If you guys ever feel embarrassed by something your parents did just remember that my parents found one of my ML fanarts and not only framed it and hung it in our house without asking me FOR EVERYONE TO SEE but also kept SHOWING IT TO STRANGERS WHEN WE WERE SELLING OUR HOUSE OKAY


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To be fair its steves set and his performance and louis is just a guest so it understandable why they showed steve more, doesnt mean i like it tho. But whats more important is that he did amazing and so many people watched him and danced with him. Im very proud.

?????? sorry but when an edm artist has only a few special guests, the cameramen should DEFINITELY show them more than they did with louis here….they showed the crowd just as much as they showed steve if not more so they could have replaced some of that crowd time by showing the person singing. nobody expects them to replace steve time with louis but they could have replaced some of the pans to the crowd ??? seems reasonable to me soz


Do I have an explanation for this? No not really

Saihara’s Dragon Maid!! Ft Ouma as Tohru and Himiko as Kanna.

Hat-less Saihara sprite by @photoshopronpa !!

I hope we get at least one scene prior to Friday’s which we’ve seen in the preview which shows a thawing between Chas and Robert. Because yes she has to pretend that everything is still hunky dory, and I do think that she saw something different when they went to visit Aaron, something which made her understand Robert’s actions. But for her to go from saying how much she hates him, to this?

And I know it’s difficult because plot reasons for Lucy leaving, and also because we’re in this weird limbo state where things are just up in the air whilst they wait for someone to hit that ‘gravity on’ button, but a bit of piecing together the picture for the sake of story and continuity would be nice.

Sooo... as everyone with good critical thinking and deductive skills had inferred, it appears that Michael Flynn has INDEED flipped on Trump and is cooperating with the FBI.

I don’t mean to brag, but @sale-aholic and I have been saying this ever since the FBI said they wouldn’t indict him. YET he didn’t have his clearance back. Only explanation for that was cutting a deal.

Get that popcorn, because…

Oh and, in other news, guess who met with Turkish officials in that infamouso meeting Michael Flynn held? DEVIN NUNES.

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whas beaned?

It’s a meme from this picture!

Every now and then it starts going back around haha ^^

I don’t know if Oliver and Felicity are going to get back together…I do know…hang on!…  I do know there has been coldness but a very deliberately almost robotic feeling and temperature to the relationship this year and we explain what that is in an upcoming episode.

Stephen Amell at HVFF Chicago [March 2017]

I bet we’ll see an explanation on a 4.5 flashback

Ahahaha, today I went to an anniversary party for my friends, right? And we’re all sitting at the table, talking about whatever. And this couple at the far end, they’re talking about TV shows. The guy mentions Supergirl.

(And like. I’m already surprised, because this group isn’t really into genre TV, for the most part.)

‘Do you watch it?’ he asks me. 

I tell him yeah, but that it’s annoying me right now. 

He looks at me and WITHOUT ANY FURTHER EXPLANATION FROM ME, he just says ‘It’s M*n-El, isn’t it?’

This guy. This forty-something guy, a casual viewer, he says, ‘god, that guy is annoying. he’s ruining the show.’ 

No one. Likes. Pod Boy.

under the cut is a masterlist of 100 possible character connections requested by anonymous, these will be platonic, romantic, family, etc., i break them up as best as i can and if there are some of your favorite that i am missing let me know. there are obvious ones and some that i will give an explanation to. please like or reblog if you found this useful! 
tw: mentions of abuse, drugs, & alcohol

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