okay, i don’t know if you guys heard yet, but tyler got attacked last night at reading fest. he went crowd surfing and was completely violated. his shirt got ripped to shreds and they stole his shoes.

do you see his face? how terrified and surprised he looks? he is human just like the rest of us, and in no way deserves to be treated like this. there’s speculation that the perps weren’t clique, since it was a concert festival, but still. this situation also gives an explanation for the hamster ball. besides all the memes, that was really the only safe way without something like this or worse happening. this should never happen to anyone, not just tyler, but anyone. imagine being josh and watching your best friend being attacked in a crowd of people? just horrifying. i truly hope both boys are okay and tyler isn’t hurt in any way. if you would like to view the video of the situation click here. stay alive |-/

shutupluek replied to your post:The worst part with blue and green is that it’s…

elaborate pls i want to hear this lol


First of all, it’s their eye color.

And they’re the only band members using mic colors matching their eyes. They took dibs, I guess.

Summer 2014 the Bandana Project started.

 and since then Harry wore blue bandanas. The fandom noticed it, the Larries noticed it. AND HE KEPT WEARING IT A GAZILLION TIMES.

I don’t want to spam you with pics where H wears it, but check out this link:


RBB had consistently a blue and green gem facing the camera.

And the mood stickers, don’t forget about them. It was basically identifying them.

And the keys to their 10 M home!!!!!!!!!!




Another interesting thought in Mindful Education about the three figures that Stevonnie faces in the nightmare: Eyeball, Jasper, and Bismuth.

All three of these individuals tried to kill Steven.

You know what else they have in common?

None of them were after Steven for his own actions. They all attacked him because they thought he was Rose. Because they were holding him responsible for Rose’s actions.

Something I’ve been turning in my head since the episode Bismuth is the fact that Rose has really made some things a lot harder for Steven by her own inability/unwillingness to seek closure. Rose could have let Bismuth go, at least tried to make amends and be honest. She had thousands of years of peace to do that.

Instead, she left Bismuth for Steven. No instructions, no explanation.

Rose nearly got Steven killed.

In the hallucination, these three figures form into Rose herself, who seems to be looking down on Stevonnie, as if judging them.

But frankly- I’m going to accuse Rose of some bad parenting, here. Because, honestly, Bismuth is incredibly powerful. Lucky shot or not, she was able to take out Lapis, who, its not an exaggeration to say that Lapis is probably the most dangerous single Gem currently active in the cast- I’m not counting the Diamonds here, because we don’t have any real measurement of their powers.

Rose leaves Bismuth for Steven to deal with- totally innocuously, like the t-shirt and sword. Like a present.

Yeah Rose, it’s not at all like this is going to go to hell really badly because your son happens to have several major identifying markers that would leave people to believe he’s you. It’s not like, even if you never expected Bismuth to forgive you or trust you ever again, you could have at least let her go and explained what would happen.

I’m not saying “Rose is the real evil”. But I am saying, it is pretty significant at this point that one of Rose’s major character flaws- her trouble looking back- is at the point where most of Steven’s worst enemies at this point are chasing him because they think he’s Rose. Jasper, Eyeball, and Bismuth are all figures from Rose’s past who still want their pound of flesh from Rose’s actions, and each of them at this point has tried to take it from Steven.

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I don't understand the relation between being white and cheese? I mean, I'm half-white as well and I don't particularly like cheese? Though my father is white and he loves cheese, so maybe you have a point. I don't know, I'm confused.

There’s actually a scientific explanation!! If I remember correctly…

Nature never intended for us to drink the milk of animals. Like, we technically should get all the vitamins/nutrients we need from breastfeeding. And in most places of the world, people were okay getting by without drinking milk from other sources!

We’re all born with the enzyme lactase that helps us digest milk, which is necessary when we’re young and still breast-feeding. But as we grow older, most adults stop producing this enzyme because again, we’ve been weaned from breastmilk. But white people are from more northern climates where there’s less sunlight, that’s why they’re so pale. It’s also cold as hell up there, so every resource counted! Including… Animal milk.

Yep! In order to survive, Northwestern Europeans had to drink animal milk. And over time, they built up a tolerance to the stuff. This is the part where I get fuzzy about what happened next but here’s my hypothesis: Europeans began consuming animal products at all ages, including childhood when their body is still producing lactase. Now normally the body expects to be weaned off of milk products by the age of around four but… If a kid is still eating milk…

Yep!! White people over the generations began to build up a tolerance to milk! And once they stopped feeling sick to their stomach every time they drank milk… They branched out into cheese. And food is a huge part of culture so that’s why cheese is so predominant in places like America, England, and France lmfao.

TLDR: Most poc come from places in the world where there was no need to drink animal milk. As a result, their body naturally stopped producing lactase once they hit adulthood, which is why many poc are lactose intolerant! White people evolved differently; milk became a standard of their diet, so out of necessity they evolved in order to keep producing lactase. Because white people are lactose tolerant they eat a lot of cheese, thus starting the ‘white people love cheese’ culture.

(Some parts of this may be incorrect, I’m doing all of this off the top of my head from memory, so feel free to google!! <3)

Edit: Ohhhh I also forgot about mutations!! Some people (white and poc) can spontaneously develop the ability to keep producing lactase past childhood. So I suppose a survival of the fittest situation could have played out… Like, many early Europeans could have tried drinking milk but it made them sick so they lost that food source and died. But then a few lucky people continued to produce lactase, drank the milk, survived, and passed down the LCT gene to their kids!

In other news, lesbian history continues being erased and turned into trans or queer history, and the progressive queer community continues being completely bewildered and angry at the merest suggestion that some women in history wore trousers and/or were lesbians. There must be another explanation.

Here’s the post, by the way:

  • Chuuya:So no matter how shallow and self-absorbed you pretend to be-
  • Akutagawa:Excuse me, there's no pretense here. I happen to be genuinely self-absorbed and deeply shallow.
Water management and the demise of the Maya civilization

VIENNA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY—Something really drastic must have happened to the Ancient Maya at the end of the Classic Period in the 9th century. Within a short period of time, this advanced civilization in Central America went from flourishing to collapsing—the population dwindling rapidly and monumental stone structures, like the ones built at Yucatán, were no longer being constructed. The reason for this demise remains the subject of debate even today. Model calculations by TU Wien may have found the explanation: the irrigation technology that served the Mayans well during periods of drought may have actually made their society more vulnerable to major catastrophes.

The lessons learned may also help us to draw important conclusions for our own future. We need to be careful with our natural resources—if technical measures simply deal with the shortage of resources on a superficial level and we do not adjust our own behavior, society is left vulnerable. Read more.

NCT Unit System - Explained

Have you been confused by the many NCT unit debuts this year and have been wondering what is going on?

Well look no further as Korean SM Stans & K-Netizens have deciphered the system and K-Pop Timeout has an English explanation for you!

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 E X P L A I N T H I S T O M E 





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Dearest. There are no accidents and he would have found us one way or another. Everything comes full circle. Be grateful it was sooner rather than later. You’ll think it harsh of me to say so, but no explanation I offer will satisfy you. Please don’t be angry when I tell you that you seek resolutions and explanations because you’re young. But you will understand this one day. And when it happens, I want you to imagine me there to greet you, our lives stretched out ahead of us, a perpetual sunrise. But until then, there must be no contact between us. I have much to do, and you, my darling, even more. Please believe that I would do anything to see you happy. So, I do the only thing I can… I release you. — Carol (dir. Todd Haynes, 2015)

The One who Truly Repents has Freed himself from that Sin

Translated by Abbas Abu Yahya (hafidhahullāh)

Allāh Ta’āla said:

إِلَّا مَنْ تَابَ وَآمَنَ وَعَمِلَ عَمَلًا صَالِحًا فَأُولَٰئِكَ يُبَدِّلُ اللَّهُ سَيِّئَاتِهِمْ حَسَنَاتٍ ۗ وَكَانَ اللَّهُ غَفُورًا رَحِيمًا

“Except those who repent and believe (in Islāmic Monotheism), and do righteous deeds, for those, Allāh will change their sins into good deeds, and Allāh is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

(Sūrah Furqān: 70)

From ‘Abdullāh bin Mas’ood (radhiAllāhu ‘anhu) that the Messenger of Allāh (ﷺ) said:

( التائب من الذنب كمن لا ذنب له )

“The one who repents from the sin is like the one who has no sin.”

[Collected by Ibn Mājah, Tabrānī, Abū Na’eem. It was declared Hasan by Ibn Hajr & Albānī in Saheeh al-Jama no. 3008 and Ibn Bāz authenticated it in Majmoo al-Fatāwa 10/314]

In another narration:

(الندم توبة ، والتائب من الذنب كمن لا ذنب له )

“Regret and remorse is Repentance, the one who repents from the sin is like the one who has no sin.”

[Collected in Saheeh al-Jama no. 6803]

(Source: Full post can be found on the Miraath Publications main page here and the blog of brother Abbas Abu Yahya here)

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I've heard some people say that when balancing a multiplayer game, if a character is too powerful, rather than nerfing them, all other characters should be buffed to compensate. I feel like that's the wrong approach, but I can't put my finger on why. Regardless of what I think, though, you almost never see a game dev take that approach. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen that at all. Any theories/explanations as to why?

There’s two main reasons for this - testing complexity and power creep. Allow me to explain. 

This is Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior. There are eight selectable characters in it, for a total of 32 possible matchups (including mirror matches) between them. Now let’s say, over the course of the game’s first few months in the wild, that we discover that Dhalsim is overpowered compared to the rest of the cast. Now what?

If we nerf Dhalsim down to where we expect him to be, we only need to test Dhalsim’s 8 matchups against other players at varying skill levels. The rest of the cast hasn’t been touched, so there’s no need to assume that there are any changes to the Ken vs Guile matchup or the Chun Li vs E. Honda matchup. The only balance testing we need to do here are all of Dhalsim’s matchups.

If we buff everybody else and leave Dhalsim where he is, we now have to test all 32 matchups. Not only do we need to see whether the character buffs worked to even up the matchups against Dhalsim, but now we need to see whether the buffs skewed the matchups against each other. If we strengthened Ken’s fireball as part of this round of adjustments, how does that affect the Zangief matchup that was carefully balanced before? Does the buff to Blanka’s electricity completely hose Guile now? The number of test cases gets geometrically bigger as we increase the number of selectable characters. For eight characters, we’d have to test 32 matchups instead of eight. For 16 characters, we have to test 128 matchups instead of 16. For 32 characters, QA needs to test 512 matchups instead of 32. 

There’s also the issue of power creep. The game of Street Fighter 2 is built under several assumptions going in - a single round will take around X seconds, the characters will about this much damage with an average combo, meaning that the players will need to land a successful hit this many times per round, and so on and so forth. If we buff all of the characters each time, we either need to account for this in the game design (more testing!) or we have power creep.

Let’s say that, due to the buffing of the characters’ damage output, the average character can deal enough damage to win a round in two combos instead of three. This means the rounds will end faster and that the pressure will be higher to avoid being hit by a combo. It also makes it a lot harder for defensive characters to win. If there’s another patch in a couple of months that brings another round of buffs, the situation might get even more skewed. If we keep buffing everybody in terms of damage, the average round length will continue to drop and the game won’t feel as satisfying to play. 

Power creep is a very real thing. World of Warcraft saw this problem with their leveling experience in Cataclysm (especially in non-Cataclysm content) after cumulative changes to talent trees and abilities. Core game design can be put in jeopardy because of ever-increasing buffs. This is why we have to throttle things back, rather than keep adding gas all the time.

Inconsistency? In my DanganRonpa?

Ok so that’s what I’ve noticed:

  • Fact 1. Komaeda got in a plane crash while being suspended from school (DR3).
  • Fact 2. Komaeda tells Hinata about his plane crash (DR2).

Komaeda’s school memories are supposed to be erased just before DR2 - so he can’t have any recollection of this plane crash. This raises a question: wtf? Possible explanations/questions:

  1. Komaeda was so lucky that memory erasure didn’t work on him. Did he actually keep some of his memories in DR2? Then his actions make no sense. Sure he can’t suspect anything about the “Nanami issue”, but he must know about Hinata and about Twogami.
  2. This is not the same plane crash. How many plane crashes Komaeda have gotten in, exactly? Is that like a weekly routine for him?
Today, I made an experiment:

So, quick explanation: for my birthday, a friend of mine send me a figurine of Levi. I decided to make a Snapchat video to thank her and then, because I thought it would be funny and just to check if it works, I tried the Dog filter on the figurine’s face.

And it works especially well. So then I thought  but does it really works with anything?”. So I tried with the artbooks that I have, you know, for science.

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Rumours (Request)

Could you write oneshot were Harry wants to hide all of the rumors about him so the reader wouldn’t find it and think it’s true because that’s how a lot of his relationships eneded. So there is never a newspaper in their house and when she opens any side that could show smth like that he brings her attention at him or when he hears her twitter going crazy he silences her phone and just opens app to remove all notifications. But one day she walks in on him watching tv where there’s a photoshoped photo of him with his exes and they say horrible things. When he notices her he starts explaning himself and she has to silence him with a kiss. Then she tells him she knew about all of the rumors because he’s not very good at hiding but she has never cared and she believes him not them. And he’s so relieved.


The one thing that Harry wanted to do more than anything else was protect you.

You hadn’t been dating very long but he was already starting to feel things that he was fairly certain he had never felt for another person. Sure, he had been with girls and dated and been smitten, but he had never been in love. Love was one of those feelings that he was pretty sure would knock him off his feet the first time he experienced it and, while he knew he wasn’t ‘in love’ with you quite yet, those feelings were starting to creep up on him. They were hard to explain or understand, but he was enjoying them so far.

You were someone that he hadn’t seen coming; you caught him off guard and it surprised even him how quickly he fell for you. You were just a normal girl who worked and went to school and happened to have some mutual friends in Los Angeles. Harry had met you through one of those friends and spent the entire evening transfixed by you; every word you said, every time you laughed, every story you told. By the end of the night the only thing he could think about was how soon he could see you again.

One of the things that he liked about you was that you didn’t actually know too much about who he was. You knew he was ‘Harry Styles’, a singer and actor and that he was in a pretty famous band, but you didn’t know anything beyond that. You didn’t have the time to pay attention to the news or the internet stories or anything like that. For that reason, Harry’s past and media-presented history was a mystery to you. You didn’t know about the womanizer rumours or the multiple girls he had been seen out with. To you, he was just Harry and that was one of the reasons he fell for you so quickly.

That was also the reason that he wanted to protect you.

After the two of you had started officially dating, Harry knew the media would have a field day if they found out. For that reason, he sat you down and asked if you would be okay keeping the relationship a bit private, just for the first few months, so you would have a chance to enjoy each other without the world getting in the way. You, of course, didn’t mind at all. You were in the relationship for Harry, not for the media. The thought of being in a public relationship still baffled you, so you were more than happy to keep it as quiet as possible. Your friends and family knew, of course, but no one else. There were no pictures on Instagram, no cryptic Twitter posts and no gossip columns that wrote about the ‘mystery girl’ that Harry Styles was spotted out with on multiple occasions.

It was easy to keep you private, it wasn’t as easy for Harry to keep himself private.

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