explains why im fat


my mad fat diary meme × favorite quote: “You see yourself as a fragile thing. Like a little broken bird sloshing around in a bottle. But if you trust me, if we trust each other.. you’ll be all right. Because, basically, I think you’re a pretty tough cookie.”

Theres this huge problem within society with this whole “good fatty” concept as i like to call it. Its the idea that in order to gain skinny peoples respect and kindness you need to be a “good fatty.” You need to either constantly provide people with a detailed sob story, a medical history explaining why youre fat or why you cant lose weight, and/or proof that youre either “healthy” or that youre at least TRYING to “get healthy” or lose weight. Its absolutely ludicrous. People deserve respect and kindness regardless. Nobody gives skinny people who drink nothing but coca cola and coffee and inject themselves with mcdonalds mac sauce and lard while smoking a whole pack of cigarettes all at once the third degree. No one grills them for their medical history or their workout regimen. Nobody cares that theyre “living an unhealthy lifestyle” because theyre skinny. I shouldnt have to EXPLAIN to people why im fat. Like yes, i have a ~tragic backstory~ and a legit medical condition but that shouldnt make me any more worthy of respect or kindness than my counterparts who dont and just like to eat and be lazy. I dont give two shits how someone treats their own body, its theirs and not yours and its not your fucking job to be someones personal trainer and dietician when literally NOBODY asked. You dont have to go on some kind of Fatty Mission to keep all the Fatties in check and get everyone to lose weight. Its none of your god damn business and the fact that ANYONE would think someone is subhuman or less deserving of compassion because of their size is fucking wild to me. Fat shaming and bullying does literally nothing. If anything it makes people GAIN weight because youre making them fucking depressed. Its common fucking sense??? But i guess these skinnies just dont fucking have any