Val Wilmer

The Work of a Sculptor Beloved by Margaret Howell and J.W. Anderson

“She is almost always photographed wearing overalls and anorak,” explains assistant curator Inga Fraser of the subject of a new exhibition, “Barbara Hepworth: Sculpture for the Modern World,” which opens at the Tate Britain in London this week. 

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Perhaps you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m not sure that *I* do, but I *think* that that’s right.

If it wasn’t so long, I swear I would go back and add this as a tag to every single one of myThe Thick of It meta posts, because basically,yeah

Also (and even more importantly) the meta-narrator-who-is-but-really-isn’t-etc.-etc.-Real-Life-Peter’s voiceover says the word fur-kini like it is an actual real thing

and all at once the winter chill is banished and I am filled with a happy summer glow.

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Chris Hadfield explains how astronauts sleep aboard ISS.


Katt Williams Explains Why He Got Arrested In Atlanta “He Used The N Word On The Last Day Of Black History Month” [video]