I’m done, I did it, I’m super happy with it and I’ve provided two versions. If Trott or Katie sees this, I’d rather the background version be shown on stream.

Now, onto the explanation.

Mina is a beautiful character and I loved doing this piece so I wanted to spend as much time on it as possible. I love her backstory, as heartbreaking as it is, and when I have the time, I plan on drawing more, including the rest of her family. I love this character as much as the main party, she was a perfect addition as a guest and I can’t wait to see more.

To me, this is more than just fan art of a well thought out, amazingly roleplayed and presented Dungeons and Dragons character, this is a thank you to @typewriterkatface. Every time I have done a piece of art, she has reblogged/liked it and if a piece of fan art for her, she has made a comment, this goes for all the High Rollers art. On Wednesday’s stream, Kat, you made me extremely happy by saying you liked my art and I’ve never actually felt more proud to be an artist till you said that. Yes, I’ll include I am now tearing up writing this. Kat, you have helped me in so many ways you don’t even know it. Being on streams is the best for me, not that I don’t love the other guys, of course I do, you’re the best, but you show me that it’s okay to exert yourself and have fun, something I often struggle with. So, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for being an amazing, heartwarming person, you deserve all the love you get and I mean that.

Also, as a side note, I may consider making a Mina cosplay? If I get the time to, curse you college! Perhaps next year some time, I have no idea yet but I really want to cosplay her, she’s my favourite lesbian, topping Commander Payla.

Music listened to when creating the piece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mSRraXCY9w (in case you were interested)


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ok so i don't really understand the whole house thing? i tried looking it up online and everything i found just explained it very confusingly like i don't get what they mean or how to know which one you're in and stuff??? can you please explain it ??

The houses are mathematical points that signify areas of life. There are always twelve, and their size (in degrees) depends on the house system you’re using. Most Western astrologers & calculators use the Placidus system, and it is non-equal, so the sizes vary by location (particularly the tilt of the earth and all that nerdy astronomical stuff we don’t care about). In geometrical terms, each “house” is a segment of a circle defined primarily by its first point (referred to as a cusp); its second point is the next house’s first. The first house is referred to as the Rising or Ascendant, and all of the other houses’ positions are determined by the Ascendant’s. The Ascendant and the Descendant (7th house) represent the horizon. The Ascendant sign is the sign that rose on the horizon at the minute of your birth. A house is considered to be “in a sign” when its first cusp falls within that sign’s 30° division of the Zodiac.

I hope this clears it up! Read this post and this post for more information.

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Sam is SO OBSESSED with Cait's bump. Rubbing it during interviews, talking about it any chance he gets, talking about how beautiful pregnant women are, the list goes on. So, again he asks her to wear it. It strikes me as either he jokes about it because he knows fans love it and especially shippers, or he just honestly can't contain himself imagining her with a child. I mean, if there are SOs, aren't these two just super duper gross and disrespectful? There is only one plausible explanation :)

I think that he takes the jokes a bit far for him to just be joking. He has an obsession there and Cait really doesn’t seem to mind. She even encourages it!

Co-creating a fictional universe together without an audience, having no expectation of profit, and playing a different role than one normally does in society can feel threatening to the mainstream.

This quote from Sarah Lynne Bowman is one of the best explanations I’ve seen for the nervousness some people have about tabletop roleplaying.

It’s from Chris Berg’s Dungeons of the mind: Tabletop RPGs as social therapy at Kill Screen, which is a must read.

Look at this ^_^
Here’s a short explanation of the sentence for you


“DAMBALLA is the Hawaiian Voodoo Godfather and the primordial creator of all life. He rules the mind, intellect, and cosmic equilibrium.” 。

In the horror movie “Child’s play” Chucky the doll tried to summon Damballa using a voodoo chant.

“The chant may appear French at a glance, but it’s not proper French. It appears to be closer to Haitian Creole which is losely based off of French but has been subject to and modified by other languages. Further evidence that points to its Haitian origins is the use of “Damballa,” a reference to Haitian Voodoo religion.  Nobody knows the true translation or the meaning of Chucky’s chant. It could just be gibberish.”

“ADE DUE DAMBALLA. Give me the power, I beg of you.Leveau mercier du bois chaloitte.
Secoise entienne mais pois de morte.
Morteisma lieu de vocuier de mieu vochette.
Endelieu pour du boisette damballa (3times)

Sooo I think this is just pretty cool it fits into the whole Spooky Box theme. So maybe GazettE is using all of it and creates a complete new atmosphere. So let’s stay tuned ^^. 。


I know that many people consider Trump’s typical speech pattern to just be hyperbole. While it is certainly that, I am not as generous in my interpretation. His speech is undeniably scattered, imprecise, absolute, and simplistic. The most parsimonious interpretation of this fact is that his thoughts are scattered, imprecise, absolute, and simplistic.