explains my emotions

three little lines

just a three little lines hold so much
an entire group
a community
a world
a clique
three little lines have never been so powerful
no other lines could make me feel more
these lines make me proud
they make me strong
like i am part of something greater than myself
the symbol represents peace
and perseverance
it inspires me to keep going
an entire band can be contained
in three little lines
head up
breathe in
all together now

I just love Donghyuck so much, I wish I could give him all the love in the world because he deserves it that much. I would do anything I could to make sure his smile never falters, or so his eyes never lose the shine that makes them sparkle like the stars in the night sky. He’s such a wonderful and talented young person with so so so much potential, and I can’t wait to see the successes he has in life. He really has stolen my heart, I love him so so dearly.


The Fall of Sunset Shimmer + Lullaby for a Princess

A quick juxtaposition. Because reasons.

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Not only is RichJake largely underappreciated Cinnabun is severely lacking in love so I'm so glad you and chompiee have like "started" the bandwagon. I love your art so much and the passion that goes into it is like literally dripping with emotion. Your art always brings a smile to my face and brightens my day.

?!?!?!?! WOW WTF I LITERALLY JUST MADE A POST ABT THAT IN A WAY……i’m glad my art conveys emotion because that’s honestly all that goes into any of it as the theme T___T

i am very touched you think all of that!! and that you’re glad abt me and chompi getting on that!! this is such a sweet message i’m glad my art can make you feel good



Jun. 8, ‘17 • Wasn’t able to go to class today because of a really bad headache so I went ahead and got started on the next two chapters; I took notes as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up quickly on Tuesday because I won’t be around again on Thursday (I’m gonna be in Hong Kong omg).

on another note, GD’s album dropped today and ????? HOW DO I EXPLAIN MY EMOTIONS WITH ACTUAL WORDS

Let Me Protect You

Archie Andrews x reader

Prompt: reader catches Ms. Grundy and Archie together and tries to confront him

Warnings: mentions of rape (just once), Boo Boo the Fool (Ms.Grundy)

Author’s Note: I didn’t have time to spell check, so I apologize if there are any mistakes!

The wind blew hard as I walked through the secluded road. Leaves started to gracefully fall from the trees as autumn had begun. The tree lined road was bursting with green and orange. The scenery was truly breathtaking. I looked around and admired the area. One of the calmest places in the small town of Riverdale. A few dandelions were sprouting from the grass as squirrels scurried around. The clouds started to move fast as the sky turned into a slight orange. I started to pick up my pace as I noticed that I was supposed to be home soon.

I was coming back from the library. School was starting soon, and me, being the overachiever that I am, tried to get a head start. I hummed as I continued to walk through the tree-lined path. In an instant, the air around me had become oddly quiet. The atmosphere had become eerie as leaves started to harshly ruffle through the air.  I looked back up at the sky that had now turned perceptibly grey. I pulled up the hoodie on my jacket as I felt rain start to fall. Soon enough I would let out a groan as the rain started to pelt against me. The sky was dark now.

I continued my walk home and detected a car up ahead near Sweetwater River, the headlights quickly became one of the only sources of light in the twilight sky. I continued to walk in silence as my feet crunched the fallen leaves beneath me. The road was unsettling now, something from a horror movie, the lone car was still up ahead. I spotted movement in the car as I continued to walk down the pathway. Just as I got lost in thought, a loud horn pulled me out of my trance. I squealed as I dropped my binder on the ground, it nearly missed a puddle. The settled rain had splashed up on my jeans, soaking them. My eyes were wide and my heart was beating rapidly. The sound blared drastically. I turned towards the source of the earsplitting sound and verified it was the car I had spotted earlier. The fogged windows started to clear up as I tried to recognize my perpetrator. I looked through the car window and dropped my binder again.

“Archie?” I questioned in shock as Archie sat blankly -and shirtless- in the car. I saw movement behind him as another face became visible through the car window.

“Ms. Grundy?” my voice cracked. Coincidentally after I spoke Ms.Grundy’s name, lightning struck nearby. If anyone else had been watching, they would have thought of this moment as something from a soap opera.

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Here’s the thing about the Ramona Blue controversy: when I told people that I was dating a guy (after being and “out and proud lesbian” for 10 years), I was scared. Honestly, I found it harder than coming out as gay (because I am privileged enough to live in a very accepting environment, and because I had this “If you don’t like it, fuck you” confidence behind it when I came out as gay). It was nerve-wracking to have to come out again and feel like I had to explain every nuance of my emotional and sexual feelings, because people had no representation of an identity like mine. I wasn’t scared of physical harm. I wasn’t scared of losing my family. I had that privilege! But I was scared of losing my community and my identity.

When I came out to most of the people I knew, the reaction was shock. And laughter—almost everyone asked if I was joking. And confusion. And I expected that. What I didn’t expect was the reaction from my gay friends.

I choose my friends carefully, and I knew that my gay friends weren’t going to judge me, because they’re awesome. But I had two reactions from them I didn’t expect:

1) “I have worried before about what would happen if I was attracted to another gender.” I was surprised to find that my other gay and lesbian friends had thought about this threat to their identity themselves. Had thought about how difficult it would be to come out again. Whether their sexuality would be respected. These are people who are “out and proud”. Who have accepting friends and family. But they’ve worried. They’ve been scared of falling in love with the wrong person. Worried that if they unexpectedly fell for someone of another gender, that it would be an identity crisis. I shouldn’t have been surprised–before I fell for my partner, I had worried about it myself. What if I became interested in a guy? How would people react? How could I come out to everyone again? Where would I fit in the community I have devoted so much time to? Would I be seen as a betrayer of the cause, somehow? 


2) “Oh, yeah, that happened to a friend of mine.” The other reaction I got from my in real life gay friends was recognition: they knew other lesbians who had ended up with men. Or, sorry, people who had identified as lesbians until they ended up with a guy. A woman who called herself a “one-man lesbian”. Women who were attracted to women 99% of the time, or all of the time with the exception of one dude. They were pretty blase, these friends. It’s not that uncommon, they told me.

And then I read Sexual Fluidity by Lisa Diamond, which described the same thing. Women who called themselves lesbians for many years, who ended up with a guy. Or who occasionally slept with men. Most then dropped the label of lesbian. Some didn’t.

But what stuck with me, more than the sheer relief of I am not alone was Diamond’s recounting of her events. How she’d talked about sexual fluidity in queer spaces and had people line up afterwards to say “Oh my god, this has happened to other people?? I’m not alone?” Who talked about how they felt like freaks. Who talked about how their family or friends had experienced sexual fluidity and how they didn’t know how to deal with it. People who felt like betrayers. Like frauds. Like fakers. Like the wrong kind of queer. People who felt like they couldn’t trust their own emotions or attractions, because they didn’t fit into the traditional narrative.

So what was the takeaway?

1) Sexual fluidity is not unusual. It is not that unusual for a woman to identify as a lesbian and later date or sleep with a dude. Sorry! I know that’s not the narrative, that’s not the story we want to tell, but that is the literal truth. It happens.

2) People are unaware of this, and they feel like freaks when it happens to them. We have almost no representation of sexual fluidity.


3) We need more depictions of a diversity of sexual and romantic identities and experiences so people don’t feel alone and wrong and broken when they experience anything other than “this is my label, this is who I have always been since I was born and this is who I will always be.” Some people always know! That’s awesome! Some people’s sexual or romantic identity never changes! That’s awesome! But some people have different journeys, and some people’s attractions and identities shift, and they don’t deserve to feel like freaks or like they’ve betrayed the cause because of who they are romantically and sexually attracted to. It’s cruel to sacrifice those people just because they are inconvenient to the narrative you want to tell.

Comforting an INFP

This is all based on my own, subjective likes and dislikes, so of course this won’t be accurate for all INFPs, but I’m making this post for those INFPs who can identify with what I feel, in the hope that it might help some people.:)

Please note that I don’t mean to criticise people for trying to cheer someone up in a certain way, I’m just trying to explain my emotional perception and my emotional reactions.

So what I noticed stands out as a principle for me when it comes to my needs in being comforted, is this: “Don’t oppose my feelings.” As a Fi-dom, my feelings are what’s most real and important to me, so I will always be loyal to them first and foremost. That means that I actually don’t want to be cheered up, as weird as it may sound. I want to have my feelings be validated  by compassion.

I’m always aware of why I’m feeling something very deeply, it makes sense for me and is the appropriate reaction for me. So when I’m sad, I also think that I should be sad about this, because otherwise it would mean that I don’t care about it. In our culture, being sad and feeling intensely is seen as something dangerous. Everyone tells us to seek “happiness” and wants us to believe that to be constantly happy is the goal of our life (as if that were even possible). In my opinion such a belief can only result in making people sick. Emotions come and go, they are reactions to events, so feeling one emotion all of the time would be unnatural and absurd. Life is not about being “happy”, but living - feeling alive, growing, learning, making experiences, becoming more yourself. There’s this wonderful quote that compares “happiness” with “wholeness” (here) and what is more healthy, as well as this amazing quote (here) that just nails it: “It hurts because it mattered.” Of course I know that it will get better eventually, but right now I feel like my world is ending. Of course I know there would be ways of seeing something positive in this, but my body reacts with overwhelming frustration right now. All I want is an honouring of that.

When I feel enough trust to tell someone about my problems (and there has to be a lot there for that), I’m doing it because I want to inform the other person about what is happening in my life, I want them to get to know me better, and I want to share my feelings with them, invite them into my world, because I love them (=bonding). Yes, I understand that knowing I’m in pain is not comfortable for the other person, and obviously I don’t enjoy it, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong or has to be changed as quickly as possible.

Here’s the thing: many (most?) INFPs are used to be told off for being what they are (too sensitive, too soft, too weak, too stubborn, too selfish, too aloof, too uncompromising, too picky, take your pick.). When we open up to someone, we trust them not to do that. Unfortunately many people don’t know or understand our extremely broad definition of what counts as being told off/told to be different. Someone trying to cheer us up equals to “Stop feeling the way you feel!” for us. Especially when we are unwell, we will be more sensitive than usual and our inferior function, Te, will come to the fore-front, making us also more critical, defensive, and aggressive. What makes Fi feel loved? To be validated. What mollifies Te? To be agreed with. So affirm that how we feel is the right reaction and that our feelings are appropriate and good. That’s all. Make things simple, we complicate things enough in our heads. Your INFP will feel accepted and loved.:)


First Artemis for all this harried land
 I praise not; and for wasting of the boar
 That mars with tooth and tusk and fiery feet
 Green pasturage and the grace of standing corn
 And meadow and marsh with springs and unblown leaves,
 Flocks and swift herds and all that bite sweet grass,
 I praise her not, what things are these to praise?

Psycho - Part 4

You asked for it, so I gave it to you. Here it is!

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Have you ever felt so conflicted over something, that not even the answer itself could heal the confusion bubbling from within? So scared, that not even a helping hand could mend that fear? I’d never known such thing was possible. 

But if I were to explain any of my emotions right at this current moment, I’d never heard a phrase more accurate. 

Barely, and I mean barely anything was visible. The darkness was forbidding and sinister against my eyes. As menacing as being near completely blind and oblivious could be. 

What could you possibly do in a time of no knowledge on the situation?

I don’t remember how I got here, or wherever here was. And no matter how hard I racked my mind for an explanation, a memory, a hint of any sort - I came back just as confused as I started. 

A throbbing pain seemed to be bulging through the right side of my neck, feeling heated and swollen as if infected against the thin layer of skin. I had undoubtedly been jabbed by something that wasn’t sterilized or clean. 

Damn it!

But over all the pain and confusion, only one thought replayed against my mind like a scratched record. “Justin?!” My voice was nothing but a dull croak of what it used to be, strained and scratchy.

“Justin?! Please! Help!” 

Nothing. Nothing but the echo of my own voice bouncing off the walls of whatever material they were made of. But for some unknown reason, I had some type of itching suspicion that I was in some sort of basement.

The pain in my neck was slowly beginning to immerse into a flourishing, rather unbearable stab against the flesh, and instinctively, with all the energy I could muster, began lifting forth my hand to press against the pain.

The clatter of metal and a strict restraint of my wrist was what suddenly jerked my motions to a stop, and It was then I finally realised, I was bound to the seat I was placed upon.

It wasn’t long before I had finally slumped into my seat, head low with tears streaming down my painful features and flush cheeks. Where was I?

I was beginning to fall weak, nothing but a soft whisper escaping. “Justin…”

“Don’t bother.” A feminine voice suddenly spoke from besides me. In a fright, I jumped scrambling as far as possibly humane away from the voice, only to spot a petite woman, bound to a seat similar to myself. 

“Who are you?”

“Doesn’t matter.” She answered. “But your husband isn’t going to come save you.” 

In confusion, my eyebrows furrowed. “How do you know I was calling for my husband?” 

“I’ve seen you before.” She answered. “You’re husband is CEO of Bieber Incorporated. and you guys are all over the media. It’s pretty hard to miss you.”

But her answered seemed of no help to me. “Where are we?”

“Wherever he wanted to take us ‘golddiggers’.”


“I’m wife of the CEO to Malik corp, in your same shoes. I saw a man outside my window once and everyone thought I was crazy. Next thing I know, I’m here. The man who took us hasn’t said much but he did say why we’re here.”

“Which is?!” 

“All he said was ‘you golddiggers are going to pay.’ So I’m guessing he assumes that we are only married to our husbands for the money.”

How can this woman be so calm?!

My eyes widened at her statement, head spinning and heart pounding as I shook my head vigorously. I could never imagine only being with Justin for the money! Sure he’s got enough to probably feed all the starving children in Africa but I hadn’t known he was rich until after we actually started dating. 

“B-But that’s not true! The money means nothing. I love Justin, I love him more then anything!”  

“And I could say the same for Zayn. But this man seems to think differently.”

“What are we going to do?” I snapped. 

The blonde shrugged. “There’s nothing we can do. We can’t escaped considering we’re literally chained to the chairs and even if we were to - we wouldn’t get pretty far. We have no idea who or what is waiting outside that door, neither do we know where that door leads.” 

I shook my head. “Well I can’t just sit here and wait for something to happen! I’m not dying here. Not today. I need to get back to my husband.” And with that, I began tugging at the chains snapped tight around my wrists. 

“Don’t you think I’d already tried that! I’ve probably tried everything your pretty little mind can think up, this place is-” 

But she was suddenly interrupted when I stood, my butt still attached to the seat, before slamming back down at full force towards the ground. The wooden chair beneath me cracked into many pieces at the impact, and as quick as I had awoken, was as quick as I unwrapped myself of the chains.

“-Fullproof.” The woman finished her sentence in awe.

“Guess you haven’t thought of everything.” I smirked.

“Alright.” The woman rolled her eyes. “Now get me out of here!” 

In a dash, I was by her side. The chains beneath her weren’t too complicated, it was really just a matter of twisting and tugging, but the process was taking forever. 

The clashing and clanging of the chains was beginning to become rather irritating, and the fact that my hands were already shaking wasn’t helping either. And I couldn’t help the loud and rather animalistic groan that slipped my lips.

“Mrs Bieber, just calm down and relax.” The woman before me reassured. 

With a nod, and deep breath, I slowly began to attempt release of this woman again.

But the sudden throaty chuckle of what seemed to be a man is what had my head flipping up towards the sound, finding no trace of another human in the room other then a shadow displayed by a door now open.

“W-Who’s there?” I stuttered. “What do you want from us?”

But the man only continued his humorous banter, a chuckle so psychotic and insanely terrifying rippling through his firm body only no less then a silhouette in front of me. 

The sound only had me shaking more, and it was not going unnoticed the way the blonde was shaking also. “Please Y/N, hurry.” 

One footstep closer.

“I’m trying!” 

Another footstep closer.

“Oh my god!” The woman whined in fear.

One more footstep, he was right behind me.

And she was out. I finally unchained her and she was free of the chair. With a loud breath of relief, the woman and I both jumped back clutching the other in each others arms. The man was mere centimeters from me - with a head inevident of hair and teeth cracked and yellow curled high in a psychotic smile.

The womans presence was soon removed from my body but I hadn’t the guts to turn and see where she had gone. My eyes were already trained far upon the man in front of me.

“Y/N C’MON!” The woman yelled from a distance but I couldn’t find it in me to move. I was frozen.

“W-Who are you?” I gulped.

The man only smirked, lifting a cracked hand to caress my face. “You’re worst nightmare.” 

And with one last chuckle, I caught a glint of silver shining by his side. In that moment I knew my fate, yet somehow felt the need to try and escape it. A knife. And the sight must have snapped something inside of me and I finally found it in me to move.

With a jolt, I moved my feet and began running the other direction, though, I should have known that I can’t change my fate and I didn’t get very far, for a hand was suddenly wrapped tightly around my neck, a yelp of strained fear escaping my lips.

“MRS BIEBER!” I heard the voice of the blonde yell, followed by a pair of footsteps, but the sight of a gun by my head, being pointed towards the woman had my heart pounding.

The sound of a bullet being shot, a scream, and then something clashing against the ground. I squealed once more, holding my eyes shut tight in fear to open them. 

“NO!” I cried.

“Shutup Bitch! Golddiggers like you don’t deserve to live.”

“Were not golddiggers.” I struggled to say, but the grip of the man only tightened around my neck. 

“Of course you are.” The man chuckled menacingly. “Why else would a woman marry a man of great wealth. You disgust me, all you golddiggers do.” 

I finally found the guts to open my eyes, spotting a body against the floor with blood pooling around. But the woman still moved, and it was then I realised she had only been shot in the leg. ‘Oh thank god.’

“Stop this!” The blonde yelled. 

“But I think not Mrs Gigi Malik.” The man taunted her name. “Or should I say, Miss? You won’t be a Malik for much longer.”

“What are you talking about?!”

“You can’t be married if your dead.” The man smirked.

My heartbeat fell short. the thought of not being married to Justin, not being with him in general terrified me. I couldn’t leave him. I just couldn’t. “Please no.” I cried.

“Well?” The man tilted his head. “Maybe you should go first.”

And before I knew it, a pain like no other was felt right between my breasts, my knees falling week in a matter of seconds as my body clattered to floor. 

I coughed as bile raised from my throat, heat flushing through my cheeks at the rush of blood. Only to realise that it wasn’t bile, but rather blood once it began pooling in my mouth.

“NO Y/N!” A yell of distraught was heard from Gigi but slowly began fading out.

“No! no! Leave me alone!” The voice continued to struggle. But it wasn’t held for long, for in a matter of seconds, everything went black.

Only one thought juggling my mind as I bled out against this cold concrete floor.

‘I love you Justin.’