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The Work of a Sculptor Beloved by Margaret Howell and J.W. Anderson

“She is almost always photographed wearing overalls and anorak,” explains assistant curator Inga Fraser of the subject of a new exhibition, “Barbara Hepworth: Sculpture for the Modern World,” which opens at the Tate Britain in London this week. 

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Chris Hadfield explains how astronauts sleep aboard ISS.


Perhaps you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m not sure that *I* do, but I *think* that that’s right.

If it wasn’t so long, I swear I would go back and add this as a tag to every single one of myThe Thick of It meta posts, because basically,yeah

Also (and even more importantly) the meta-narrator-who-is-but-really-isn’t-etc.-etc.-Real-Life-Peter’s voiceover says the word fur-kini like it is an actual real thing

and all at once the winter chill is banished and I am filled with a happy summer glow.

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This Billionaire's Explanation Why NY Fast Food Workers Should Make $15/hr. Is Spot On

This Billionaire’s Explanation Why NY Fast Food Workers Should Make $15/hr. Is Spot On

Let’s raise the minimum wage. The 21st century is the age of income inequality. Raising the minimum seems like a pretty course of action given that the United States has become a nation of a very few who have, and the majority have not. Yet, the majority of the right-wing establishment continues to obstruct raising the minimum wage at every level of government. Despite this obstructionism, people…

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Katt Williams Explains Why He Got Arrested In Atlanta “He Used The N Word On The Last Day Of Black History Month” [video]

Eckhart Tolle author of THE POWER OF NOW explains the divine purpose of the Universe - Law Of Attraction TVLaw Of Attraction TV
Eckhart Tolle author of THE POWER OF NOW explains how we are here both to be and to become in varying degrees on this short preview from Eckhart Tolle TV. To...

Raise your vibration level by simply listening to this man speak!

The Question is answered @ :51 seconds into the video.