Those who approach the New Testament solely through English translations face a serious linguistic obstacle to apprehending what these writings say about justice. In most English translations, the word ‘justice’ occurs relatively infrequently. It is no surprise, then, that most English-speaking people think the New Testament does not say much about justice; the Bibles they read do not say much about justice. English translations are in this way different from translations into Latin, French, Spanish, German, Dutch — and for all I know, most languages.

The basic issue is well known among translators and commentators. Plato’s Republic, as we all know, is about justice. The Greek noun in Plato’s text that is standardly translated as 'justice’ is 'dikaiosune;’ the adjective standardly translated as 'just’ is 'dikaios.’ This same dik-stem occurs around three hundred times in the New Testament, in a wide variety of grammatical variants.

To the person who comes to English translations of the New Testament fresh from reading and translating classical Greek, it comes as a surprise to discover that though some of those occurrences are translated with grammatical variants on our word 'just,’ the great bulk of dik-stem words are translated with grammatical variants on our word 'right.’ The noun, for example, is usually translated as 'righteousness,’ not as 'justice.’ In English, we have the word 'just’ and its grammatical variants coming from the Latin iustitia, and the word 'right’ and its grammatical variants coming from the Old English recht. Almost all our translators have decided to translate the great bulk of dik-stem words in the New Testament with grammatical variants on the latter — just the opposite of the decision made by most translators of classical Greek.

I will give just two examples of the point. The fourth of the beatitudes of Jesus, as recorded in the fifth chapter of Matthew, reads, in the New Revised Standard Version, 'Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.’ The word translated as 'righteousness’ is 'dikaiosune.’ And the eighth beatitude, in the same translation, reads 'Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.’ The Greek word translated as 'righteousness’ is 'dikaiosune.’ Apparently, the translators were not struck by the oddity of someone being persecuted because he is righteous. My own reading of human affairs is that righteous people are either admired or ignored, not persecuted; people who pursue justice are the ones who get in trouble.

It goes almost without saying that the meaning and connotations of 'righteousness’ are very different in present-day idiomatic English from those of 'justice.’ 'Righteousness’ names primarily if not exclusively a certain trait of personal character. … The word in present-day idiomatic English carries a negative connotation. In everyday speech one seldom any more describes someone as righteous; if one does, the suggestion is that he is self-righteous. 'Justice,’ by contrast, refers to an interpersonal situation; justice is present when persons are related to each other in a certain way.

… When one takes in hand a list of all the occurrences of dik-stem words in the Greek New Testament, and then opens up almost any English translation of the New Testament and reads in one sitting all the translations of these words, a certain pattern emerges: unless the notion of legal judgment is so prominent in the context as virtually to force a translation in terms of justice, the translators will prefer to speak of righteousness.

Why are they so reluctant to have the New Testament writers speak of primary justice? Why do they prefer that the gospel of Jesus Christ be the good news of the righteousness of God rather than the good news of the justice of God? Why do they prefer that Jesus call his followers to righteousness rather than to justice?

—  Nicholas Wolsterstorff

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Okay I'll say it. Even. But I really, really hope I'm wrong cause it would destroy that character a lot. He's very impulsive and act first and think later. It would fit with that he's the one who hurt Yousef, and why the gutta boys got so angry and why Yousef got upset and stayed inside and why Even and Isak was not in the fight. The boy squad assumed it was the ballon squad because they saw them during the song. It would make sense why the lyrics "that bitch is crazy". I hope I'm wrong but idk.


I know a lot of you loved the finale, but a lot of you are also devastated and thinking the separation will be the end of Bellarke. To be honest, before the episode aired, I was thinking the same thing. But now, more than ever, I’m convinced that they will happen eventually, and here’s why: 

There wasn’t enough dramatic build-up for a final separation. 

But wait, I hear you say, we literally watched them struggle to make it to space the entire episode, until we watched the clock tick out and Clarke run out of time. There was a hug. There was a heartfelt speech about how great Clarke thinks Bellamy is (a strong callback to the Season 1 finale). How much more dramatic build-up do you want?!

But the thing is, there was no big, heartwrenching moment. YMMV may vary on this, of course, because watching Bellamy decide to leave Clarke behind, watching her follow the rocket’s way up to space from the tower… those were heartbreaking, sure. 

But there was no last-minute, desperate confession of love. Their final words to each other were “Hurry up” - “you too”. That’s not how you end a ship you’ve spent four seasons building up. Bellarke didn’t end the way Clarke’s other loves ended, because it hasn’t ended yet

Will the years of separation leave them changed in ways we can’t anticipate yet? Probably. But we’ve seen Clarke state that she’s actively trying to hold on to who she is by contacting Bellamy. We’ve seen Bellamy determined to keep going the way Clarke would want him to keep going, for her. Whatever happens, they will stay with each other in some way.  

Will there be other love interests thrown their way? Also yes, probably, because this is TV-land and you can’t have all the pretty people running around not kissing each other. Bellamy and Echo’s conversation seemed like a set-up for them to grow closer, but I don’t think it has the potential to grow into anything resembling the love he has for Clarke. He says it himself, he doesn’t know if he’ll ever trust her. As for Clarke, sure, there may be other survivors she’s living with or run into, and she may have a thing with someone. (Although I’d love it if it was just her and her new adopted daughter who came out of nowhere.) But if she does, it can’t be that deep - otherwise, she wouldn’t still, after >2000 days, be talking to Bellamy every day without even knowing if he hears her. That doesn’t exactly say “I moved on”. 

So, I’m wary of next season. I’m sad about the separation, and a little annoyed too. I’m sure there will be repercussions to it, and new obstacles to overcome (for example, why haven’t the others come down yet? don’t tell me it’s because Raven forgot the date.) 

But I also still believe in them. This episode was not the end of Bellarke. 

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You're seriously one of the only armys I actually like. I'm so sick of armys being arrogant, hating on other members, hating on other groups, pretending like bts are the only talented people in the world...but I never heard something like this from you. You seem to accept other groups, you love all the members, you're never being arrogant about bts popularity (at least not here xd) and I love you for that <3 it's nice to have you in a fandom that suffered under the popularity :(

this is so nice :’( thank you ♡ i feel this too, i stan a lot of groups so i can’t stand this type of behaviour in any fandom LMAO i’m just here to enjoy the group and the music, not to get involved in all of these pointless wars and negativity

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Do you have a short and simple explanation for stim toys, because with the recent spinner craze and all the debate that comes along with it, I often hear "they're so stupid and have no purpose, why are they even popular", and I idk why they're popular, but I keep trying to explain what they are and why people use them, but my words get all muddled and I can't think of anything.

Stim toys are items used by neurodivergent people (people who’s brains are formed or function differently than what is considered “normal”) to provide self-stimulation (or “stimming”). It helps with anxiety and provides stimulation to help people with ADHD and Autism (who experience hyper + hyposensitivity to stimuli which can result in meltdowns/shutdowns). 

no offense but i want my head literally bashed into a wall

everyone’s still friends with 12:30 despite the fact he’s fucking pressured me into sex and treats me like shit after the breakup, and he fucking said it was a toxic relationship for the BOTH of us when honey BITCH WHERE WAS IT TOXIC FOR U I GAVE U EVERYTHING AND U GAVE ME JACK SHIT i HATE HIM i cannot BELIEVE he said it was toxic for both of us, i KNOW it was toxic for me but how the fuck was it toxic for him???? huh???

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I just watched the finale! AHh it's so good. I'm mega mega confused about the very end though.

The prison ship? I CAN ENLIGHTEN A LITTLE BIT. Some fans caught sneaky references early this season – always kind of in the background in news articles, or heard offscreen when Raven was having her first hallucination – to some kind of labor/mining colony in space where convicts had been put in cryogenic sleep before the (first) apocalypse? It’s something Becca was working on, and then the ship had gone missing? So…. that’s been out there apparently, full of frozen, possibly-dangerous people and/or their descendants. And now it’s back.

for those who didn’t understand isak’s newest ig post: 

today is what in norwegian is called kristi himmelfartsdag (in english: feast of the ascension/ascension thursday/holy thursday/ascension day), which is celebrated on a thursday which falls 40 days after easter, and marks jesus ascending to heaven

basically it’s a biblical holiday 

despite norway not being particularly religious, we get this day off from school and work. no-one (perhaps apart from really religious/orthodox people) really celebrates it in any way, so here in norway it’s basically just a random day off to most people. 

isak’s ig depicted jesus “ascending” to heaven by giving him a ‘rocket blast’, and in the caption he told jesus to thank his dad (i.e. God) for the day off.